Cartels of discord defeated by the Ayodhya verdict – Anirban Ganguly

Ram Lalla Virajman of Ayodhya

Ayodhya Verdict Judges

Dr Anirban GangulyWhile Pakistan provides the logistical back-up for terrorism in the region, the cartel of radical Islamists, the Urban Naxals, the Communists and the Liberal Fundamentalists, by championing their “human rights” have tried to provide them legitimacy and create academic space for their abominable and anti-human ideological positions. – Dr. Anirban Ganguly

Like they waited with baited breath after the abrogation of Article 370, for the region and the country as a whole to erupt, the radical Islamists, the Urban Naxals, the Communists and the Liberal Fundamentalists waited in eager anticipation for India to erupt after the Ayodhya verdict on November 9th.

Kashmir disappointed them. There was no conflagration, no conflict and the separatist agendas could find no expression since August 5th.

Ayodhya too disappointed them—both in terms of the verdict and the quiet that followed it. The truck driver, the farmer, the apple orchard tender, the innocent shopkeeper who were killed by terrorists in various districts across Kashmir, were killed because they believed and hoped that the removal of 370 had opened up a new avenue of opportunities for them, they responded to PM Modi’s new narrative for the region and were mowed by terrorists propped up by Pakistan.

This is often ignored and deliberately obfuscated by the international proponents of human rights. While Pakistan provides the logistical back-up for terrorism in the region, the cartel of radical Islamists, the Urban Naxals, the Communists and the Liberal Fundamentalists, by championing their “human rights” have tried to provide them legitimacy and create academic space for their abominable and anti-human ideological positions. This cartel has tried to weave a narrative in support of terrorism and separatism worldwide and one of their best arguments in support of their effort is to speak of India’s descent into illiberalism.

Had there been unrest in the aftermath of the Ayodhya verdict, a situation which they tried to desperately create, these elements would have used that to try and buttress their false narrative of the end of India as a liberal democracy under Modi. The statements made by rubble parties such as the CPI(ML) and others, the observations made on social media by a section of the academics affiliated to the Left parties, the sense of fear and victimhood that they have tried to generate after the verdict, projecting India as a country in which minorities are feeling alienated, are being victimised, are being discriminated upon by the judiciary, is ominous, primarily because it proves that for these elements there is nothing sacrosanct about Constitutional institutions.

This trend is evil, it is a propensity towards betrayal and since these elements have access to a section of the Western academia and media, their views find space, are inflated and then trumpeted across the air. But again Modi’s New India triumphed. The PM’s approach leading up to the Ayodhya verdict, his tenacious and resilient determination to ensure that it heralds the beginning of a new era of synergy and cooperation, his heartfelt appeals saw the people respond; once more he proved that he directly speaks to the soul of India, to its collective psyche. The complete stability in the aftermath of Ayodhya, in itself, demonstrates that India under Modi is, in fact, evolving into a true liberal democracy. The message had gone through the rank and file, a true democratic spirit was displayed by legions of karyakartas, who fanned out across the country with a fraternal message, with the sense that this was a civilisational issue which had to now be sorted, and India had to move ahead.

The RSS and the VHP, at the forefront of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, displayed unparalleled sagacity and patience, thus puncturing the pseudo debate of an illiberal India. The BJP’s organisational discipline, the sense of unity and cohesion instilled in it were visible to all who cared to see it. Not one discordant note, no triumphalism, only quiet gratefulness that a deeply felt civilisational struggle and aspiration had finally concluded. The fact that not a single adverse incident had been reported was in itself a defeat for the cartels of discord. For others, it was a deeply civilisational moment. In reality it was a victory for New India. – The New Indian Express, 24 November 2019

› Dr Anirban Ganguly is the director of the Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation.

The Indian Liberal


Assam court punishes Hindu priest for preventing religious conversions – GWP

 Janardan Deva Goswami

Hindu Post“It is very unfortunate that I have been charged for my work done for the protection of my culture and religion. I believe it is my duty to protect my culture and religion at this ancient seat of Vaishnavite culture.” – Janardan Deva Goswami

In a first of firsts, the head priest of a satra at the hub of Vaishnavite culture in Assam is facing criminal charges for doing his dharmic duty. On August 1st, Prashant Payeng of Jorhat, Assam had filed a complaint against Janardan Deva Goswami, the head priest of Dakshinpat Ashromi, accusing him of preventing religious conversions and preventing the spread of Christianity in Majuli.

