Lt. Col. Purohit points finger at Sonia Gandhi – Sandhya Jain

Prasad Shrikant Purohit

Sandhya JainIt is incumbent upon the Government to give Lt. Col. Purohit back his honour and the accolades that are his legitimate due. – Sandhya Jain

Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit, released after nearly nine years in jail when the Supreme Court granted him bail on August 21, hinted in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon after he assumed office, that the sitting president of a major political party was behind the conspiracy that saw him decoyed from his posting at Pachmarhi, MP, to Mumbai, where the Anti Terror Squad (ATS) made an illegal civilian arrest of a serving Army officer.

Purohit has hinted at having uncovered dark secrets while taking an 18-month Arabic course at Pachmarhi, MP, while continuing to gather intelligence as an officer of the Military Intelligence, and pleaded for an in-depth investigation of the same. Purohit is one of the country’s leading experts on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), and renowned for his work in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence in Kashmir and Maharashtra. In fact, his very success provoked his ruination at the hands of as yet unidentified forces.

Writing from judicial custody in Taloja Central Prison in Navi Mumbai (PSP/55224/Official Corres/14, dated May 31, 2014), Purohit, an accused in the Malegaon 2008 bomb blast case, claims that the entire case against him was fabricated and stage-managed by the Maharashtra ATS, for reasons best known to them and their policy makers [read political masters]. His appeals in this regard to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Defence Minister A. K. Antony, and even the then President of India, fell on deaf ears.

Purohit suggests the conspiracy was masterminded by more powerful forces than the Maharashtra ATS, and states that he had drawn Dr. Manmohan Singh’s attention to “the attempts of politicising the case by the president incumbent of the National Congress Party”; the word Congress was subsequently cut and deleted for “Political” Party in pencil. The letter is written in ink. Purohit makes a dig at Singh’s “ventriloquism” in the matter!

Explaining the case, Purohit says a bomb blast took place in Malegaon town of Maharashtra on September 29, 2008, in which seven persons died and many were injured. At the time, Purohit was in distant Pachmarhi.

Informed sources claim Purohit had uncovered and aborted at least seven terror attacks in the country and had advance knowledge of the forthcoming attack on November 2008, which possibly led to his downfall.

On October 24, 2008,, Col. R.K. Srivastava arrived at Pachmarhi from Army Headquarters with instructions to facilitate Purohit’s interaction with ATS Maharashtra Police. Srivastava also had instructions to bring Purohit to Delhi to meet with Military Intelligence-20. Purohit says Srivastava did not convey any of these messages to him, and in fact treated him shabbily from the start.

On October 29, 2008, the Adjutant of the Army Education Corps and Training Centre (AEC) gave Purohit his movement order (without which he could not leave his duty station), which directed him to report to Director MI-20 at Army Hqrs. Srivastava asked him to leave his mobile phone with the Adjutant. Purohit’s family believed he was going to Delhi.

At the Bhopal Airport, however, Col. Srivastava forced him to board a flight to Mumbai, under a false movement order, and he had no means of communicating with his family. it is notable that an Army Court of Inquiry in 2009 upheld Purohit’s claim of abduction, kidnapping and illegal detention by Col. Srivastava. Various witnesses (Lt. Col. G.C. Mohanta, then Adjutant of AEC; Brigadier Rajkumar, then DDG MI, and others) confirmed that Purohit was moved on a false movement order.

On reaching Mumbai on the night of October 29, 2008, he was taken in a white Sumo to a civilian bungalow at Khandala, on the Mumbai-Pune highway. He remained here until November 4, 2008, in the illegal custody of ATS officers who subjected him to unspeakable mental and physical torture. Depraved threats were made against the women members of his family. The worst offenders included then ATS chief, Hemant Karkare (d. Mumbai 2008), then Addl. DG Police, Parambir Singh, inspector Arun Khanvilkar (since dismissed from service in another matter), and then Asst. CP, Mohan Kulkarni (since retd).

Aparna Purohit’s attempts to locate her husband in this period failed, as the AEC Adjutant, Lt. Col. G.C. Mohanta, was totally in the dark, having given a movement order for Delhi.

On November 5, 2008, Lt. Col. Purohit was handed over to the Mumbai ATS, an action that was illegal and based on this illegal series of events. He became Accused No. 9 in the Malegaon 2008 bomb blast case.

Tracing events prior to his taking the Arabic course at Pachmarhi, Lt. Col. Purohit served as an intelligence officer with the Southern Command Liaison Unit, Pune, at Devlali, Nasik. One of his registered intelligence sources, Sudhakar Chaturvedi, was made Accused No. 11 in the Malegaon case. The ATS claimed to have arrested him on November 20, 2008, and recorded that the house provided to him in the cantonment area was searched under panchanama on November 25, 2008, where traces of the RDX allegedly used in the Malegaon blast were recovered. The charge sheet stated that the bomb was assembled at Chaturvedi’s house.

This theory exploded during the Army’s Court of Inquiry, when two independent witnesses, Major Pravin Khanzade (Witness 1) and Subedar (then) Keshav K. Pawar (Witness 2) revealed that on November 3, 2008 (two days before Purohit’s arrest and 17 days before Chaturvedi’s arrest), the two of them had caught an ATS Asst. police inspector, Shekhar Bagade, planting evidence at Chaturvedi’s house. On being caught, he had pleaded with them not to report his presence there. But Major Khanzade reported the incident to all his seniors in Devlali and to Hqrs. Southern Command, Pune. The statements of Khanzade and Pawar figure on page 330 (July 8, 2009,) and page 426 (July 27, 2009,) of the official record of the Court of Inquiry.

Clearly, the ATS officers who fabricated the evidence against Chaturvedi prior to the arrest of Purohit and Chaturvedi could not have planned for the written testimony of Major Khanzade to his superiors! With this explosive evidence available to it in 2009, the Army authorities clearly realised they were sitting on a very deep-rooted conspiracy that went back to highly influential persons in Lutyens Delhi. They seem to have decided that their best course was to preserve the evidence for a better day—a wise move.

The ATS managed to compromise some of Purohit’s carefully crafted intelligence network. Three of his registered intelligence operators were made co-accused in the case and four were made witnesses against him.

It is fairly obvious that only a mole(s) inside the Pune Military Intelligence unit could leak the names of Purohit’s registered sources to the ATS. It seems likely that the registered assets of other serving military intelligence officers may also have been compromised in this period—not only in Maharashtra but other States as well. The Government of India and Hqrs. of all Services need to make subtle inquiries in this regard.

In March-April 2011, the case was handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which too, failed to file a charge sheet (till date).

Purohit ends his missive urging the Prime Minister to ensure the release of all innocents in the case, not just himself. Calling himself an old war horse that responds to one call of the bugle, he prays for the “singular honor” of serving “my most revered and beloved motherland”.

This letter brought tears to the eyes of even veteran soldiers with whom it was shared. It is incumbent upon the Government to give the soldier back his honour and the accolades that are his legitimate due.

The investigations must begin with the first attack on Hindu sacred spaces outside Jammu and Kashmir—Akshardham, Ahmedabad, September 2002—and the creation of the “Hindu Terror” narrative under the auspices of the Sonia Gandhi led United Progressive Alliance.

Above all, statutory action must be taken against Col. R.K. Srivastava, and the surviving members of the Mumbai ATS—Addl. DG Police Parambir Singh, Inspector Arun Khanvilkar and Asst. CP Mohan Kulkarni. Hemant Karkare’s disgraceful conduct also needs to be put on record. – PGurus, 26 August 2017

» Sandhya Jain is an independent senior journalist in New Delhi. She is the editor of the opinion forum Vijayvaani.

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Why M. K. Narayanan and P. Chidambaram must be tried for treason – Radha Rajan

P. Chidambaram & M. K. Narayanan

Radha Rajan is the editor of Vigil Online“M. K. Narayanan and P. Chidambaram actively presided over the most evil conspiracy in post-independent India—one, to undermine and compromise national security by passing off a Muslim female suicide bomber as a sweet young thing who … was gunned down by the … Gujarat Police in what UPA I labelled was a “fake encounter”; and two, to label Hindus as terrorists on their own bhumi.” – Radha Rajan

In April 2016, two English news channels “broke” news on the same day about the two most heinous crimes against Hindus and the Hindu nation perpetrated by Sonia Gandhi’s puppet regimes UPA I and II; not that this was any deep and dark secret. This article provides an overview of the twin conspiracies and revisits what I wrote in 2008 immediately after 26/11, and what I wrote in 2011 when the NSAHome Minister duo had successfully implemented the twin plot. Revisiting what I wrote in 2008 and 2011 is necessary because they were written at the very time these events were unfolding using news as reported in newspapers and television news channels. When I connected the dots of what was not reported as “news” and what I gathered from my talks with several persons, what took shape looked like the most heinous crime against Hindus on Hindu bhumi since vivisection of the Hindu nation in 1947.

M. K. Narayanan and P. Chidambaram actively presided over the most evil conspiracy in post-independent India—one, to undermine and compromise national security by passing off a Muslim female suicide bomber as a sweet young thing who with three of her young and innocent companion-jihadis was gunned down by the Crime Branch of the Gujarat Police in what UPA I labelled was a “fake encounter”; and two, to label Hindus as terrorists on their own bhumi. Notwithstanding the cancerous public discourse of secularists and anti-Hindu intellectual establishment which refers to this timeless Hindu civilization as “idea of India”—this is Hindu bhumi. The carefully plotted and successfully implemented twin conspiracies became a desperate necessity for Sonia Gandhi and the Generic Church in the context of several scandals plaguing the Congress party and its political allies in the government, and the rise and rise of Narendra Modi and consequently the BJP.

This Rasputinesque plot was hatched to entangle Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in the “fake encounter” legal mesh and also to incapacitate Hindu society and any future BJP government from dealing appropriately with domestic or foreign Muslim terrorism against the nation. The conspiracy to label Hindus as terrorists and coin a new phrase “saffron terror” was to force Hindus to stop using the phrase “Muslim terrorists” or “Islamic terrorism” and worse, to introduce the patently false and unconvincing axiom in national security thesis—terrorism has no religion. And all this was successfully accomplished by Sonia Gandhi’s two principal henchmen M. K. Narayanan and P. Chidambaram by railroading/sabotaging/misdirecting the investigation into the June 15, 2004 Ishrat Jahan killing, Malegaon blasts 2006 and 2008, and the 18 February, 2007 Samjhauta Express train blasts which killed 68 persons besides injuring many others. Herein is the answer to P. Chidambaram’s “purpose served” cryptic response in August 2010 when asked by journalists why he coined the phrase “saffron terror”.

