The anti-national agenda of foreign-funded NGOs – Rakesh Krishnan Simha

Rakesh Krishnan Simha“Does India need NGOs at all? Think about it: NGOs have been working for over a hundred years yet have barely made a dent in poverty in Africa. On the other hand, hard work, private enterprise and investment in roads and industry have transformed the economies of once poor countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. This gentrification is happening in India—albeit at a slower pace—and only needs good governance for the process to hasten.” – Rakesh Krishnan Simha

NGOAmong the world’s leading powers, the Indian State stands alone in having virtually abdicated its responsibility to provide basic economic necessities to hundreds of millions of its citizens. In this backdrop of callous neglect, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have attempted to occupy the space vacated by the State. In places where bureaucrats or politicians do not care to trudge, such organisations provide vital services such as schooling, sanitation and housing. And hope.

But NGOs also have their dark side. Some live off the fat of the land, as platforms for their founders to skim charity money. Others are more devious. The Intelligence Bureau (IB)—India’s premier internal security agency—has submitted a report to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, identifying several foreign-funded NGOs that are “negatively impacting economic development”.

The 21-page IB report reveals that “a significant number of Indian NGOs, funded by some donors based in the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries, are using people-centric issues to create an environment which lends itself to stalling development projects”.

The report adds: “Foreign donors lead local NGOs to provide field reports which are used to build a record against India and serve as tools for the strategic foreign policy interests of the Western government.”

If the IB’s contention that NGOs drag down economic growth by 2-3 percent is true, then the total national loss is as much as $60 billion annually—equal to France’s defence budget.

Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)Perfect cover

The problem with NGOs is that it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. Take the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), the country’s largest and oldest human rights group. PUCL was mentored by none other than Rajindar Sachar, a retired high court judge, who shot to fame after he headed a committee that filed a report about the condition of Indian Muslims.

In 2010, a Tehelka report (The Crimson Brief by Raman Kirpal, 22 May) quoted an IB communiqué that blew away the PUCL’s patina of philanthropy by calling it a “front organisation” of the outlawed Maoists. The communiqué stated: “It is after the front bodies have done the groundwork that the armed activity would start.”

An investigation by Open magazine (Foreign Funding of NGOs by Prashant Reddy, 2 March 2013) reveals the well-known Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), headed by Sunita Narain, has some pretty dodgy donors. Between 2006 and 2012, the Delhi-based organisation received over Rs 67.7 crore, mainly from Denmark-based Dan Church Aid and Germany-based Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst EV.

Vandana Shiva’s equally reputable Navdanya received 16.7 crore between 2006 and 2012 in foreign donations from mainly Christian churches and the European Union.

What are the chances that these organisations are likely to keep India’s interests above that of their church or European backers?

The biggest danger of foreign-funded NGOs is that they bring in foreign detritus—spies, evangelistic missionaries and agent provocateurs, who are creating numerous difficulties for India.

Among the outrageous instances of foreign meddling in India, former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s high-octane crusade against Modi, when he was the chief minister of Gujarat, stands out. Her use of Indian NGOs as fronts is a classic example of how the West is able to play the divide and rule game in India.

Madhav NalapatProf M.D. Nalapat, Professor of Geopolitics, Manipal University, quotes a US official in The Sunday Guardian: “Hillary Clinton likes to operate through NGOs, which are given funding through indirect channels, and which target individuals and countries seen as less than respectful to her views on foreign and domestic policy in the target countries.”

The official claimed that “rather than US NGOs, Clinton favoured operating through organisations based in the Netherlands, Denmark and the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway” as these were outside the radar of big power politics.

Like the CIA’s fake polio campaign in Pakistan—that successfully ferreted out Osama bin Laden—the Americans have launched similar campaigns in India as well. Current and retired American officials told Nalapat that “during the tenure in office of Secretary Clinton, several expert teams in the guise of NGOs were sent to Gujarat to try and find mass graves”. The purpose was to then take the matter to the Office of the UN Commissioner of Human Rights in Geneva as an example of genocide.

Failing to discover any ‘mass graves’ in Gujarat, Clinton directed the search teams to Punjab. After the American F-16 and F-18 jet fighters were shot down in the Indian Air Force’s multi-billion dollar competition, “orders were given to activate the Khalistan file”.

The Americans were trying to put the heat on the Indian government by trying to unearth mass graves in Punjab. NGOs again provided vital logistics. According to American officials, “Key politicians in Punjab have assisted these search teams and on occasion even provided logistical facilities for them.”

Manmohan SinghPlaying nuclear poker

NGOs were also active in the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear power station in electricity-starved Tamil Nadu, with funding coming from the West. In February 2012, at the height of the protests against the Russian-built plants, the then prime minister Manmohan Singh uncharacteristically railed against the protesters, saying India’s atomic energy programme had got into difficulties because of mostly US-based NGOs.