On receiving the compliant, the local court inquired the matter by examining the complainant and some witnesses on August 14th and August 30th, respectively. The case was heard by the judiciary and the judgement was ruled against the priest. Bail was granted only on September 25th.

When approached, Goswami expressed his utter dismay at the proceedings, “It is very unfortunate that I have been charged for my work done for the protection of my culture and religion. I believe it is my duty to protect my culture and religion at this ancient seat of Vaishnavite culture.”

He further added that he had appeared before the court when summoned and is committed to comply with the orders of the court. Incidentally, Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal is the MLA from Majuli constituency.

We tried to delve deeper into this case in search of more details; we wondered if the head priest was violent in his approach of resisting the encroachment by Christian missionaries into the Vaishnavite culture, and we were keen to know if the Hindu priest had employed hate or hate speech against Christians, missionaries, or Christianity as a whole, while resisting its proliferation in Majuli.

Despite a thorough search, we found no account of physical or verbal hate instigated by Goswami ji at the missionaries or those they wished to convert. This leaves us wondering, what aspect of the head priest’s behavior constituted the sentence pronounced by the court.

Earlier this year, a Christian missionary was caught on camera, screaming anti-Hindu slurs, standing right in front of the Adiyogi statue at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. “Neither Yoga, nor Yogi can liberate you from sins, only Jesus can,” he was heard yelling in a state of hysterical frenzy.

In September 2018, Mohan Lazarus, a Christian preacher denigrated Hindu temples calling them, “Satan’s strongholds”. The preacher, who is also the owner of Tamil television channel Sathiyam TV, is infamous for his habitual and repeated derogatory remarks against Hindu Dharma. Back in April this year, a Goan priest had called the BJP President, Amit Shah, a “devil” and added that god “punished” late Manohar Parrikar with cancer.

A video clip of Bishop Ezra Sargunam, a controversial evangelist from Tamil Nadu went viral on various social media platforms. The video captured him calling for violence against Hindus. He was seen addressing a sizeable audience, and through his speech, instigating them to, ‘Punch (the Hindus) in their face couple of times, make them bleed and help them understand the truth,” adding for good measure that “There is nothing called as a Hindu Religion.”

However, neither were any of the above evangelists arrested, nor any criminal proceedings carried out against them and their incessant venom-spewing against 80% of the country’s population.

On the other hand, a Hindu priest is held guilty by a court of law, for merely protecting his culture and faith from the vulture-eyes of evangelists in Assam. This reminds us of the brutal murder of Ramalingam in Tamil Nadu. The ex-PMK man was seen getting into a discussion with a group of Muslim men who were proselytizing Islam in his locality. Ramalingam lost his life at the hands of those radical Islamists for merely defending his faith against malicious proselytization, and the head priest, Goswami, lost his dignity at the hands of our judicial system for the same cause.

Neither of them were offenders, they were not the ones rolling out hate or hate-filled messages. But both ended up losing. Guess they were penalized for being Hindus in a Hindu majority country, Bharat. – Hindu Post, 2 October 2019

Mohan C. Lazarus, Ezra Sargunam, Jegath Gaspar


My reply to a dubious question on Quora – Maria Wirth


Maria WirthIndian and international mainstream media clearly give the impression as if lynching of Muslims has greatly increased, in spite of not being true. There may be even more lynching and rapes of Hindus by Muslims. Yet media and so-called celebrities try their best to portray Hindus as the villains. – Maria Wirth

The question on Quora was:

Why has the hatred between Hindus and Muslims increased in the past four to five years?

My reply, which was removed by Quora editors after 2 months:

The questioner makes a claim which cannot be substantiated. If “communal crimes” had increased, one might conclude that hatred also has increased. But actually, the ‘’communal crimes” have decreased over the last 5 years in India.

However, the questioner cannot be faulted, because Indian and international mainstream media clearly give the impression as if lynching of Muslims has greatly increased, in spite of not being true. There may be even more lynching and rapes of Hindus by Muslims. Yet media and so-called celebrities try their best to portray Hindus as the villains.