M. K. Narayanan became National Security Adviser in 2005 replacing J. N. Dixit who died suddenly and in the most mysterious circumstances. M. K. Narayanan was a permanent fixture in the Rajiv Gandhi household and like all Nehru family minions transferred his loyalty after Rajiv Gandhi died, to Sonia Gandhi for which he was handsomely rewarded when Sonia Gandhi made him the NSA. Hindu nationalists have never doubted that Sonia Gandhi had an agenda of her own when she married the eldest son of the Indian Prime Minister. After all, her mother-in-law’s climb to the top of the power ladder in the Congress party had more to do with whose daughter she was than any past reputation for political astuteness or even experience; and Sonia Gandhi knew an opportunity when she saw one. M. K. Narayanan and P. Chidambaram with deliberate intent hatched and executed the plot in alignment with Sonia Gandhi’s agenda for the country; senior ministers in UPA I and II who remained mute witnesses to this anti-Hindu plot were no less guilty than the evil duo, of what is now unfolding to be treason against the nation; but most tragic of all was B. Raman’s endorsement of P. Chidambaram’s “saffron terror” slur. While B. Raman bemoaned the fact that the investigations into the Malegaon blast case of 2006 and 2008 and the Samjhauta blasts case was botched up by the CBI and NIA and regretted that the central investigating agencies had two different yardsticks by which they dealt with Muslim and Hindu suspects in the case, it is nevertheless a fact that Raman did add strength to Sonia Gandhi’s “saffron terror” plot.

B. RamanWhen investigations into the above mentioned acts of terror had been fouled and tainted beyond repair, P. Chidambaram let loose the phrase “saffron terror” in August 2010 at a meeting of police chiefs in New Delhi, secure in the knowledge that important sections even among Hindu organizations had been persuaded to believe that Hindus had turned terrorists. P. Chidambaram banked on the fact that Hindus could be terrorised, victimised and frightened into silence and there was little danger of any spontaneous or organized protest by Hindus against being labelled terrorists, exactly as was the case when Jayalalithaa arrested Pujya Kanchi Acharyas in 2004 and almost destroyed the matham with no Hindu resistance and therefore with total impunity. Unlike Muslims and Christians who can let loose violence on the streets and/or bring international pressure to bear upon the country’s government, India’s Hindus have little political sense and no sense of the power of their sheer numbers to respond to any slight, insult, humiliation and threat. M. K. Narayanan and P. Chidambaram banked on Hindu cowardice and powerlessness and used Hemant Karkare and Col. Purohit to execute their dirty tricks. Soon after P. Chidambaram injected the “saffron terror” venom into the nation’s public discourse, B. Raman wrote thus in the January 17 issue of Indian Defence Review:

I am proud to have sounded the wake-up call as early as in 2006 to the dangers of some angry members of the Hindu community taking to reprisal acts of terrorism against our Muslims if the Government does not take note of the perceptions in sections of the Hindu community that it has been soft towards the jihadi terrorists. I have been writing and speaking on this from time to time since then. (Indian Defence Review, 17 January, 2011)

not only gave credence to P. Chidambaram’s “saffron terror” pink elephant, Raman in fact designed and prepared the blueprint for “Hindu terror” when earlier he described ULFA as Hindu terrorists.

B. Raman like Karkare saw the truth behind the evil plot only after the damage had been done and like Karkare carried the burden of his belated realization to the grave, a sad, disillusioned man whose scrupulous honesty and fearlessness to speak the truth proved to be his Achilles heel. If the Army, Military Intelligence, MATS, CBI, NIA, and above all else, B. Raman’s integrity and fidelity to truth was just so much collateral damage, then Swami Aseemanand, Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit were the evil duo’s prey.

Overview of unfolding evil

  1. J. N. Dixit who was made National Security Adviser in 2004, died in January 2005.
  2. M. K. Narayanan, who was made Special Adviser on Internal Security to the Prime Minister in May 2004, replaced Dixit as NSA; with M. K. Narayanan was born the Dirty Tricks Department of the Indian intelligence services; what is yet to be established is whether the CIA Dirty Tricks Department had any hand in creating the Indian variant.
  3. If Sonia Gandhi had an agenda, then M. K. Narayanan was the first and most powerful instrument of the agenda. Narayanan began to move the pieces step by measured step almost immediately after he took charge as NSA.
  4. The three agencies involved in the plot to create “Hindu terror” were the CBI, Maharashtra ATS and NIA while the Army and Military Intelligence (MI) were dragged into the evil plot, knowingly or unknowingly, which fact is yet to be placed in the public domain.
  5. The Maharashtra ATS (MATS) was formed in 2004 and K. P. Raghuvanshi was the first chief of MATS; Raghuvanshi was previously with the CBI.
  6. In January 2008, NSA M. K. Narayanan hand-picked Hemant Karkare to head MATS replacing Raghuvanshi.
  7. MATS and Mumbai police, before Karkare replaced Raghuvanshi, arrested several members of SIMI for the Malegaon blasts of 2006 while the Indian Mujahideen had proudly admitted that it was responsible for the Samjhauta Express train blasts; but after M. K. Narayanan took over as NSA and after P. Chidambaram took over as Home Minister and after Hemant Karkare replaced Raghuvanshi as Chief of MATS, investigations into the same acts of terror was transformed into a witch-hunt for Hindu terrorists.
  8. Immediately after M. K. Narayanan took over as NSA and totally out of the blue, a new Hindu organization, Abhinav Bharat was formed in Pune in 2006 and Himani Savarkar, niece of Nathuram Godse who is also married to the nephew of Vinayak Savarkar, is elected President of Abhinav Bharat.
  9. Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit, a serving officer in Military Intelligence (which fact was almost certainly kept secret) is one of the founders of Abhinav Bharat and is made Permanent Trustee of Abhinav Bharat Trust; which fact alone points all fingers in the direction of Sonia Gandhi and M. K. Narayanan.
  10. How can a serving officer in Military Intelligence be associated with founding a new Hindu organization explicitly intended to give Hindus military training as counter-measure to increasing jihadi terror attacks against Hindus and Hindu temples? A Hindu organization which bore the name of Veer Savarkar’s Abhinav Bharat and whose first President was not only Nathuram Godse’s niece but was also related by marriage to Savarkar.
  11. Lt. Col. Purohit almost certainly was tasked to float this new Hindu organization which was intended to be the launching pad for Purohit to establish contact with the RSS eventually to infiltrate the RSS and other parivar organizations.
  12. The NSA or the Army or MI or MATS or NIA or all of them convinced the RSS that they had credible intelligence reports that members of Abhinav Bharat had plotted to kill Mohan Bhagwat and other important RSS pracharaks. This was done to pre-empt and silence any protest when Sonia Gandhi and her henchmen would arrest Hindu religious leaders and members of Hindu organizations for the Samjhauta Express blasts and for Malegaon blasts of 2006 and 2008.
  13. The ploy worked exceedingly well. When M. K. Narayanan’s dirty tricks department dragged the Army and MI into the sordid conspiracy and arrested Sadhvi Pragyna, Swami Aseemanand and Lt. Col. Purohit, violating all due processes of law, the RSS was mute; as was the BJP and the VHP; exactly as calculated by the Congress government  and exactly as they were silenced earlier when catastrophe befell the Kanchi Matham in 2004.
  14. Lt. Col Purohit was used by Sonia Gandhi’s puppet regime to do two things—convince the most powerful Hindu organization, the RSS that it was the target of Hindu terrorists and simultaneously spread the canard that Swami Aseemanand, an RSS man was responsible for the Samjhauta train blasts. In one brilliant stroke the RSS was both victim of Hindu terror and Hindu terrorist outfit.
  15. And close on the heels of arresting “Hindu terrorists” in October 2008, totally unexpectedly, 26/11 happened in November 2008; Hemant Karkare died in the line of duty.
  16. Shivraj Patil resigned owning moral responsibility for the Mumbai terror attack and inexplicably, P. Chidambaram, not Pranab Mukherjee was made Home Minister.
  17. Speaking soon after taking charge as Home Minister, Chidambaram said he will put in the same principles and work ethic that he had used in the Finance Ministry.
  18. Knowing what we do now about P. Chidambaram’s unscrupulous and downright treasonous decision to rewrite the entire Ishrat Jahan story where with a sleight of hand Chidambaram made Modi and Amit Shah the villains and Ishrat and her co-jihadis innocent victims, and knowing what we do now about the sordid corruption in the Agusta Westland VVIP chopper case, if P. Chidambaram by his own admission has said he will put in place the same principles and work ethic in the Home Ministry as in the Finance Ministry, Modi Sarkar must now investigate P. Chidambaram’s tenure as Finance Minister.
  19. In December 2008 the NIA was constituted by an act of Parliament and the newly formed NIA, conveniently had P. Chidambaram for boss.
  20. If M. K. Narayanan presided over inventing Hindu terrorists, P. Chidambaram presided over letting off known jihadis and jihadi outfits for terror acts and pinning them all on Narayanan’s newly minted Hindu terrorists.
  21. Having accomplished what they were tasked to do—create and arrest Hindu terrorists the Indian Intelligence Dirty Tricks Department had no more use for the fiction that Mohan Bhagwat and other senior RSS leaders were the specific targets of Hindu terrorists belonging to Abhinav Bharat and they allowed the fiction to melt in the darkness. The RSS in its letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dated February 8, 2011 raises this issue in no uncertain terms: But despite being in possession of such explosive, critical and specific evidence of the plot the MATS took a ‘conscious decision’ and told the Bombay High Court in July 2010 that, as there was nothing ‘specific’, ‘no further action is required to be taken’ on the alleged plot to kill the RSS leaders, ‘except to wait for the outcome of the pending trial.'”

I rest my case.

