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A newly updated 2018 version of The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple is available to read on its own website at

The book is a complete study of the St. Thomas in India legend—its origin, history, and communal ramifications—and is named after the main, 24-chapter essay by Ishwar Sharan. It includes many independent, penetrating articles by senior journalists and scholars, and exposes in detail the anti-Hindu bias in India’s secular English-language media. One chapter deals with the pronounced Christian bias of the Encyclopedia Britannica and popular online reference portal Wikipedia. Both encyclopedia’s carry fanciful, non-factual entries for St. Thomas the Apostle in India that they refuse to correct or change.

The book documents the destruction of the original Kapaleeswara Shiva Temple by the Portuguese and its replacement by the San Thome Cathedral Basilica on the Mylapore beach in Chennai.

Indologist Dr. Koenraad Elst has written a comprehensive foreword for the new edition. His short foreword to the 1995 edition is posted here as an introduction of the book to new readers. He makes some pertinent remarks about Indian secularists and their uncritical acceptance of Christian mythology as Indian history.

Dr. Elst studied under Jesuits at Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium, Europe’s oldest Catholic university at Leuven,  and is in a position to say with authority that the St. Thomas in India tale today is a fraud on the people of India by crafty, untruthful Catholic  priests who make their living by fooling the faithful. He writes:

Thomas of CanaAccording to Christian leaders in India, the apostle Thomas came to India in 52 AD, founded the Syrian Christian Church, and was killed by the fanatical Brahmins in 72 AD. Near the site of his martyrdom, the St. Thomas Church was built. In fact this apostle never came to India. The Christian community in South India was founded by a merchant called Knai Thoma or Thomas of Cana in 345 AD—a name which readily explains the Thomas legend. He led four hundred refugees who fled persecution in Persia and were given asylum by the Hindu authorities.

In Catholic universities in Europe, the myth of the apostle Thomas going to India is no longer taught as history, but in India it is still considered useful. Even many vocal “secularists” who attack the Hindus for “relying on myth” in the Ayodhya affair, off-hand profess their belief in the Thomas myth. The important point is that Thomas can be upheld as a martyr and the Brahmins decried as fanatics.

San Thome ChurchIn reality, the missionaries were very disgruntled that the damned Hindus refused to give them martyrs (whose blood is welcomed as “the seed of the faith”), so they had to invent one. Moreover, the church which they claim commemorates St.Thomas’s martyrdom at the hands of Hindu fanaticism, is in fact a monument of Hindu martyrdom at the hands of Christian fanaticism. It is a forcible replacement of two important Hindu temples — Jain and Shaiva—whose existence was insupportable to the Christian missionaries.

No one knows how many Hindu priests and worshipers were killed when the Christian soldiers came to remove the curse of Paganism from the Mylapore beach. Hinduism does not practice martyr-mongering, but if at all we have to speak of martyrs in this context, the title goes to these Jina- and Shiva-worshipers and not to the apostle Thomas

The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple, Second Print Edition (1995) is available from  Voice of India, New Delhi.

St. Thomas & Hindu Assassin

1991 — The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple — Ishwar Sharan

2010 — The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple  — Ishwar Sharan



12 Responses

  1. Dear Patriots,
    It’s my earnest request to you all why not translate every material in local language and distribute them to local papers just to increase the public awareness.That will be a great sewa[service to Sanatan Dharma].Instead of writing small comments for English speaking and reading computer literate Internet Hindus.
    Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!
    From:Dr R N Das

    • The local papers refuse to publish . the best way is to keep teeing who ever close and respect you and forward this mail to as many people u know.

      • Why not in translated in Tamil and publish on Facebook and Twitter..

        • Thank you for your interest in the book.

          There is a Tamil-language redaction of the main, 24-chapter essay of the 1995 edition of the book available on Scribd. See it HERE.

          There is also a Tamil-language study of the St. Thomas myth by Veda Prakash on Scrbd. See it HERE.

  2. eye opening blog,nice.i hope those secular hindu morons read these stuff.

  3. @ Sri Iswar Sharan Ji, My Regards And Respects To You. I Am Very Sincerely Glad To See Someone Working Selflessly Towards The Protection Of Sanatana Dharma. Our Country, Youth In General Are Being Misguided By These Invaders. It’s Thanks To Intelligent People Like You We Are Still Surviving. My Respects Again __/\__

  4. Read few articles found it very informative…thanks for the info…I’ll surely follow your blog…Keep the good work going….

  5. sanathana dharma was the way of life before these evil muslim maniacs attacked india for her wealth. There was no “Hindu’. When the larger part of the world was into plundering, war mongering it is a great wonder that a great experiment to unveil the secrets of consciousness was being carried by people in India. Such were the heights of excellence reached by our people that others were not even able to imagine what it was all about. Similar is the story of Einstein whose relativity theory was and is understood only by a very few. The whole experiment of Brahminism, where he is not to accumulate wealth and has to lead a pious life were all great arrangements to make him ponder into his own self. The mundane was stripped away. The society of those days understood the value of such a great adventure and more than willingly supported it. This is very much like the present R & D being supported by the government and big corporates. Then it was the king who supported the cause. Look at the results of such experiments. Ramana maharishi , J. Krishnamurti, Ramakrishna and many others reached to the state of great immensity. Even today in everyday life if there are ten brahmins, eight will be good. But the case is reverse in the case of others. Take muslims. Almost 90% of smugglers and people who engage in nefarious activities are muslims. I have been in the Madras airport many times. I have seen these muslim traders(smugglers) walking through green channel loaded with all kinds of goods. One cannot find a brahmin in the lot..Why go that far? In the news papers which cry hoarse for secularism like “The Hindu” one can see clearly that almost all smugglers are muslims. They are predominantly upto only cheating and if not checked they are going to pose a great threat to the country. .

  6. I also think that at least the educated youngsters should read books like The Jesus Discovery by James Tabor and others by same author. It informs that Jesus was only a local leader of a family of rulers called the Davids and he was crucified alongwith others as was the norm in the Roman world. He was a Jew, and led a traditional life with Mary his wife and brothers and children. In short, even if he did existed he was just a freedom fighter like maybe our Shahid Bhagat Singh. The author claims they found his tomb in Jerusalem. In later centuries some people lied and distorted the truth giving us the current distorted version. It is necessary for people to stop reading too much into all this foreign stuff. It is very childish and immature to keep idolising them needlessly just because they are rich nations. They think rich people’s Gods will make them rich if they pray to them. Instead of fighting for positions, HIndu religious leaders should spend more time teaching proper Hinduism. At least the well-informed HIndu should do this. Instead of planning vacations with family all the time, for example,at least once if they go to a poor area and sit and do some bhajan kirtan with the poor it can help the cause tremendously.

  7. it is a wonderful article and it has to be cerculate to all temple and mutts authorities of india since we are all already in a cloud of without facts and figures of our history. these semetic religions of the middle east made lot hawoke and unslaught on hidhus in our country and we have become already slaves and orphons in the hands of minority peopole of india even though we are in mejority. we hindhus who fought for independence never understood the meaning od independence. we are so unconscious of our self , socieal and nation conscious people. india has become no man;s lands and any body can come and rape of country. we are branded trhat india is spiritual country and the land of wisdom but the way india ia moving we are loosing the identeties of our country by our own people who are not loyal to the country and bfull of correuption in their mind , body and mind

  8. sri iswar sharan ji,

    i’m very happy to read your work.
    you’re the hope for hindus like us.

    please keep up the good work.

    i’m honoured,even to address you in this reply.

    Om Shanti,shanti,shanti

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