Rather surprisingly (as it is a new phenomenon), this has been strongly contested by other media channels and another set of celebrities recently, as it was too obvious that this portrayal was very unfair as only crimes by Hindus with Muslims as victims were highlighted and the numerous crimes committed by Muslims were fully ignored.

But it is indeed possible that if not hatred, but tension has increased in recent times—not only between Hindus and Muslim, but also between Buddhists and Muslims for example in Sri Lanka or Myanmar or between Christians and Muslims for example in Europe and Middle East or even between Chinese Communists and Muslims in Xinjiang. The reason is that more non-Muslims have become aware of the ultimate goal of Islam, which is to make the whole world Muslim. Christians have a similar goal, but at present, Muslims are more visible because of numerous terror attacks, other crimes like gang rapes and the terrible brutality of ISIS. Incredibly, this happened according to a plan, which a Jordanian journalist detailed already almost 20 years ago regarding the future of terrorism.

The journalist Fouad Hussein had spent time in prison with Al-Zarqawi, and had also contact with many of the Al Quaida network’s leaders. Based on correspondence with these sources, he has brought out a book about Al Quaida’s master plan and an abstract was published in 2005 in Spiegel Online. (One can read it here).

It is simply amazing how accurately the plan of 7 phases was followed. The quotes in inverted commas are from the Spiegel article:

For example “between 2010 and 2013 (4th phase), Hussein writes that al-Qaida will aim to bring about the collapse of the hated Arabic governments.”

Between 2013 and 2016 (5th phase) “will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared”.

In the 6th phase “Hussein believes that from 2016 onwards there will be a period of ‘total confrontation’. As soon as the caliphate has been declared the ‘Islamic army’ will instigate the ‘fight between the believers and the non-believers’ which has so often been predicted by Osama bin Laden.”

This was written in 2005 in the article by Der Spiegel, a major German magazine.

Now has hatred between Hindus and Muslims increased?

I just heard Prime Minister Modi talk on the occasion of the victory in the Kargil war against Pakistan 20 years ago. He mentioned that peace and humanity are ingrained in the mind-set of Indians. This is true. There is probably no other people who is so tolerant as Indians or more specifically Hindus. It is visible not only in India, but all over the world, where Hindus in all likelihood are the most ideal immigrant class who are least prone to crimes and contribute maximum to the welfare of their adopted countries.

In contrast, the mind-set of Muslims has to include ridding the world of kafirs. If a Muslim wants to be a good Muslim, he cannot take friends from among non-believers. This severely hinders him to be a good human being. In fact, he is encouraged to feel hatred, as he should see kafirs as “the worst of all creatures” (Quran 98.6).

So yes, since some Muslims obviously got instigated all over the world to unleash “total confrontation”, the hatred from their side and the wariness of the other side probably increased.

If Muslims don’t realise that the Supreme Being is the creator of all humans and that all are basically one according to ancient Indian philosophy, which is supported by modern science, a harmonious living together is not possible. – Maria Wirth Blog, 7 October 2019

Maria Wirth is  Germann author and commentator who lives in Uttarakhand.

Hinduphobia on NPR

Hinduphobia in the media



Shobhaa De: First in a long list to be exposed by Pakistan – Ashish Shukla

Shobhaa De

Ashish ShuklaShobhaa De, a regular columnist in Times of India, has been called out by former Pakistan envoy to India, Abdul Basit, for writing a pro-separatist piece on Jammu and Kashmir at the latter’s prompting. – Ashish Shukla

An interesting sideshow calls for your attention. It’s serious too and has wider implications. We have long wondered why a few of our journalists, politicians, film personalities, media houses, academicians and historians speak the language of Pakistan on matters of Kashmir and Indian Muslims. Why their concerns for refugees extend to Rohingyas but not to Kashmiri Pandits. Why they get worried about a demography change in Kashmir Valley but stand by the demographic distortion in Assam. Why Hindus lynched doesn’t even elicit a pause while a similar tragedy for a Muslim evokes a diatribe. Why animal-sacrifice is sacred for one while Jallikattu sport is animal-cruelty by others. Why Triple Talaq Bill is persecution of Muslim males but arrests under dowry act is justice. Why a Mamata Banerjee could openly appease the Muslims but the Prime Minister chanting “Jai Shri Ram” is communal.  Why skullcaps knocked off a Muslim head is bigotry but a Durga Temple vandalized, idols broken in the heart of India’s Capital is passé.