Cicero QuoteWhat I wrote in 2008

Hemant Karkare is dead allegedly while bravely fighting the terrorists and so we may never know the truth. But we can connect the dots and the picture it makes causes grave disquiet. Some say he died of bullets to the chest, some say to the neck, some say bullet proof vests are useless against AK 47s and Kalashnikovs while others say Karkare had removed his bullet proof vest and was killed when he was seated in his car. Long before the Mumbai terror attack, I had expressed the view to two of my friends that the thrust of the investigations into the Malegaon blasts is not to find the accused guilty but to weaken any future BJP government’s measures to deal with jihad, jihadis and religious conversion undertaken by Islam and the Church and to question the government’s motives. Whoever master-minded the investigations and was directing the ATS did not want any change in the public discourse on terror or on the issue of the basis of nationhood. The entire investigation had the following fall-out:

  1. Bring disrepute to stringent laws like POTA by using a state law like the MCOCA against innocent Hindus to demonstrate cynically and contemptuously to the RSS and the BJP that we have shown you how a law can be misused.
  2. Bring disrepute to narco-analysis by forcing Hindus to discredit the method because Hindus perceived it as being used against Hindus to arrest them allegedly on the basis of what they “confessed” under the influence of psychotropic drugs.
  3. Bring army intelligence agencies (Lt. Col. Purohit) into disrepute so that any action resulting from army intelligence against jihadis and jihad-sponsoring outfits and nations can be laid at the door of “Hindu extremists” in the army.
  4. The resultant disrepute is that the Indian Army is communalised and anti-Muslim by nature.
  5. Label Hindu sadhus and sanyasis as terrorists so that any resistance from Hindu society to jihad and religious conversion may, in future be labeled as acts of terror by “Sangh Parivar outfits”. The national debate on Bangladeshi Muslims, the pan-national loyalty of all Muslims to the Ummah and religious conversion would thus conveniently acquire “Hindu terror” dimensions.
  6. Undermine people’s faith in all institutions and organizations wielding great moral authority and influence, and this includes our police and armed forces.

To put it bluntly, the nature and direction of the Malegaon blasts investigation, which had become a witch-hunt for “Hindu terrorists”, was intended to weaken, defame and ultimately neutralise all centers of Hindu resistance to jihad and the Evangelical Church. The media has been reporting that Hemant Karkare died a very unhappy man. He is alleged to have expressed his deep unhappiness about “political interference” into the Malegaon blasts investigations to two media persons of two English TV news channels. Karkare is also reported to have asked the Maharashtra Home Minister R. R. Patil, on the very day he died, to be transferred out of the ATS. Such was his unhappiness.

We have it from one of the media persons who spoke to Karkare the day before he died that Karkare told him that over 90% of the ATS had been diverted into the Malegaon blasts probe. This witch-hunt for Hindu terrorists has all the hallmark of having been conceived in the mind of a strategist for the Congress party or its President, and who was probably himself/herself being manipulated by string-pullers located elsewhere. The questions and suspicions that come to our mind:

  1. The Times of India, dated 27th November, 2008, on page 11 reported that Hemant Karkare met the National Security Adviser (NSA) M. K. Narayanan in Delhi.
  2. When the Prime Minister refused to accept the NSA’s resignation in the wake of the Mumbai terror attack, a functionary in the PMO declared that the NSA is “not expected to micro-manage national security”.
  3. If that be so, why was the NSA taking such intense interest in the Malegaon blasts probe?
  4. Why did the NSA summon the ATS chief Karkare to Delhi unless it was to seek an explanation as to why the ATS failed to get custody of Sadhvi Pragya and Lt. Col. Purohit in the MCOCA court.
  5. Why was M. K. Narayanan so anxious to know why the accused Hindus will not continue to remain in ATS custody?
  6. If Karkare had seven years of experience in R&AW, almost all of them overseas appointments, why was he removed from R&AW and appointed chief of ATS?
  7. Who chose Karkare for the job and why was he chosen when he had little or no field experience in tackling terror in Mumbai?
  8. If Karkare was unhappy about political interference in the Malegaon blasts probe, why did he not resign instead of submitting to lead the ATS on a wild-goose-chase?
  9. If Karkare was heading the ATS why did he not equip the ATS with battle gear appropriate for fighting jihadis possessing sophisticated and contemporary arms, explosives and technology? After all the city of Mumbai has always been the chosen target of jihadis, besides Hindu temples.
  10. Why was Shivraj Patil made Home Minister and why was he not removed until the very end when the UPA is on its way out of Delhi
  11. Who chose M. K. Narayanan as National Security Adviser when he had worked for the Ford Foundation funded American think-tank, Center for Security Analysis, just prior to his appointment?

UK US FlagsWe get the sinking feeling that the FBI and the Scotland Yard are here to “take charge” of the investigations only to make sure that their readings of all evidence will not point to Pakistan. The US and the UK need Pakistan for more reasons than one and it is my conjecture that their conclusions are going to be different from those of Indian investigating agencies. And M. K. Narayanan has been retained as NSA probably because this government wants to make sure that the FBI and Scotland Yard are unhindered in their dubious mission. The UPA government too does not want war with Pakistan, jihad, jihadis or the Evangelical Church. The silence about why India permitted the non-reciprocal measure of foreign investigating agencies to come to India to “assist in the investigations” is also mystifying. While the media is going after Vilasrao Deshmukh, Achutananthan, Ramgoal Verma and Shivraj Patil, it has kept its hands off the NSA. Who is pulling the media strings? (Mumbai Terror Probe: Silence of the Conspirators)

What I wrote in 2011

The Congress-led UPA government is climbing up a neck-breaking slippery slope—to label Hindus terrorists on their own bhumi. B. Raman was the first to blow this soap-bubble into public discourse when he described ULFA as Hindu terrorists. A retired bureaucrat and well-known counter-terrorism expert, Raman’s outlandish claim went unchallenged although the writer, in a private email to Raman expressed great disappointment over the thoughtless expression with the observation that ULFA could be labeled a Hindu outfit only if they claimed to be acting in the name of Hinduism to serve a Hindu cause. The writer carried the discussion further with the argument that if there was no Hindu objective to ULFA’s actions and if Raman’s bizarre logic were to be applied across the board then we would henceforth have to name all offences with a prefix indicating the offender’s religion: Hindu smuggler, Christian molester, Muslim history-sheeter, Jain shoplifter, Parsi goonda and so on. That effectively popped Raman’s ULFA Hindu terrorist soap-bubble.

It is a pity to stick a pin into Raman’s pride for what he thinks was his original insight; perhaps Raman should now seriously consider the possibility that the idea of Hindu terror may have been cleverly implanted in his mind from as early as 2005 by his own fraternity—either by intelligence officials in India or foreign intelligence officials with clever suggestions, bogus facts and disputable, even fabricated “evidence”. After all this is the most satanic, most functional and one of the busiest networks in the world as exposed by Julian Assange to whom the sane world of ordinary people owes an eternal debt of gratitude.

Considering that Raman first floated this soap-bubble in 2006, had all this been above-board, logically speaking, for a counter-terrorism expert like Raman there ought to have been at the very least two or three terror attacks prior to or up until 2006 with a discernible pattern which compelled him to conclude “as early as in 2006” that there existed a pink elephant called Hindu Terror.

  • Attack on Indian parliament – 13 December 2001
  • Godhra Train burning – 27 February, 2002
  • Attack on Akshardham Temple, Gujarat – 24 September 2002
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, terror attack – 28 December 2005
  • Varanasi bombings – A series of bombings that occurred across Varanasi on 7 March 2006
  • Mumbai Train Bombings – 11 July 2006 were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai
  • Malegaon blasts – September 28, 2006
  • Incendiary explosion, Samjhauta Express – 18 February, 2007
  • Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad blasts – 18 May, 2007
  • Ajmer Sharif blasts – 15 October 2007
  • Malegaon blasts – September 29, 2008

The UPA government and Sonia’s minions have held Sadhvi Pragya and Pujya Swami Aseemanand guilty (without an ounce of proof so far) only for the Malegaon blasts and the terror acts in 2007, as shown in the list above; but as per this list for Raman to have arrived at his original conclusion on Hindu terror in 2006, he could only have studied the attacks on the Indian Parliament, the burning alive of karsevaks in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, the terror attack on Akshardham Temple, the IISc terror attack, the Varanasi bombings and the Mumbai suburban train serial explosions; these were the only acts of terror that preceded the Malegaon blasts of 2006.

The Malegaon blasts of 2008 were followed by blasts in Modasa in Gujarat, serial blasts in Jaipur, on Ramjanmabhumi, last year in the German Bakery in Pune, and another near the Dasashwamedha Ghat in Varanasi and the nation is holding its breath waiting for the UPA government to pin these too on the RSS since no arrests have been made so far and no charge-sheet has been filed.

So much for prior cases and precedents; now let us look at the nature of these attacks and see if there is any pattern to them. Some of the striking features of these acts of terror are:

  1. Gun-toting and maybe explosives carrying terrorists as in the Indian parliament attack case, in IISc Bangalore and Mumbai 26/11;
  2. Terror acts using explosives;
  3. Terror acts using incendiary matter and inflammable cocktails containing RDX, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil;
  4. Low intensity explosives like crude bombs;
  5. High intensity explosives like RDX;
  6. Pressure cookers;
  7. Low casualty mortality rate as one or two individuals;
  8. Medium casualty mortality rate between 10 and 50;
  9. High rate of mortalities in the hundreds.

The writer is not a terrorism or counter-terrorism expert but has enough intelligence which does not see a pattern here that points in the direction of Hindu terror. Crude bombs do not cause extensive damage and cause nil or very low mortality while medium and high rates of mortality are caused by use of two devices: high intensity Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or Timed Incendiary Device (TID). As their names suggest, the first uses explosives improvised to cause maximum damage accompanied by killing metal shrapnel and glass splinters; the second causes maximum damage by fire.