The day after Singh’s comment, his MoS in the PMO, V. Narayanasamy, came to his defence, saying the contention was based on a Home Ministry probe. He said the protests against the Russian plant “are being funded by organisations from the US and Scandinavian countries”.

After the PM’s accusation, the Home Ministry didn’t waste any time in freezing the accounts of four NGOs, including an Indian Christian group, Tuticorin Diocese Association.

The latest IB report says a Dutch NGO is targeting oil drilling in the Northeast. It also warns that in 2014 foreign-funded NGOs plan to hit the strategic Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. If you look at the targets, they are all major infrastructure projects vital for India’s self-sufficiency.

USAIDThe spy game

NGOs have often been linked with the world’s second oldest profession. In 2012, President Vladimir Putin booted out the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), accusing it of meddling in Russia’s internal affairs. Earlier, in 2007, Moscow had ordered the British Council to ship out. Are the Russians being paranoid? You be the judge.

In 2010, the Associated Press published an explosive report detailing how USAID—which was ostensibly established to channel humanitarian aid—created a fake Twitter account to undermine the Cuban government. According to the news service, the US planned to use the platform to spread political content that might trigger a Cuban Spring and bring out “street mobs”. In essence, the American plan was to destabilise the country with the highest health standards in the western hemisphere and perhaps turn it into a present-day Iraq or Libya.

The Ford Foundation is the CIA's favorite social and cultural front organisation.According to The Washington Post, “In South Vietnam, USAID provided cover for CIA operatives so widely that the two became almost synonymous.”

Author Frances Stonor Saunders has done an excellent expose of how the CIA has roped in NGOs not only as fronts but as willing participants in the spy game. In her book Who Paid the Piper? CIA and the Cultural Cold War, she writes that the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation were “conscious instruments of covert US policy, with directors and officers who were closely connected to, or even members of American intelligence”.

Saunders adds: “At times it seemed as if the Ford Foundation was simply an extension of government in the area of international cultural propaganda. The foundation had a record of close involvement in covert actions in Europe, working closely with Marshall Plan and CIA officials on specific projects.”

In this backdrop, expelled AAP leader and former national council member Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay’s allegation that his party—or its leadership—has connections with the CIA needs to be looked into.

Iain BuchananThey need your country

There is a small but vocal lobby in India that wants closer ties with the West, especially the US. They point out various benefits that would accrue from hitching India’s wagon to the American engine, such as high technology, security umbrella and democracy.

But the problem with American influence peddlers is they represent rabidly right-wing groups that don’t want US sway over India limited to trade and diplomacy. “In addition, there must be infiltration of every sector of influence in a society, from religious groups to government departments to local charities to private business,” British-born Malaysia-based academic Iain Buchanan said in an interview to DNA.

Indeed, NGOs are becoming the apologists of NGO-colonialism.

BRICS, Brasil, 2014Why target India?

As western power declines and the stock of China, Russia and India rises, the US-led bloc is desperate to extend its 300-year-old domination of the planet. With Moscow and Beijing being alert to their shenanigans, the West is able to do precious little in those countries. India, on the other hand, with its chaotic and ‘open-source’ democracy, can be easily influenced. Sceptical? Go back to the Battle of Plassey in 1757.

The BRICS, posing a major challenge to the West, is currently an economic grouping. If it morphs into a political alliance, then all bets are off the West. The US would do anything to stop India throwing its lot with Russia and China.

The West also looks at India through Judeo-Christian glasses. Western elites may be atheistic or agnostic but their worldview is coloured by their past. Virtually all western countries are united in their angst at the rise of the non-western world.

China is already set to become the world’s preeminent power and in tandem with Russia, another civilisational rival, sits at the global high table. Seeing a former colony, India, which the West has collectively mocked for two centuries, at the head of the table would probably leave them apoplectic. Plus, if India remains semi-industrialised as it is now, it is a vast market for western consumer goods and armaments.

NGOs, Activists, and Foreign Funds: Anti-National IndustryRegulating NGO Raj

Faced with swarms of American-funded NGOs promoting ‘democracy’ and ‘free’ markets in Russia, Moscow has introduced a law that requires foreign-funded NGOs involved in political activity to be labelled “foreign agents”.

Such a law might appear harsh to Indians, but aren’t NGOs acting in the interests of a foreign State foreign agents? In the US, such NGOs have to file a report of their activities every six months, produce copies of all their contracts and even verbal agreements with the outfits they work for.

But does India need NGOs at all? Think about it: NGOs have been working for over a hundred years yet have barely made a dent in poverty in Africa. On the other hand, hard work, private enterprise and investment in roads and industry have transformed the economies of once poor countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. This gentrification is happening in India—albeit at a slower pace—and only needs good governance for the process to hasten.