The irrepressible Dr Subramanian Swamy has an interesting explanation on such Break-India forces. He says that most of such voices are funded by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan. Even if neutral, all these inimical forces route their ill-gotten money through hawala by Dubai black money channels which in fact is controlled by ISI. The deal of the game is simple: You be of use to us to cause distortion of facts and general amnesia in the Indian state and we won’t spill the beans on what we do for you. But if you don’t, one line in the press and you are finished, Dr Swamy tells of ISI’s implicit threat.

One such line has finally appeared in the press. Shobhaa De, a regular columnist in Times of India, has been called out by former Pakistan envoy to India, Abdul Basit, for writing a pro-separatist piece on Jammu and Kashmir at the latter’s prompting. Ms De has denied the allegation but really what other options she had? Nobody neutral is believing her as the outpouring of reactions on twitter show. Her journalistic career is over in disgrace. All this by a stray comment in an obscure blog.

This must-have sets alarm-bells ringing in dozens of such Shobhaa De’s hidden in plain sight amongst us. Twitteratis have composed their own list but we won’t fall for it, not yet. But an educated guess is that the “disclosure” on Shobhaa De wasn’t accidental. A small pawn in a Great Game has been sacrificed to warn other rogues embedded in India’s fabric to do some meaningful damage to a purposeful Modi government. (Or why would you get headlines of “Sober Eid” in Kashmir Valley when governor Satyapal Malik is inviting everybody to come and see the exact opposite happening on ground).

India’s stand on abrogation of Article 370 and 35A and dilution of Jammu and Kashmir from a state to a Union Territory has dropped the baby of pretence. You are either this or that side of the divide: the clever game of rearranging the narrative and peddle the Pakistan agenda won’t work. Pakistan would demand “compliance” from these journalists and academicians; lawyers or social activists; filmi-sets or politicians. What fun would it be when such names are stripped of the cover of immunity and laid bare amidst us, as Shobhaa De currently is.

One has long wondered why a socialite with little idea of complexities and nuances of our political, cultural, economic or historical perspective gets to write in edit pages of India’s premier newspaper. It’s not also if her language is electric—why even a Twinkle Khanna in comparison reads better. Her readers, if any, ought to be on Page 3 and certainly not on the hollowed edit pages were burning, larger issues are in focus.

This is the set which ensures that anger in India is managed whenever a terrible tragedy happens in Kashmir Valley or in the rest of India. Whenever a major attack happens in Kashmir or elsewhere, the bogey of “dara hua musalman” comes into play. It happened in 26/11 which, if it was a Modi government, would’ve certainly caused a war with Pakistan. When Pulwama happened, an orchestrated campaign in Lutyens Media began about Kashmiri students fleeing from the rest of the country. The same narrative is overwhelming the front pages of Lutyens Media about “subdued Eid”, “scared” Kashmiris and the Valley being turned into a new “Palestine.”

We all know this is not true. So far the government has ensured no untoward incident happens in the wake of their sensational decision on the troublesome state. But we all know that Pakistan won’t keep silent. It would use all tricks in the game and one of them is the “sleeper-cells” it has woven into India’s fabric. They are not allowed to be neutral. A goat is fattened not for nothing, to use a typical Eid flavour of the season. – OpIndia, 17 August 2019

› Ashish Shukla is an author, senior journalist, and TV presenter.