German Bakery Bombing Pune 2010The Mumbai suburban train blasts and the Jaipur serial blasts were caused by IEDs while the terror attack in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra and Samjhauta Express have been caused by TIDs. Islamic jihadis seem to have used both IEDs and TIDs when they took Mumbai hostage in November 2008. Even before investigating agencies could determine what caused the Malegaon blasts in 2006, and notwithstanding the fact that SIMI took credit for the same, Raman gave credence to the Hindu terror fiction. One reason why other terrorism experts dismissed the Hindu terror theory was the fact that Hindus as individuals and Hindu groups do not have access to RDX and this is a critical factor in the argument. It is around this critical factor that the diabolic plot to label Hindus as terrorists on their own bhumi has been crafted and executed.

  • RDX is a high intensity explosive and use of RDX even in miniscule quantities causes immense damage and destruction;
  • RDX can be used not only in bombs but also as a component along with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, as reports suggest, to make TIDs;
  • RDX is therefore only available with the army in India and is under army lock and key;
  • Every ounce is strictly accounted for and it is in the army’s interest and in the interest of the nation to declare any theft of RDX no matter how small a quantity;
  • Some Islamic states which use jihad as a weapon of foreign policy to serve Islam’s political objectives, allow non-state groups to possess RDX to be used in acts of jihad against target nations and peoples;
  • Therefore while it is possible for jihadi groups in India to get hold of RDX through the seamless global jihadi network and the nation’s porous borders, it is next to impossible for Hindu groups to access RDX from jihadis or from the Indian army;
  • The Indian state and army have so far not allowed non-state actors to possess RDX in any quantity.

When Raman blew the soap-bubble of Hindu terror in 2006 without a shred of hard evidence in which to root his claim, the time had come to put substance into the soap bubble. J. N. Dixit, a distinguished and highly regarded career diplomat whom the writer knew personally to be a well-cloaked fierce nationalist, was the UPA’s National Security Adviser when the UPA came to power in Delhi in 2004. After Dixit’s unexpected and sudden death in January 2005, M. K. Narayanan was appointed NSA. One of the first things that Narayanan did was to hand-pick Hemant Karkare as chief of Maharashtra ATS; a position for which Karkare had no experience. These questions deserve to be asked:

  • Why did Sonia Gandhi appoint M. K. Narayanan, Intelligence Bureau (IB) man and more important, her family loyalist, to the extremely sensitive post of NSA? (The writer is not even going into the mysterious circumstances causing J. N. Dixit’s sudden death which made it possible for Narayanan to be appointed to the post.)
  • Why did M. K. Narayanan appoint the inexperienced Karkare as chief of Maharashtra ATS?

The second question is significant because the most important scene in the Hindu terror plot was shot in locales in Maharashtra, in Malegaon. Read this together with the RSS alleging that Col. Purohit, a serving army officer with Military Intelligence (first Intelligence Bureau, now Military Intelligence in the Hindu terror plot), began his machinations to divide and weaken the RSS from within in 2005[i] and what we get is no clichéd conspiracy theory but a diabolic plot to move India in the direction of post-Hindu India. We also read it in the context of Sonia Gandhi’s towering ambitions to become prime minister being foiled by an active campaign by Hindu nationalists opposing her on grounds of her foreign nationality, then what we get is a determined decision by who ever planted Sonia Gandhi on this unsuspecting nation, to politically dis-empower and decimate Hindu nationalists as was done in 1908. As in 1908, so in 2005 when the plot to label Hindus as terrorists was hatched, Hindu nationalism was sought to be annihilated only with the complicity of shameless Hindus in polity.

The core objective of the satanic plot to break the Hindu spirit and keep Hindus in a state of turmoil seems to have been to launch a full-scale attack against Hindu sanyasis, to defame and defile them and to physically annihilate the RSS—two institutions which best represent the Hindu nation and sense of nationhood and may be termed to be our immune system. Weakening any one of them is guaranteed to weaken the entire Hindu society vis-a-vis the Abrahamic religions and their agenda for a non-Hindu/post-Hindu Indian polity.

What follows is the writer’s interpretation of the facts which have been put in the public domain. The only note of caution that the writer sounds is that no corroborative evidence, has so far been presented by any of the state ATS, the CBI or the NIA to back these “facts” which have been given to us; nevertheless, it is possible as the writer hopes to prove, to present the same facts in a different fact-sheet. If the government has a better explanation, let it pass muster in the courts. (“Purpose served” Chidambaram, but not the way you think)

Narendra ModiConclusion

There is growing feeling among the BJP’s staunchest supporters that the party and Modi Sarkar for some reason are not willing to make Pakistan, Sonia Gandhi, P. Chidambaram and M. K. Narayanan pay for their crimes of omission and commission against the country and against Hindus. Like Aurobindo remarked astutely a hundred years ago, our beginnings are great and mighty but Hindus lack the stamina and the will to sustain the momentum and all mighty beginnings come to a whimpering stop. For Modi Sarkar to align itself with the aspirations of ordinary Hindus and Hindu nationalists it must do some very big things to restore the faith of Hindus in Modi and the BJP:

  • Modi Sarkar must make Pakistan pay in a manner that ordinary citizens understand to be justice.
  • This government must neutralise/liquidate Dawood Ibrahim, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and Hafiz Saeed either inside Pakistan or remove them with force from Pakistan and bring them to India where they will face our courts and our law for their crimes against India and her people.
  • Investigate the twin heinous conspiracies labelling Hindus as terrorist and letting off known jihadis and jihadi organizations for their acts of terror from 2004 when Sonia Gandhi ruled the country till 2014 when Narendra Modi became prime minister and fix blame where it lies and punish the guilty for not only compromising the nation’s efforts to deal with terrorism but also for high treason.
  • Finally, Modi personally and his government must know that Pakistan is backed, funded and encouraged in its anti-India terrorist ways not just by China but by America too. America, more than China, gives Pakistan the temerity to take pride in being a terrorist state. Modi Sarkar must move out of the American orbit, must stop chasing its tail on foreign policy issues because the Generic Church sees India as a potential destination for their capital and goods besides an important nation in their end-of-the-world Kingdom of God on Earth, while Islam sees India as Dar-ul-Harb destined to become Dar-ul-Islam. Pakistan-America partnership is the historical Church-Islam partnership against Hindus and Hindu India.
  • As always the Hindu nation was betrayed only by renegade Hindus from within. – Vigil Online, 12 May 2016

» Radha Rajan is an author, political analyst and animal rights activist in Chennai.

Arun Jaitley & P. Chidambaram


Mohan Bhagwat: The mastermind, or the target? – Vicky Nanjappa

Vicky NanjappaInvestigations revealed that Sunil Joshi, who has been named as the mastermind of the Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and Ajmer blasts, was not pleased with the way the RSS functioned…. The men targetting Mohan Bhagwat were convinced he was the wrong choice to head the RSS…. – Vicky Nanjappa

RSS Chief Mohan BhagwatDid Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat give his assent to three major terror attacks in 2007, as terror accused Swami Aseemanand claimed to Caravan magazine?

Or was he, in fact, on the hit-list of the Hindu terror brigade?

In shocking revelations to Caravan magazine, Swami Aseemanand, an accused in the blasts on the Samjhauta Express (February 2007), at Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid (May 2007) and the Ajmer Dargah (October 2007), alleged that Bhagwat had ‘sanctioned’ the attacks.

Swami Aseemanand on the Caravan magazine coverOn Friday, the swami denied granting the interview to the magazine.

National Investigation Agency agents tell that Aseemanand, who often retracts his statements, did not admit to Bhagwat’s role in the blasts when he was interrogated by the NIA.

The NIA ironically had investigated a plot to assassinate Bhagwat by Sunil Joshi, who was murdered in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, on December 29, 2007, and his accomplices.

The plot to kill Mohan Bhagwat was first revealed by Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad.

Investigations revealed that Sunil Joshi, who has been named as the mastermind of the Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and Ajmer blasts, was not pleased with the way the RSS functioned.

After the NIA took over the probe, they suspected that the accused in the saffron terror cases had hatched a plan against Bhagwat after he did not offer them any support.

Apart from Sunil Joshi, the names of S Apte, Major Ramesh Upadhyay and Dayanand Pandey cropped up during the investigation.

Apte allegedly roped in Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Purohit and paid him Rs 10 lakh (Rs 1 million) for this operation, NIA agents told

The conspirators believed they were espousing the cause of Hindus since the RSS’s top leadership was not supportive of their murderous intentions.

The conspirators felt the RSS leaders had not come to their rescue when they were cornered by the investigating agencies, NIA officials said.

The men targeting Mohan Bhagwat were convinced he was the wrong choice to head the RSS, an NIA agent told

The NIA is scrutinising statements given by the accused on the plot to target Bhagwat.

An accused in the Malegaon blasts case, Samir Kulkarni, told the Bombay high court that this angle must be investigated since a witness in the case — Nitin Joshi — had claimed there was a plot to kill Bhagwat.

Sources told that Sunil Joshi, who felt most betrayed by the RSS leadership, had made up his mind to surrender to the police, but he was stopped by his accomplices Sandeep Dange and Ramji Kalasanghra.

Joshi was found dead in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, a few days later.

NIA agents believe Joshi was murdered because his accomplices feared he was about to spill the beans to the police. –, 7 February 2014

See also

New leadership must put national security first – Hari Om

Dr. N. S. RajaramIntroduction: In a Folks magazine column called “Appeasement or Surrender: Where is India headed?” it was pointed out that possible concern for personal safety seems to have made the UPA Government go beyond appeasement in dealing with terror outfits. This has now gone a step further with the Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde speaking like a Pakistani spokesman essentially whitewashing Islamic terrorist attacks in India. It is well-known that Rahul Gandhi lobbied the former U.S. Ambassador suggesting that Hindu organizations pose a greater threat to peace and security than Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba and other terror outfits. Shinde was only repeating Rahul Gandhi as received wisdom. Professor Hari Om’s column below was penned in response to these developments. – Dr. N.S. Rajaram

Prof. Hari OmUPA Ministers parrot Pakistan propaganda

Is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) thinking in terms of reviving its pre-1991 agenda to take on the Congress party and expose its “designs of appeasement politics” and fake “secularism” and fight the upcoming general elections on Hindutva plank? The answer seems to be in the affirmative considering reports emanating from Delhi on January 31 after “a crucial” 90-minute-plus meeting between senior BJP leaders, including newly elected national president Rajnath Singh, and Sangh Parivar top brass, including RSS general secretary Bhaiyaji Joshi, joint general secretary Suresh Soni, and VHP leaders Ashok Singhal and Praveen Togadia.