Besides, development must not happen at the expense of national security. For a country that has suffered its fair share of invasions—with active help from traitors—that should be a guiding principle. – Tehelka, 28 June 2014

» Rakesh Krishnan Simha is a New Zealand-based journalist and foreign affairs analyst, with a special interest in defence and military history. He is a columnist with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta group, Moscow, and Modern Diplomacy, a Europe-based foreign affairs portal.

Modi Sarkar cracks down on NGOs

The worldwide crackdown on NGOs – Lawrence Solomon

GreenpeaceFord Foundation

Lawrence Solomon“In the United States there is no talk of crackdowns, not because the U.S. is blasé about foreign-funded NGOs but because it has long had strict laws on the books. In the 1930s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Foreign Agents Registration Act after he realized that the American Nazis were being funded by Hitler’s Germany. FARA’s original pre-World War II purpose has since morphed to become a fixture of U.S. policy, used to require public disclosure in everything from Communist propaganda during the Cold War to three Canadian films dealing with acid rain and nuclear war.” – Lawrence Solomon

NGOIn Canada, China, India, Israel, Russia and in other countries around the world, governments are cracking down on foreign-funded NGOs operating in their countries. These crackdowns are inevitable and understandable, and in all cases come down to one factor: Governments, whether democratic or dictatorial, don’t like foreign forces interfering in their domestic politics.

The crackdowns typically take the form of beefing up laws and regulations, or creating new ones, to require more disclosure on the activities of NGOs. An exception is China’s proposed Foreign NGO Management Law, now in Second Reading in its legislature, where the Public Security Department of China’s State Council — its cabinet — would assume responsibility for approving the funding and the activities of all NGOs in receipt of foreign funds, to guard against purposes ranging from the political to the religious to the economic. Unlike other countries, China’s NGO law isn’t about disclosure but about censorship and control.

Ford Foundation: The CIA's social and cultural front organisation.

In one country — the United States — there is no talk of crackdowns, not because the U.S. is blasé about foreign-funded NGOs but because it has long had strict laws on the books. In the 1930s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) after he realized that the American Nazis — then a potent force in U.S. politics — were being funded by Hitler’s Germany. FARA’s original pre-World War II purpose — to expose “German propaganda agents” – has since morphed to become a fixture of U.S. policy, used to require public disclosure in everything from Communist propaganda during the Cold War to three Canadian films dealing with acid rain and nuclear war, including the Academy Award winning documentary, “If you love this planet.”

When the government’s use of FARA was challenged as censorship and a limitation of free speech, the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed, ruling in 1987 that it saw value in public disclosure that spotlighted material from those who might have an alien agenda, “so that the government and the people of the United States may be informed of the identity of such persons and may appraise their statements and actions in the light of their associations and activities.”

Foreign Agents Registration ActFARA’s disclosure requirement applies to any foreign monies employed “to influence U.S. public opinion, policy, and laws.” Russia’s 2012 law on “foreign agents,” based on FARA, similarly demands disclosure when foreign money is used in the “shaping of public opinion” and in “influencing decision-making by state bodies in order to change state policy.”

While many foreign-funded NGOs are apolitical, many others — including the highest profile foreign-funded NGOs — tend to be highly political. They are often funded by foreign governments to further the foreign governments’ foreign policy interests; they often coordinate their activities with foreign governments in applying political pressure. Perhaps the most egregious example of such foreign interference involves Israel, where NGOs receive an estimated $75 million to $100 million per year in foreign dollars. Most of this money comes from European governments and European-government-funded NGOs, and most of it is designed to tilt the country leftward, particularly as regards the Palestinian issue.

Indian EconomyMuch larger sums, however, are being spent by Western governments and Western foundations in a worldwide effort to influence environmental agendas, chief among them energy policies that affect climate change. Canada’s federal government is concerned about the success of U.S. foundations, working with the Obama administration, in thwarting Keystone and other energy projects. Because Canada does not apply strong FARA-style disclosure laws to foreign funded activities, Canadians do not realize when the Canadian NGOs who lobby against Canadian projects are receiving money from U.S. organizations to do so. – Financial Post, 18 May 2015

» Lawrence Solomon is a Canadian writer on the environment and the executive director of Energy Probe, a Canadian non-governmental environmental policy organization. His writing has appeared in a number of newspapers, including The National Post where he has a column.

IB Report

World Vision India

Ford Foundation and its CIA connections – D. P. Satish

Ford Foundation Banner

Ford Foundation HQ, New Delhi

D. P. Satish“The US-based Ford Foundation is not new to controversies. Many call it a front for the American external spying agency CIA. There have been thousands of articles and research papers on Ford Foundation’s CIA links. Even in India, the Ford Foundation is accused of funding the NGOs and movements which actually work against India’s social, political and economic interests.” – D. P. Satish

Ford Foundation, New DelhiWorld’s largest NGO funding agency the Ford Foundation has now come under the scanner of the government of India. As expected it has led to a controversy.