Shobhaa De Cartoon


Andhra Pradesh: Christian chief minister favours Christians – Sudha Mohan Mylavarapu

Jaganmohan Reddy

PGURUSTime is running out fast for Hindus. If the conversion trend continues, similar to North-Eastern states there will not be any Hindus left in Andhra in coming years. The plight of Hindus in Kerala and Tamil Nadu is horrible. We have witnessed many attacks on Hindus and Hinduism in all these states. –  Sudha Mohan Mylavarapu

Andhra administration seems to be working hand in glove with Christian missionaries. Visakhapatnam’s police commissioner Rajiv Kumar Meena issued a memorandum to the city police to protect minority Christians and their churches from Hindu aggression. As per Vizag’s city police website, the commissioner took charge on 27th June 2019 and this memorandum was issued on 4th July 2019. Commissioner did not waste any time issuing the orders to protect the Christians. The person who requested protection seems to have close links with the Andhra Christian chief minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

All over Andhra, Hindus are under attack. Except in rare circumstances mostly aggressors and provokers are from so-called “minority” community. When Hindus retaliate in desperation,[1] Christians play the victim card and use the mighty power of the administration to muzzle the voice of Hindus. One such example is Shivaji, a Hindu activist from Shiva Shakti organisation was arrested In Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. He was arrested for sending WhatsApp messages which are alerting Hindus from the lies peddled by other religions. After the arrest, Andhra police have declined to give answers to the public and booked him on charges related to WhatsApp messages. Police are also blocking and not answering phone calls. Is the Andhra administration following traditional Christian methods to oppress or discourage Hindu voices? Shiva Shakti Shivaji’s arrest in Kurnool is an indication of the attitude of the police. As per the above memorandum, this is likely to repeat in Visakhapatnam and other places in Andhra too.

In Andhra, during Y.S. Raja Sekhar Reddy’s rule, several evangelists tried to proselytize in some of the famous Hindu temples such as Tirumala. After protests from the Hindu society, the administration issued orders restricting evangelical activities near-certain temples.

There are many grey areas in this GO; there is no mention of how far a distance from the Hindu temples such evangelical activities are restricted and why only a few temples? Is this GO indirectly saying that the government is allowing the Christians to preach near the Hindu temples which are not mentioned in this list? Why not a blanket ban? Did the government punish the guilty Christians ever? May be government or the police don’t have the evidence. Social media is full of such evidences. In this video we can clearly see how these missionaries are trying to proselytize near a temple near Visakhapatnam.

Andhra was known to divert Hindu endowment funds to the government’s common good funds. Endowment department is making thousands of crores or rupees every year.[2][3] Despite having huge sums of money, many Hindu temples are in a very bad state. Many archakas are struggling to make a living.[4] On the other hand, the Christian preachers and Islamic mullahs are getting huge sums of money from abroad[5] via FCRA and FDI, and their communities are also paying them well (Dasama Bhagam, i.e. 1/10 th of their earnings are donated to church or mosque). Super secular Abrahamised Government is sucking all Hindu temple money and have not dared to touch Islamic and Christian funds.

As per the news on Telugu MSM, Andhra govt announced salaries to imams (Rs-10,000), pastors (Rs 5,000). It makes sense to pay salaries to archakas because the government is making huge sums of money from temples. One would wonder on what basis does the Christian ruler of Andhra gives state sponsored salaries to pastors and mullahs? There are many farmers committing suicide, the government has no love for these hard-working farmers! Where is the money coming from to pay these salaries? Is the government using Hindu temple money for their schemes? Is this for electoral gains? Or is Andhra chief minister openly supporting the aggressive racket to convert all Hindus? It is time all Hindus must demand separation of temples from the state’s clutches.

Andhra government came up with a scheme of appointing several hundred village volunteers.[6] It is being alleged that many of these appointees are Christians and also YSR party members. Their recruitment is in the final stages now. God only knows the real reason why these are appointed, maybe it is for converting Hindus at village level?

Christian missionaries are notorious in using the administrative power to convert the indigenous populations across the world. History filled with many instances and evidences to prove the destruction of indigenous cultures and religions. Christian missionaries use the money power or the administrative power for conversion. One such best living example is persecution of Canadian indigenous population.[7] By doing such heinous acts the Church grew to become the world’s strongest political institution under the garb of spirituality.

In British Raj, when East India company put restrictions on missionary work in India, missionaries used Sati propaganda to enter into India on the pretext to civilize barbaric Hindus.[8] The same missionaries turned a blind eye to the persecution of their women on the name of the witch hunt. Approximately 9 million women in Europe were murdered, with the support of the church.[9]

AP Temple Land Grab

From the past couple of hundred years, Christianity is spreading in India like water under the carpet. Officially India’s Christian population stays between 2-3%, unofficially it is approximately 20-30% of India’s population. In many states Hindus are minorities.