Reports suggest that top-ranking RSS, BJP and VHP leaders lambasted the Congress and the Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde for his January 20 statement at the AICC Chintan Shivir in Jaipur that the “BJP and RSS hold training camps where Hindu terror is produced”. They determined to “expose the Congress designs of appeasement politics” across the nation.

[Sic: If there really such Hindu terror camps, would Shinde and his string pullers in 10 Janpath have dared mention it? Why have neither Sonia Gandhi nor Manmohan Singh ever uttered the word Jihad in public? Out of fear for Hindu terror? Who provides them security cover? The Taliban? – NSR]

The BJP and RSS described the Home Minister’s statement a “manifestation of Congress’ rabidly anti-Hindu mindset”. Indeed, the Home Minister’s statement has offended the majority community and given Pakistan a cause to counter the Indian resolve to fight cross-border terrorism, secure our borders and the Line of Control (LoC) and preserve the territorial integrity of India. No wonder the chief of the dreaded Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) took no time in “congratulating” Shinde and urging Pakistani authorities to mobilize international opinion to have India declared a “terrorist State”. [Sic: Shinde has not withdrawn it. Is he going to testify in an international forum that India is a terrorist state? – NSR]

It is a matter of shame that till date Shinde has not withdrawn his “Hindu terror” statement. That his was not an off-the-cuff remark and that he said only what the Congress wanted became clear when at least three ministers in the UPA Government (Salman Khurshid, Kamal Nath and Manish Tiwari), besides AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh, former minister Mani Shankar Aiyer and sundry Congress national spokespersons said Shinde was absolutely correct. Aiyer even congratulated Shinde for his “bold and accurate” statement. [Sic: Aiyer has always been a Paki lackey. This has given him the opportunity to come out of obscurity. – NSR]

HJS Anti-Hindu BillSinister anti-Hindu agenda

Coming back to the point, the bush telegraph from Delhi suggests that the Parivar, apart from discussing the dangerous ramifications of the Union Home Minister’s utterly irresponsible and unacceptable Hindu terror statement, also discussed the Ram temple issue and the Communal Violence Bill, which the Congress-dominated UPA is mooting in order to polarize Indian society for vote-bank politics. There is growing concern over a provision of the Communal Violence Bill that reputedly states that, “a riot is initiated only by the majority (Hindu) community”. They fear that the Bill, if passed in its original form, “will be used by the authorities to target [only] Hindus when communal violence takes place”.This apprehension cannot be dismissed lightly.

That the BJP may revive its original agenda to mobilize public opinion across the country seems likely from the BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad’s statement: “BJP, in 1989, at Palampur, had passed a resolution that a grand Ram temple should be constructed at Ayodhya. This is the demand of the BJP, the nation and crores of Hindus across the world”. This was in response to media queries whether the BJP would take up the Ram temple in the next general election. The situation became clearer from Rajnath Singh’s stout defence of Hindutva. Further, some of the party’s national spokespersons advocated the need for a Uniform Civil Code without mincing words in TV debates. They took such a stand publicly after many years.

It, however, still remains to be seen if the BJP adopts Hindutva as a plank and goes to the polls seeking the people’s mandate on the basis of the three old lynchpins – abrogation of Article 370, introduction of Uniform Civil Code and construction of a grand Ram temple at Ayodhya. This plank once greatly motivated and inspired a bulk of the electorate to look towards the BJP as a ruling party at the centre that would help mitigate the nation’s hardships, hasten the process of nation-building, unleash forces which would bring Jammu & Kashmir closer to Delhi and controvert the baneful and pernicious influence of secularists.

[Sic: The first two—abrogation of Article 370 and the introduction of Uniform Civil Code are far more important that building the Ram Temple. It is an emotional issue while the other two are far-reaching constitutional changes. – NSR]

The Hindutva plank brought the BJP (founded in 1980) to the centre-stage of national politics, as can be seen from its electoral performance between 1989 and 1999. In 1984, when the BJP was still in formative stage, the party could win a paltry two Lok Sabha seats, including one from Gujarat. In 1989, it captured 88 seats. In 1991, it became the premier opposition party. In 1996, it became the single-largest party in the Parliament and the Congress’ tally was at its lowest ever. In 1998, it further improved its strength in the Lok Sabha.

In 1999, the BJP-led NDA won 303 seats. The BJP’s own tally was 183, an all time high. In between, it, in alliance with other, mostly “secular” parties, it formed the government at the Centre but had to bow out of office as “secular” formations, including the Congress, ganged up against the Atal Behari Vajpayee-led coalition governments. The first BJP-led government could stay in office between May 16 and 31, 1996, and the second survived from March 19, 1998 up to October 13, 1999. It was the third BJP-led NDA Government that remained in office for more than four years, between October 13, 1999 and May 13, 2004. It could have completed its full term but for the decision to go in for early elections believing the time was opportune for seeking a fresh mandate.

INC & BJP: Are they any different?Diluting its principles

The BJP formed all three governments after diluting its ideology. The people, including the BJP core constituency, did not punish the party in 1998 and 1999, notwithstanding the fact that it had aligned itself with parties which were no different from Congress as far as ideology was concerned. The reason: They could not really appreciate the fact that the BJP had lost its moorings and deviated from the path, as the party remained in office for a very short duration.

But the people woke up after the formation of the third BJP-led NDA Government. They did appreciate the regime’s economic policies and its decision to go nuclear despite the United States’ bitter opposition; but they disapproved of its foreign policy and socio-political policies. Its socio-political policies and foreign policy vis-à-vis Pakistan were similar to the ones evolved and implemented ruthlessly by preceding non-BJP governments, including those led by the Congress – appeasement. [Sic: In this the Vajpayee Government was playing up to pressures both at home and in the U.S. – NSR]

Besides, there was hardly any fundamental difference between the BJP-led NDA Government and previous dispensations in the approach towards Jammu & Kashmir. The BJP like other governments at the Centre, ignored the wider nationalist constituency in the State and accorded special treatment to Kashmir and those Kashmiri leaders who had never considered Jammu & Kashmir an integral part of India; who considered the state as disputed territory and insisted on greater autonomy, bordering on virtual sovereignty.

The BJP ignored the people of Ladakh, besides the internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus and refugees from West Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied-Jammu & Kashmir, and thought it improper to give effect to the February 22, 1994 unanimous Parliamentary Resolution that mandated the Government of India to retrieve all territories that Pakistan had illegally occupied in 1947-1948 after rape, murder and pillage. So much so, the BJP aligned itself with the National Conference (NC) overlooking its divisive, communal and anti-Jammu, anti-Ladakh and anti-minorities’ credentials.

Sushma Swaraj, Narendra Modi & Nitesh KumarClearly, an insidious influence was at work to scuttle what the BJP had stood and worked for many years to make the people believe it was a “party with a difference”. All, barring the Shiv Sena and perhaps the Shiromani Akali Dal–Badal (SAD-B), exerted their baneful influence, just as the “secular” (read votebank conscious) Janata Dal-United (JD-U) has been doing these days following media reports that the BJP has decided to contest the next general elections under the leadership of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Yet, one should not blame the BJP’s “secular” allies as they were always committed to keeping the Muslim vote happy. It is the BJP which must be blamed for all it did or did not do under the pernicious influence of its “secular” allies.

It is relevant that the BJP abandoned all three major planks – Article 370, Uniform Civil Code and Ram temple – the day it and its “secular” allies adopted a “Common Minimum Programme”. Likewise, it is important to note that not a single ally, barring the Shiv Sena and the SAD-B, ever diluted its ideology. The BJP’s “secular” allies dictated terms and the BJP leadership (or an influential section under Vajpayee) willingly and consistently yielded for reasons not difficult to fathom.

Little wonder that the people, especially its core constituency, started terming the BJP as a replica of the Congress party, which was founded in December 1885 by a retired British civil servant in consultation with the then Governor-General of India and Secretary of State for India, to puncture and defeat the rising Indian sentiment for freedom in the wake of the 1857 uprising. The British decided to take the help of a few selected Indians, all inspired by the “British sense of justice”, to contain and control this nationalist surge. Anyway, after BJP formed the government at the Centre, innumerable political essays appeared in leading national and international dailies and journals, all suggesting “Congressization of BJP”.

It was only natural that the people, including its staunch supporters, would abandon the BJP; this happened in 2004 and 2009. In 2004, the party won less than 140 seats in the Lok Sabha; in 2009 it won less than 120. In contrast, the Congress won 207 seats in 2009, formed the government a second time, and ever since has been playing havoc with the nation.

Currently, the BJP senses an opportunity to recapture power and feels that to return to South Block it has to revive its pre-1991 agenda. There is certainly a need to boot out the Congress party which the entire nation feels is most corrupt, communal, and destructive. The BJP should not be defensive over its Hindutva plank; it is an affirmation of the Hindu spirit and civilisational craving.

[Sic: The word Hindutva has acquired a negative connotation. It must be made to stand for national unity and security ahead of every other community and concern. The Old Guard which has repeatedly compromised on basic principles cannot be expected to do this: “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” A bolder, new leadership is the need of the hour. – NSR]

Hindu nationalism on display at the Kumbha Mela 2013Dr. Rajaram’s Comment: Ever since Indira Gandhi introduced the word ‘Secular’ into the Indian Constitution without ever defining it, it has become a catchword for Hindu haters to denounce and demonize everything the Hindus value about their land and heritage. It was not long in acquiring a political dimension—that Hinduism excludes true nationalism by being sectarian! In reality, Hinduism has no clergy much less a political centre like the Vatican with its Pope. But misguided liberalism has allowed Hindu baiters to put nationalists on the defensive in the name of Secularism.

This has now made a quantum jump, especially in the last five years by hijacking the power centres, the unconstitutional National Advisory Council packed with people with Leftist personal agendas like Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander. This hijacking seems to have extended to the union cabinet itself with people like Sushilkumar Shinde and Salman Khurshid holding two of the most important portfolios latching on to diversions like ‘Hindu terrorism’ to counterbalance Islamic terrorism. Willingly or unwittingly they are providing ammunition to anti-national forces including Pakistan.

This goes beyond ideology to undermine national security. The powerless Prime Minister, and the NAC Chairman Sonia Gandhi, seemingly preoccupied with her own concerns including her son’s ineffectiveness seem unconcerned about threats to national security. It is therefore entirely proper for Professor Hari Om, a distinguished historian and politician voice his concerns and suggest alternatives to meet the threat before it grows serious. There is no greater responsibility than national security.Folks, 8 February 2013

» Prof. Hari Om is former Chair Professor, Maharaja Gulab Singh Chair, University of Jammu, Jammu, and a former member of the  Indian Council of Historical Research

Sushilkumar Shinde

Is Karnataka really “the Rogue State No 1” as Justice Saldanha claims – P.N. Benjamin

P.N. Benjamin“India and its tolerance for the diversity of its religious communities were built up over thousands of years. But, it looks like if individuals like Saldanha and his like-minded friends are not checked and their false propaganda countered, your children and the children of India’s minorities will have no future anywhere near the equity and fairness that they have so far enjoyed despite India being a predominantly Hindu nation.” – P.N. Benjamin

Justice Michael Francis Saldanha A retired judge of Karnataka High Court, M.F. Saldanha has recently said that Christians in Karnataka State are under an unprecedented wave of persecution. He has also termed Karnataka as “the Rogue State No. 1”. Unfortunately for Saldanha, he himself admits that the State has not recorded any killing in this season of “persecution”.

Despite the horror stories trotted out by Saldanha and his friends about the unprecedented “persecution of Christians in Karnataka” it is interesting to not that there has not been a single instance of Christians fleeing the State and migrating to neighboring states!

The same retired judge had alleged last year that there were 1,000 attacks against Christians in Karnataka at that time. . Asked for the details of the attacks, Saldanha failed to provide me with the list of names of churches and even dates of attacks. Thus, his baseless charges against the State government now also reflect his shocking ignorance of the real religious situation in Karnataka.

I have been a freelance journalist writing regularly for several newspapers for the past thirty-five years. Like most of those who have to regularly write for newspapers I need factual information. So, I diligently file press clippings so that I don’t slip up on accuracy.

I am the founder and coordinator of the Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue (BIRD), promoting pluralism, tolerance and understanding for a society, free of all prejudices. It provides a platform for addressing issues which are causes for religious/communal tension/resentment by inviting people of all faiths to share through it the richness of their various religious traditions and experiences.

In addition, I am at present a member of the Karnataka State Minorities Commission, representing the Christian community in the State. As a member of the Commission I have visited several places where alleged attacks against Christians took place and interacted with the victims of the alleged violence and also government officials to find out the facts behind attacks.

As far back as 2002, I was part of a fact-finding team that enquired into the attack on the Holy Family Church at Hinkal in Mysore. Its report is available on the internet. In the same manner, I was a member of another fact-finding team that exposed the political conspiracy behind the Mangalore incidents of violence against Christians in 2008.

So, I have the first hand information about several of the alleged attacks against Christians in Karnataka. I can thus confidently say that the incidents of violence against Christians in Karnataka have been few and far between. However, all of them have been blown out of proportion and internationalised by a handful of leaders from the Christian community and by unscrupulous politicians. They are using ordinary Christians as pawns in their hands for their narrow selfish ends.

Police Commissioner at St. James Church in Bangalore.Reasons for Attacks

The reasons for the attacks against certain Christian groups are not difficult to ascertain. Simply put, they are a reaction to the “aggressive faith marketing,” propaganda, and mindless evangelism and conversions through foul and unethical means indulged in by Christian missionaries who denigrate and make fun of Hindu gods and abuse Hindu rituals as barbaric.

Father Adolf Washington of the Archdiocese of Bangalore wrote in a Bangalore daily: “There are several groups of people doing the rounds in Bangalore adopting persuasive techniques not just to convert people but also to spread animosity against mainstream Christian denominations. They hurl invectives against the teachings of Christian denominations and even induce people to tender a written ‘resignation’ to the pastor or priest. Since some of these groups do not even accept the divinity of Christ, in effect, their conversion should not be understood as conversion to Christianity but to their organisation. Mainstream Christian denominations do not go on a conversion spree, only splinter groups and cultic groups do so probably for some self-gain.”

Karnataka has suddenly become the principal target for a wide range of western Christian missions, especially after the BJP government came to power in 2008. The leaders of these groups are determined to spread “the Good News” to Karnataka’s “unreached” people. The tragedy is that politically ambitious so-called Christians like Saldanha who claim to be the spokesmen and defenders of the Indian Christian community spread distress and divisions and fan the flames of hatred against peace-loving Hindu community. They spread the venom of communal hatred like butter on hot bread. To all appearances, these Christian leaders enjoy the grace and favour of the Congress Party-led Government of India. This encouragement helps the growth of powerful elements of separatism and disunity in the country. It is well-known to political observers in Karnataka that Saldanha has been currying favour with Congress leaders and waiting in the wings for a plum post in the Party.

Angry HinduAnimosity against Christians

Saldanha is ignorant of the fact that Christians are a tiny minority in this country/state. Their attitudes often elicit counter-reaction from the lunatic fringe of Hindu community who sometimes incite violence against Christians. Many preachers of the Christian Gospel rattle off verses from the Bible to preach hellfire and damnation to those who do not agree with their interpretations of the contents of the Bible. They lay enticing traps for people whom they think must be “saved” at all costs. One hopes that the Christian merchants of hate including the retired judge will soon realize that theirs is a losing battle even if they derive their financial and other means of support from foreign funding agencies for their nefarious activities.

Simply put, the animosity against Christians is a reaction to the aggressive faith-marketing and mindless evangelism by thousands of foreign-funded, cultic, fundamentalist, fanatic and revivalist Christian groups and their half-baked preachers working among the wretched of the Indian earth. They denigrate Hindu gods and abuse Hindu rituals as barbaric. They are the root cause of tension between Christian and Hindu communities. Why should anybody be surprised if the so-called “extremists” among Hindus are offended and react violently? Invariably, incidents of violence against Christians are always bloated out of proportion and internationalized. It is, therefore, urgent that leaders of the established mainline churches, known for their erudition, equipoise, and empathy came out in the open and disowned such provocative acts of intolerance of the fundamentalist Christian groups masquerading as real Christians.

The real source of danger to the Indian Christian community is not the handful of Hindu extremists but the self-styled saviours of Christianity who assert that they alone are the holders of valid visas to heaven and paradise.

Yes, no civil society should condone violence. But mere condemnation is not a method to avert the repetition of violence. We have to find out if the violence is deliberate and unprovoked, or due to provocation. If it is the former, then there is one set of solutions, which mostly involves applying the law and severely punishing the perpetrators of the violence. However, if there is provocation, then we have to study the issue in greater detail. We have to understand why there has been a provocation for the violence, and who are the persons or organisations behind the provocation.

It is high time people like Saldanha made an earnest attempt to appreciate this basic fact. That would be true humility if that is indeed possible for them to manifest. The retired judge and his friends should apologize for their irresponsible and unsubstantiated comments that Karnataka is “the number one rogue state” in the Indian Union. They should also check and re-check their facts before deciding to disparage Hindu “extremists” in their utterances and reports.

Christian dharna in Bangalore.The only way out

When greater inter-religious understanding and mutual respect is the need of the hour, leveling wild accusations that do not have any foundation is dangerous gamesmanship.

Hindu “fundamentalism” is a reaction to the provocations of Christian proselytizers. Under attack, Hindus have partly woken up to the need for self-protection and self-preservation. When they attack such Christian proselytizers they generate much criticism, especially from pseudo secularists and from the media world-wide.

People like me, who have some access to the media and are still in control of our betz cells know that all such propaganda is being peddled in the name of a bogey man called Sangh Parivar. If one is honest in one’s analysis, it is not the Sangh Parivar but certainly the actions of Christian proselytizers and jihadi Muslims who challenge the religious sensitivities of the Hindu majority in the State.

The Sangh Parivar bogey man will disappear if the mainline Churches in India come out openly and affirm that they are taking a solemn pledge in the name of Jesus Christ to abide by his admonition not to go miles to make a proselyte. If they can do that, the so-called Sangh Parivar will disappear.

India and its tolerance for the diversity of its religious communities were built up over thousands of years. But, it looks like if individuals like Saldanha and his like-minded friends are not checked and their false propaganda countered, your children and the children of India’s minorities will have no future anywhere near the equity and fairness that they have so far enjoyed despite India being a predominantly Hindu nation.

Be that as it may, can Saldanha, the self-styled leader of  the Christian community, light a candle amidst the encircling gloom spread by the religious conversionists of both fundamental Christianity and Jehadi Islam?

With malice towards none, and charity towards all, Indian Christians like me remain true to our guide and spiritual leader, the Jesus of Nazareth. Peace, Shanti, Salam, and Shalom! – Vishwa Samvada Kendra, Karnataka, Jan. 23, 2012

» P.N. Benjamin is the Coordinator of Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue (BIRD), Member, Karnataka State Minorities Commission and  a freelance journalist with 35 years experience.

Chidambaram is friend, father and philosopher of black money – Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani“Chidambaram’s record as Home Minister has been disastrous. Neither has he made any impact on internal security, with the worst massacres of his own paramilitary forces taking place in his time, nor on terrorism, which carries on in complete complacency because there are neither effective preventive or punitive systems in place, nor political will and national legislation to combat terrorism.” – Ram Jethmalini

P. ChidambaramPalaniappan Chidambaram, whom I shall for the sake of brevity call just Chidambaram, is best seen through black and white. And please don’t get me wrong and accuse me of racism. I refer not to epidermis or mane, but to the economic colour of money. Some of his greatest contributions to the economy of India are his brilliant pioneering initiatives for changing the colour of money from black to white. And this passion has never left him.

Many of us have forgotten the Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme (VDIS) 1997, which he announced when he was Finance Minister with the United Front government, granting income-tax defaulters indefinite immunity from prosecution under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973, Income Tax Act, 1961, Wealth Tax Act, 1957, and Companies Act, 1956, in exchange of self-valuation and disclosure of income and assets.