Historically Christians and Islamists are abusing Hindu goodwill. There are many evidences to prove their aggression. Above video is one best example of how Christians are violating Hindu hospitality. Doesn’t the constitution put reasonable restrictions on all fundamental rights? There are thousands of Hindu temples across India where Christians are openly trying to preach and convert Hindus by saying Hindus are devil worshippers.

As per the Constitution, every religion has the right to propagate, but there are restrictions to all fundamental rights. In the process of conversions Christians claim, “by doing idolatry a Hindu will go to hell and burn” and, they equate Hindu gods to demons. This is clear blasphemy. This blasphemy is happening on a large scale in Andhra and in India, but the authorities turn a blind eye. When Hindus confront these preachers with questions, then Christians use the power of administration to silence those who confronted the proselytization.

Time is running out fast for Hindus. If this trend continues, similar to North-Eastern states there will not be any Hindu left in Andhra in coming years. Hindus plight in Kerala and Tamil Nadu is horrible. Christianity is in control of these two states. We have all witnessed many attacks on Hinduism and Hindus in both these states. A good example is Sabarimala and how the communist government of Kerala was played by the church to destroy the holiness of Sabarimala.

The orders issued by the Andhra police is an indication of the Chief Minister’s Christians and Muslim appeasement mentality. He seemed to have forgotten that all Hindus voted him to power in good faith. The administration’s actions are very disappointing and unethical. They are trying to protect the aggressors and punishing the innocent who are struggling for existence from the oppressions. Hindus of Andhra must question this biased attitude of Andhra Government. If this does not change, by the end of the tenure of this government, about 50% of Andhra will slip into the spell of Christianity. – PGurus, 22 July 2019

AP Police Order



[2] Andhra Pradesh Temple Loot

[3] Hindu temple in India receives record one-day donations

[4] 1 lakh archaka families struggle for livelihood

[5] Govt bans foreign funding for 69 NGOs, 30 of them work for minorities

[6] Notification issued for village volunteers recruitment in AP

[7] Systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples is no reason for celebration

[8] The Sati Strategy: How Missionaries Used An Extinct Practice As A Rallying Point To Christianise India

[9] Witch Hunts and the Christian Mentality


Defaming the ‘Jai Shri Ram’ salutation – Arihant Pawariya

Ram Temple Rally

Arihant PawariyaWith so much vilification of Hindus going on, they will naturally gravitate towards a slightly pro-Hindu party despite all its flaws rather than voting for Congress and regional caste-based parties which are ideological fellow travellers of the mullah-Marxist-missionary-media mafia. – Arihant Pawariya

The latest attempt by the mullah-Marxist-media network to defame and denigrate the harmless, age-old, countryside greeting of “Jai Shri Ram” has disaster written all over it.

The M4 (add missionaries to the mix as well) gang’s penchant for constantly needling the country’s silent majority in order to achieve their political and ideological goals is known all too well. When in power, they become a well-oiled part of the state machinery to further their agenda. And when down and out electorally, the establishment they created while being in power comes to the rescue and serves their nefarious designs.

In the National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA’s) first term, it all started with the M4 gang raising a hue and cry over so-called church attacks followed by weaving of the fake “rising intolerance” narrative which in turn was followed by award wapsi. When none of this worked, they got down to sketch the lynchistan portrait based on a handful of stray incidents of thrashing of cattle thieves in a country of more than 130 crore people. The latter was—and still is—a sinister endeavour to separate Hindus from the cow, or of their sacred entities. Another aim of this move was to bury the real issue of cattle smuggling and their illegal slaughter carried out by members of the country’s largest minority.

Those who thought that this gang would mellow down after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) returned with an even bigger mandate than last time have got a rude awakening. The “saffronistas” had hardly got the time to digest ladoos of celebration that the media started bombarding audiences with “Muslim beaten up, forced to say Jai Shri Ram” headlines. The sudden rise in such incidents was too convenient to be true. A Muslim youth in Telangana’s Karimnagar claimed he was beaten up by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and BJP workers for not chanting Jai Shri Ram. It turned out to be fake. Similarly, such fake claims in Unnao, Cooch Bihar, Kanpur, Baghpat, Chandauli, (two in) Aurangabad have been busted so far.