Karti P. ChidambaramThe scheme was brilliantly conceived. While all schemes in the past valued declared assets at current prices, VDIS 1997 brought in an arbitrary date of 1 April 1987. Gold and silver hoarders, and large property holders got an exceptional bonanza on this valuation system. Further, proof of purchase was not insisted upon, which gave complete freedom to the confessors to fudge any date they wanted to their own financial advantage and further plunder of the country.

So, even if gold was bought after 1987, it could be shown as having been bought before 1987, and it was a win-win game for all stakeholders to rake in the cuts. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India condemned the scheme in his report as abusive and a fraud on the genuine taxpayers of the country. But the issue was forgotten, and the illustrious career of Palaniappan Chidambaram rose to greater heights in the UPA regime.

Robert Vadra: Not a mango person!Those were his innocent days. What a long way he has come since the era when he was cooking up VDISs, so utterly transparent, that the loopholes and avenues to give relief to the looters stared you in the face. The world economy was also then a little simpler than it is today, and his best achievement was getting caught about his investments in Fairgrowth, which was involved in the Securities Scam of 1992.

Chidambaram had to resign for this utterly transparent investment in a company whose scam would have paid rich dividends. Unfortunately, he was not Finance Minister at the time and did not have the machinery to hush things up, and could only remotely control the markets, unlike his present capabilities as former Finance Minister and thereafter.

Being Finance Minister in the UPA government was his finest hour. He could fiddle around with share markets, capital markets, banks, financial instruments, such as, securities, participatory notes, tax treaties, not to speak of spectrum sale, and use his extraordinary innovative powers of black money magic to plunder our country with complete impunity.

He assiduously cultivated the media with his clipped English accent (that led him down, now and then), occasional freebies, and sustained shadows of the Enforcement Directorate that he commanded.

Subramanian SwamyChidambaram cannot get black money out of his blood. Dr Subramanian Swamy has clearly stated in his website, “I now have further information from my usually reliable sources in the Union Government that the tapping of Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and his close associate in the Ministry, enabled Mr. Robert Vadra the son-in-law of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Karthik, son of Mr. P. Chidambaram, to use the data thereby collected to manipulate and rig the Mumbai stock market. Earlier these data were directly provided by the then Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram. I demand that the SEBI be asked by PM to initiate ‘Insider Trading’ investigation and prosecution of Mr. Vadra and Mr. Karthik.”

If what is put out by Dr Subramanian Swamy is false why doesn’t Chidambaram sue him?

A. RajaThe dark clouds of the 2G scam and the repeated evidence being given by A. Raja and other accused of his tacit involvement and other acts of omission and commission are menacingly closing in on Chidambaram.

He is losing his cool, and more importantly, losing his carefully clipped English accent to its more indigenous roots more often.

And like his colleague Digvijay Singh, his mind seems to be disintegrating to a stage where he has started talking gibberish. Take this, for example: in reply to the BJP demand for his resignation for his involvement in the 2G scam, Chidambaram claims that the BJP is targeting him since he initiated a probe by the NIA into Hindu terror.

Can any rational person see the connection between the two?

Take also his comments regarding the recent Mumbai blasts. As Home Minister, instead of taking stock of the situation, and providing leadership, the only intelligent thing he could think of saying was, “No intelligence is not intelligence failure.” Even a college debating society expects better logic. It’s something like saying “illness is not a failure of health” or “impotence is not a failure of potency”.

Indian BankChidambaram’s special financial skills have diversified into electoral politics also. He has the distinction of having been declared defeated in the last Lok Sabha election, after which he galvanized his special skills and local machinery, in particular, a data entry operator, and doctored a marginal victory on the recount. That is quite a record for fraud. And can one forget how the Indian Bank was cleaned up and left with only non-performing assets thanks to him and his Tamil Maanila buddies?

Chidambaram’s record as Home Minister has been disastrous. Neither has he made any impact on internal security, with the worst massacres of his own paramilitary forces taking place in his time, nor on terrorism, which carries on in complete complacency because there are neither effective preventive or punitive systems in place, nor political will and national legislation to combat terrorism. It is on record and in the public domain that the Home Ministry gave incorrect names of India’s Death of Democracy: Singh, Gandhi, Chidambaram & Sibal.most wanted list of terrorists allegedly hiding in Pakistan, some of whom were tracked living in India or in custody. Is this a testament to his fabled efficiency and commitment?

What a laughing-stock we must be before the world. It is almost as if India is determined that it shall not combat terrorism, shall not have enabling legislation as enacted by the US, such as the Homeland Security Act 2002, and the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 of UK and similar legislations in European governments. India is determined not to have an effective national agency on the lines of the Homeland Security Department of the US.

National Investigation Agency of IndiaThe ramshackle National Investigation Agency showed itself as a complete failure during the recent Mumbai attacks. Understandable, because its only mandate appears to be to investigate “Hindu terror”, the last refuge for failed and hopeless Congressmen like Chidambaram.

The CCTNS, JIC, ARC, NTRO (presently in another scam), and NCTC remain effete, scattered and unmonitorable, even by the Home Ministry. With such an unequivocal determination by the UPA government not to address terrorism effectively, I can only grieve for my country. – Sunday Guardian, New Delhi, August 3, 2011

4 – Multiculturalism is for the birds – Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan“Monotheisms cause multiculturalism and multiculturalism breeds conflict and wages war. Wherever Abrahamic religions and their adherents exist, the very nature of their god and their responsibility to fulfil their god’s purpose inevitably places them in constant state of war against the rest of the world.” – Radha Rajan

London multicultis looting shops.Diversity is not multiculturalism

The riots with racial overtones engulfing London and other parts of UK in the first week of August 2011 seem to have been timed fortuitously to quickly vindicate Anders Breivik’s act of terror in Norway on 22 July, allegedly against multiculturalism.

The writer had drawn a parallel to events in India where Sonia Gandhi’s UPA has created a new phenomenon called Hindu terror. Some very striking points of similarity between Anders Breivik and Hindus who have been arrested for acts of terror –

  • While all of them allegedly belong to some known organization or political party (Abhinav Bharat, Progress Party), they acted as individuals with little or no backing from the organizations to which they belonged
  • All of them, according to available reports were trained and funded by shadowy figures who have not been identified so far
  • All of them were chosen for their commitment to a defined political ideology related to multiculturalism
  • All of them supposedly used ammonium nitrate and fuel oil to manufacture IEDs
  • All of them were amateur terrorists, first time offenders, almost certain to be arrested

David CameronIf Christian terrorism sent the signal that Europe and America had reached the end of their multiculturalism tether and wanted it to end, inventing the phenomenon of Hindu terror sent the signal that resistance by Hindu nationalists to multiculturalism would not be countenanced. The Generic Church, it was clear wanted multiculturalism like jihad to end in Europe and America but wanted it alive and active in India.

And that is why the plot to launch new-wave Christian terrorism and Hindu terrorism must have been hatched around the same time by the same forces for exactly opposite reasons.

Multiculturalism is a misnomer for warring monotheisms. When Prime Minister David Cameron said state multiculturalism had failed in the UK and Hillary Clinton, while on a state visit to India last month said she was going to Chennai to get a sense of the city’s culture, two of the world’s most influential political leaders used the word culture in entirely different ways.

When David Cameron spoke about state multiculturalism what he actually meant was government policy to invite people of different races, different religions and different countries to make the United Kingdom their home so that Pizza and Paratha, Bharatanatyam and Flamenco could live together happily ever after. It is not surprising that multiculturalism failed in the UK and is failing everywhere in the world.

Jehovah / AllahElsewhere the writer had observed that the Hindu nation is formed on the basis of what unites us, what we have in common while Abrahamic religionists fragment their countries into smaller countries and states on the basis of how they differ from each other.

If all three Abrahamic religions owe allegiance to the same god and hold the same prophets in reverence, why are Christians and Muslims at each others’ throats in several parts of the world; why are Muslims and Jews at each others’ throats in the middle-east; why did Christians persecute the Jews over centuries?

Fundamental and irreconcilable differences among them which make them warring monotheisms are –

  • Judaism holds the cults of Jesus and Mohammed to be heretic faiths
  • The Jews do not believe that Jesus is either the son of god or even the promised messiah and are still waiting for God to fulfil his promise to the Jews
  • While Muslims revere Jesus as one of the messengers of God, they do not believe that Jesus is the son of god while Christians do not believe God spoke to Mohammed through Angel Gabriel
  • Even as the Jews are still waiting for God to send them the promised Messiah the Muslims have pronounced Mohammed to be the last Prophet

All three Abrahamic siblings share the common belief that the last and final war before the end of time/end of world will be fought among themselves to decide who among them is god’s chosen people. For this final confrontation to take place, the world must be rid of all other (false) gods and all other (illegitimate) religions so that only their one true god remains to rule the world and only they, the three Abrahamic siblings remain to fight the last war.

This is not culture; this is the Abrahamic worldview or the world as the Abrahamic religionists view it. According to this worldview –

  • The world is divided broadly as Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic
  • The non-Abrahamic world, the territory and people, must be transformed to become Abrahamic
  • This entailed either converting the people to one of the Abrahamic religions or forcibly taking over the territory and bringing it under the rule of an Abrahamic king
  • The noun Messiah is transliteration of the Hebrew noun ‘Mashiach’ which derives from the verb ‘mashach’ which means to anoint. Mashiach or Messiah literally means the anointed one. In the Abrahamic worldview, only three categories of people are anointed – prophets, priests and kings. The prophet was considered as representing god to the people; the priest represented the people in all their interactions with god and the king protected the people, ruled over them and defended the territory (the kingdom or nation) which belonged to the god of Abraham. The person so anointed, prophet, priest or king, then became divinely enabled so that he and he alone was chosen by god and authorized by god to serve god and fulfil god’s purpose
  • The purpose of the god of Abraham was to first subjugate and enslave the people who did not owe allegiance to the god of Abraham (Abrahamic kings and god’s soldiers did that), then take away the territory of these non-believers (their kingdom and nation) and bring both people and territory under the control of the god of Abraham after destroying the (false) gods and their places of worship
  • This was god’s task and purpose which he entrusted to prophets, priests and kings

The Abrahamic worldview where the world is divided into two adversarial, conflicting segments, therefore placed the adherents of Abrahamic religions in a constant state of war – against non-Abrahamic nations, peoples and gods and among themselves as countdown and empowerment for the final showdown which will decide who among them is the chosen people of the god of Abraham.

This explains why –

  • The Jews have always tried to control money and resources which makes up for their numerical inferiority because one is born a Jew and is never converted to the Judaic faith [No longer true. Conversions take place and are recognised – Ed]
  • The prophets – Israelite, Ishmaelite both have such violent histories
  • Islam and Christianity must expand into every continent of the world using violence, and leaving behind a trail of abuse and total destruction, even as both of them persecute the numerically inferior Jews across continents and deny the Jews any settled place to live
  • Almost every pre-Islam and pre-Christian faith in all the continents, entire nations, tribes and kingdoms have been destroyed for ever with no living trace of these once prosperous, thriving and vibrant religions and civilizations; they are all, people and continents both, either entirely Muslim or Christian or neatly carved up between both
  • Why the Pope can speak from both corners of the mouth at the same time; one corner of the mouth says freedom of religion be damned, multiculturalism be damned, secularism be damned, he does not want Asiatic, Muslim Turkey inside Christian Europe; while the other corner of the mouth says at the same time that he will plant the cross in Asia; Muslim Turkey will not be allowed to move into Christian Europe but the white Church must be permitted by secular India to enter and expand across the territory of Hindu India, Confucian China and Buddhist Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Contrast the Abrahamic worldview with Hindu worldview –

  • Dharma is supreme, even our gods are subject and subordinate to dharma
  • Dharma can be embodied not only in gods but also in humans and non-humans
  • A Hindu acquires his worldview not from understanding time, space and the cosmos first (western science and philosophy) and then place the individual within this understanding but by knowing the nature of the individual first and proceeding from that to understand the nature of the rest of the world – time, space, and cosmos
  • The journey within the self and from the self to the world is a Hindu’s religion, his spirituality
  • God (devas) is the name Hindus give to the extraordinary power, intelligence which permeates all creation
  • Because this power, this intelligence (god) is already present, already permeates the world, Hindus do not have to be in a constant state of war with the world to bring any nation or kingdom under the control of our devas
  • There are as many gods as there are humans and as many layers of understanding the truth that every god, every method to know the truth, so long as it is subjected to and governed by dharma, is legitimate and deserving of respect
  • Wars were waged by kings to establish dharma and the victorious king had to be a dharma vijayi and not a lobha (plunder) or asura vijayi (rape, plunder, murder, mayhem and destruction)
  • Within the Hindu nation, Hindus who worshipped Shiva or Vishnu, Kali or Aiyanar, mountain or river, stick or stone or his parents, even if he chose not to worship anyone or anything (that itself indicated simply one level of understanding and he would be born again and again until the fruits of his karma enabled him to know the nature of the self; after that words like belief or non-belief become redundant) could all live together without killing in the name of their god because everything was god and godly when the worshipper was ruled by dharma
  • When people lived by dharma and were ruled by dharma, there were no multi-cultures as the Abrahamic world understands the word; there was only one worldview and all creative expressions proceeding from this worldview was culture.

Hindu India under attack from the Monotheists.Monotheisms cause multiculturalism and multiculturalism breeds conflict and wages war. Wherever Abrahamic religions exist and their adherents, the very nature of their god and their responsibility to fulfil their god’s purpose inevitably places them in constant state of war against the rest of the world.

Within the Hindu nation, Islam and Christianity both are at war against the Hindus. Hindus have to be forced to give up their dharma and their worship either by terror, fear, bribes or blandishments (religious conversion) followed by eventual control of territory (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jammu and Kashmir, North-East, south Tamil Nadu, the eastern and western coastal regions) until Hindu India is fragmented into Christian states like East Timor or South Korea, or Muslim states like Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

The rise of Hindu nationalism once again after 1909, in the second half of the 1990s decade rests on the understanding –

  • All gods are not the same
  • All religions do not have the same objective and so do not lead to the same goal
  • Hindus have never conquered territory, enslaved other nations and cultures in the name of their gods and will therefore resist efforts by Abrahamic religions within the nation and outside to make Hindu India another Abrahamic fiefdom
  • This means Hindu nationalists will not allow religious conversion and will not surrender Hindu territory to Islam or Christianity
  • Will not allow Muslims and Christians in India to claim Hindu territory because their god and their religion has placed this religious mandate upon them.

M.K. GandhiThat is why Hindus are reacting violently to increasing Muslim and Christian provocations. When Hindus use force against the constantly warring adherents of Islam and Christianity, they are only protecting their dharma and defending their native land, their janmabhumi.

If India and the rest of Asia have to be transformed for the last war or Armageddon, India’s Hindus must always be kept in a state of weakness, they must never be allowed to capture state power.

It is to attain this objective, to break the backbone of Hindu nationalism again as they did in 1909, that Hindus defending their nation have been labelled terrorists. If the state in India had derived from Hindus then the state would ban religious conversion, the Hindu state would resist forcefully any territorial claim by Muslims and Christians.

J. Nehru & Edwina MountbattenBut the post 1947 state in India does not derive from the Hindu nation; it derives from Gandhi’s understanding of nation and Nehru’s un-Hindu and anti-Hindu ideology for governance.

Gandhi’s unnatural and unreal understanding of the Hindu nation was typical of general Hindu foolishness that all gods are the same and all religions have the same goal. Gandhi failed to acknowledge even in 1947 when the Hindu nation was vivisected that Islam and Christianity both are mandated by their god and prophets to conquer Hindu territory.

It is this stubborn foolishness which made Gandhi think that Hindus and Muslims, Hindus and Christians in India are brothers because they have the same ancestors. Gandhi should have read the Bible and the Koran with political sense to grasp the political objectives of both books of revelation. Both books declare, a brother is he who worships the same god; if your blood brother worships another god, he is an infidel; convert him or kill him.

Gandhi had no such political sense and Nehru was an irreligious man; and that is why the Hindu nation, governed by the Gandhi-Nehru INC, is destined to be enslaved by Gandhian sense of the nation –

If Hindus believe India should be peopled only by Hindus, they are living in a fool’s paradise. Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, and Christians who have made India their home are fellow countrymen; they will have to live in unity if only for their own interests. In no part of the world are one nationality and one religion synonymous terms, nor has this ever been the case in India. (Hind Swaraj, Chapter X, The Condition of India (cont.): The Hindus and the Mahomedans, pp 52-53)

Vinayak Damodar SavarkarSavarkar on the other hand suffered from no such delusions –

As it is, there are two antagonistic nations living side by side in India, several infantile politicians commit the serious mistake in supposing that India is already welded into a harmonious nation, or that it could be welded thus for the mere wish to do so. Our well-meaning but unthinking friends take their dreams for realities… The solid fact is that the so-called communal questions are but a legacy handed down to us by centuries of a cultural, religious and national antagonism between the Hindus and the Moslems. When time is ripe you can solve them but you cannot suppress them by merely refusing recognition of them. (Savarkar’s Presidential address to the 19th session of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha at Karnavati (Ahmedabad) in 1937)

To make sure the Gandhian sense of nation prevails in India and to make sure that Hindu nationalism never raises its head to threaten the movement towards the two stage Apocalypse-Armageddon end of world, the US is making moves, going by this news report, to interfere actively in India’s internal affairs:

The legislative process in the United States Congress on the bill tabled by Congressman Frank Wolf and co-sponsored by Representative Anna Eshoo from California promises to be a fateful happening for the ‘defining partnership’ between US and India. It is titled as ‘To provide for the establishment of the Special Envoy to Promote Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia’. A hearing has been already held by the House of Representatives although the Indian media hasn’t yet apparently caught on what is unfolding on the Hill. The bill has bipartisan support, especially from Christian Conservatives, and there is strong likelihood of it becoming law. India is specifically mentioned as one of the countries where the US will closely monitor the plight of the minorities. The bill demands the creation of the post of a special envoy in the State Department specifically to monitor countries like India. Pakistan has been included in the scope of the bill along with India, but China is not– although Beijing has been openly defying the Vatican’s right to control the appointment of Church functionaries in China. As the text of the bill envisages, the proposed US special envoy is expected to:

a) “promote the right of religious freedom of religious minorities” and recommend “appropriate responses” by Washington to instances of violation of the rights;

b) “monitor and combat acts of religious intolerance and incitement targeted against religious minorities”;

c) “work to ensure the unique needs of religious minority communities… including the economic and security needs of these communities”;

d) work with Indian NGOs and take up with the GOI any Indian laws that are “inherently discriminatory” to minorities; and,

e) raise the issues on the multilateral fora, including the UN and the OSCE.

1 million dollars will be allocated annually to facilitate the work of the special envoy in undertaking activities such as conducting investigations. The bill says: “The Special Envoy should be a person of recognised distinction in the fields of human rights and religious freedom who shall have the rank of ambassador and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.” It seems the Barack Obama administration may already be having a nominee in mind.

From all appearances, the law would be geared in the Indian context to bring under the scanner the working of the Sangh Parivar organisations which have often been implicated in violence against minorities. Most certainly, the latest moves by public organisations in the US to monitor the activities of the Sangh Privar outfits in America now assume even greater significance.(Ref: US may bring ‘Sangh Parivar’ under scanner)

Subramanian Swamy: Hindu's only intelligent spokesman today. The proposed Communal Violence Bill, the arrest of Pujya Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya and the proposed Bill to monitor rights of minorities in America are all of the a piece.

This explains why Hindu PIOs felt compelled to explain Dr. Subramanian Swamy to protestors at Harvard University in the following Abrahamic multiculturist idiom –

I cannot understand how anyone can call Dr. Subramanian Swamy a BIGOT. Dr. Swamy’s brother-in-law is Jewish, his son-in-law Muslim, his sister-in-law Christian and his wife Parsi. One of his two daughters is married to an Indian Muslim with whom he has closest relations, and therefore how can he possibly be a bigot against the Indian Muslims or Christians.

Multiculturalism is for the birds; the Hindu twit. – Vigil OnLine, 13 August, 2011.


» Radha Rajan is the editor of Vigil Online