Rather than retreating, the M4 complex is doubling down. If last time, cow was the chief target, for this term, they have trained their guns on Shri Ram. Of course, it goes without saying that the results of their shenanigans won’t be any different either.

First, the most obvious and immediate impact will be on politics. It will lead to further polarisation in society along religious lines. It is now an understood reality of India’s present electoral scenario that polarisation along religious lines helps the BJP and along caste lines aids the Congress party and regional outfits. While it helps the saffron party politically, it also means that the BJP doesn’t need to deliver for its Hindutva base at all because the M4 gang is doing their job for them.

With so much vilification of Hindus going on, they will naturally gravitate towards a slightly pro-Hindu party despite all its limitations and flaws rather than voting for Congress and regional caste-based parties which are ideological fellow travellers or electoral allies of the M4 gang. When the choice is between those who are hell bent on proving Hindus as terrorists and those who are promising Ram temple (but may not deliver), it’s a no contest.

Second, when the media is too busy focusing on polarising the society through dubious reporting, real issues take a backseat. The party in power will become laid-back in tackling unemployment, lack of growth, farm distress, poor education and skills, etc when it knows that it has the election sewed up. Rather than indulging in whipping up hysteria, the fourth estate should go back to basics of journalism and try to inform the electorate rather than play activists.

Third, it will have a catastrophic impact on the Indian society and nation. The M4 gang is trying to conjure up fear of the majority in the minority community by selective highlighting of one type of cases and creating mountains out of molehills, it is natural that the biggest minority, which already suffers from siege mentality and let no opportunity go waste of playing victimhood, won’t sit back.

As we saw in Ranchi earlier this month, it will try to intimidate the state and the majority community by the power of mobs, and it won’t be pretty. The majority won’t like it one bit because their demonisation by the M4 gang is based on nothing but imaginary fear. The very people who never get tired of criticising the BJP for tearing the social fabric apart are the ones who are guilty of doing exactly that.

Fourth, the M4 gang is egging the minority community to play victimhood. “Dara hua Musalman” chronicles and frenzy around these selective cases is incentivising anti-social and mischievous elements to cook up fake stories as we have seen recently with so many “forced to say Jai Shri Ram” allegations getting busted throughout the country.

This further creates distrust of the minority community among other members of society and strengthens the perception of it being dishonest and devious leading to its alienation. Additionally, Muslims should think twice before playing into the hands of the M4 gang because they don’t want to be branded as “a community which cries wolf”— saying there is a problem when there is not—because no one will believe them when they actually have a problem at their hands. Nothing can be more sad because real victims will be the worst affected.

Fifth, of course this hurts the Hindu community as well which is the main aim. As noted earlier, just like they tried to do with the cow, the M4 gang is trying to separate Shri Ram from Hindus by defaming the harmless greeting as some sort of a “war cry” equivalent to Allahu Akbar which is seen today by non-Muslims as a sort of warning before someone is being attacked rather than a simple “god is great” statement. This is being attempted with Jai Shri Ram slogan as well.

And it doesn’t matter whether the narrative is manufactured or not because the audience of the M4 gang is not the crores of devout Hindus but a certain section of the majority community, the deracinated elite who can be easily guilt-tripped into spitting at their own heritage. If this influential bunch can be influenced to crack lame jokes at Shri Ram at stand-up comedy clubs (see the number of cow jokes they use in their material), their job is done. Denigrating the lord, who is an idol to millions and worshipped as mortal personification of righteousness on earth, is no mean achievement.

Clearly, the M4 gang has more upsides than downsides in continuing with their propaganda. Given this nexus, and their subscribers are a tiny minority, they are punching way above their weight. But when has winning wars been about numbers? It’s the strategy, stupid! – Swarajya, 31 July 2019

Arihant Pawariya is a senior editor at Swarajya

Jai Shri Ram T-shirt

Tamil Nadu a hotbed for Christian evangelists – Swarajya Standard

Mohan C. Lazarus, Ezra Sargunam, Jegath Gaspar

Swarajya MagazineThe Church has engaged in creating and propagating a false history that combines Dravidian racism with evangelical Christianity. And believe us, there are quite a few around today who deal in exactly this kind of business—which is, unfortunately, a threat to ordinary Tamil life and society. – Swarajya Standard

Anyone who has met with evangelicals knows they are quite eager to spread their faith—that is just what they do.

But in certain states in India, their eagerness crosses a line. Perhaps several lines.

In this episode of Swarajya Standard, we look at the one state where evangelical organisations have grown to wield enormous political clout over the years—Tamil Nadu.

Chith Bhavananda, the famous educationist seer of Tamil Nadu, had recorded an interesting confession once by a Madurai Bishop: it said that the Dravidian movement was a time bomb set by the Church to destroy Hinduism.

Though dramatic, this sentiment has played out a number of times in Tamil Nadu.

The Church has engaged in creating and propagating a false history that combines Dravidian racism with evangelical Christianity. And believe us, there are quite a few around today who deal in exactly this kind of business—which is, unfortunately, a threat to ordinary Tamil life and society.

Let’s shine a light on three people in particular.

First, Bishop Ezra Sargunam.

Just listen to what he has to say.

He is essentially saying there is no such thing as Hindu religion and that those who call themselves Hindus need to be thrashed into senses—obviously, in his view, to accept the truth of Christianity.

And this guy is no fringe. He is an influential customer with ties to the Dravidian ruling establishment—brokering political alliances and the like. And, it seems, very comfortable with advocating violence.

When in the 1960s Sargunam was at the Kumbh to proselytise, Hindu devotees at the time had chased him away – angered by his reference to Hindu gods as Satan.

Now, he likes to claim that he has converted a crore Tamil Hindus and planted half a million churches across the state. Maybe true—but a dangerous idea even to think about it.

What else would you expect from someone who was trained by Billy Graham, that famous American pastor who was also incredibly influential in the US – despite his antisemitism and opposition to the teaching of evolution.

Anyway, let’s move on to our next crank candidate. Meet Father Jegath Gaspar Raj.

This so-called reverend is a Catholic priest who rose to prominence under the previous DMK rule. A veritable Rasputin of the DMK reich, Gaspar tried to secularize Hindu folk traditions. So that they could later be Christianised through minority educational institutions subsidised by a secular government.

He also ran a publication propagating the works of so-called scholar Ma. Se. Victor, who claims that Tamil was the language of Adam, spoken by all of humanity before the Tower of Babel was destroyed by God.

Such crank theories are kept in incubation to take over the Dravidian narrative, and they find forced advocacy under the DMK regime.

So when DMK gets supported by bishops, there is more than just vote-bank politics and ground-level bargaining of concessions going on. There is ideological vested interest in the form of promoting a racist Dravidian ideology against Hinduism and Hindus.

So let’s cap off this [article] with the third person on our list.

One Mr Mohan C. Lazarus. He is a controversial Christian preacher who runs an evangelical empire in Tamil Nadu. Widely perceived as a fundamentalist and a fanatical zealot, he too enjoys close links to the allegedly rational political establishment of the state.

Lazarus was born in a pious and wealthy Tamil Hindu family. He claims that when “money consuming diverse medical treatment” failed to heal his bulging heart, and he was on the death bed, “the Lord sent one of his vessels to counter his eternally chosen tool to bring him unto his fold”. Thus Murugan morphed into Mohan Lazarus.

Lazarus is believed to have had a key role in the anti-Sterlite protests in Thoothukudi.

He governs a vast empire, from his headquarters at Nalumavadi, a place strategically situated near the ancient and famous Hindu pilgrim centre, Thiruchendur. He is often explicitly political in his message. He shares the stage with top leaders of Dravidian parties like M.K. Stalin. He seems to aim for an evangelical coalition-controlled polity in Tamil Nadu.

Once in a controversial statement he said that Tamil Nadu is the stronghold of Satan, referring to a large number of temples in the state. The video went viral on social media. Take a look:

So for people like Mohan Lazarus, the presence of temples in Tamil Nadu is akin to having Satan strongholds.

And these are exactly the kind of evangelicals Tamil Nadu should worry about. Because they have no qualms about spreading the word of Christianity while being at ease shooting down Hinduism. – Swarajya, 19 June 2019