Some beneficiaries of Ford Foundation money and some activists are up in the arms condemning the government’s decision to put Ford Foundation under the surveillance of intelligence agencies.

The US-based Ford Foundation is not new to controversies. Many call it a front for the American external spying agency CIA. There have been thousands of articles and research papers on Ford Foundation’s CIA links. Even in India, the Ford Foundation is accused of funding the NGOs and movements which actually work against India’s social, political and economic interests.

James Petras, a Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghampton University, New York, and author of Globalization Unmasked: Imperialism in the 21st Century, throws light on the inseparable relationship between the CIA and the Ford Foundation.

In a 2001 article titled The Ford Foundation and the CIA, he writes, “The CIA uses philanthropic foundations as the most effective conduit to channel large sums of money to Agency projects without alerting the recipients to their source. From the early 1950s to the present the CIA’s intrusion into the foundation field was and is huge. A US Congressional investigation in 1976 revealed that nearly 50% of the 700 grants in the field of international activities by the principal foundations were funded by the CIA (Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, Frances Stonor Saunders, Granta Books, 1999, pp. 134-135).”

The CIA considers foundations such as Ford “The best and most plausible kind of funding cover” (Ibid, p. 135). The collaboration of respectable and prestigious foundations, according to one former CIA operative, allowed the Agency to fund “a seemingly limitless range of covert action programs affecting youth groups, labor unions, universities, publishing houses and other private institutions” (p. 135).

CIA LogoThe latter included “human rights” groups beginning in the 1950s to the present. One of the most important “private foundations” collaborating with the CIA over a significant span of time in major projects in the cultural Cold War is the Ford Foundation. This essay will demonstrate that the Ford Foundation-CIA connection was a deliberate, conscious joint effort to strengthen US imperial cultural hegemony and to undermine left-wing political and cultural influence. We will proceed by examining the historical links between the Ford Foundation and the CIA during the Cold War, by examining the Presidents of the Foundation, their joint projects and goals as well as their common efforts in various cultural areas.

According to Petras, by the late 1950s the Ford Foundation possessed over $3 billion in assets. The leaders of the Foundation were in total agreement with Washington’s post-WWII projection of world power. A noted scholar of the period writes: “At times it seemed as if the Ford Foundation was simply an extension of government in the area of international cultural propaganda. The foundation had a record of close involvement in covert actions in Europe, working closely with Marshall Plan and CIA officials on specific projects” (Ibid, p.139). This is graphically illustrated by the naming of Richard Bissell as President of the Foundation in 1952. In his two years in office Bissell met often with the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, and other CIA officials in a “mutual search” for new ideas. In 1954 Bissell left Ford to become a special assistant to Allen Dulles in January 1954 (Ibid, p. 139). Under Bissell, the Ford Foundation was the “vanguard of Cold War thinking”.

One of the Ford Foundation’s first Cold War projects was the establishment of a publishing house, Inter-cultural Publications, and the publication of a magazine, Perspectives in Europe, in four languages. The Ford Foundation’s purpose according to Bissell was not “so much to defeat the leftist intellectuals in dialectical combat (sic) as to lure them away from their positions” (Ibid, p. 140). The board of directors of the publishing house was completely dominated by cultural Cold Warriors. Given the strong leftist culture in Europe in the post-war period, Perspectives failed to attract readers and went bankrupt.

Teesta SetalvadAnother journal, Der Monat, funded by the Confidential Fund of the U.S. military and run by Melvin Lasky was taken over by the Ford Foundation, to provide it with the appearance of independence (Ibid, p. 140).

In 1954 the new president of the Ford Foundation was John McCloy. He epitomized imperial power. Prior to becoming president of the Ford Foundation he had been Assistant Secretary of War, president of the World Bank, High Commissioner of occupied Germany, chairman of Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank, Wall Street attorney for the big seven oil companies and director of numerous corporations. As High Commissioner in Germany, McCloy had provided cover for scores of CIA agents (Ibid, p. 141).

McCloy integrated the Ford Foundation with CIA operations. He created an administrative unit within the Ford Foundation specifically to deal with the CIA. McCloy headed a three person consultation committee with the CIA to facilitate the use of the Ford Foundation for a cover and conduit of funds.

With these structural linkages the Ford Foundation was one of those organizations the CIA was able to mobilize for political warfare against the anti-imperialist and pro-communist left. Numerous CIA “fronts” received major Ford Foundation grants. Numerous supposedly “independent” CIA sponsored cultural organizations, human rights groups, artists and intellectuals received CIA/FF grants.

One of the biggest donations of the Ford Foundation was to the CIA organized Congress for Cultural Freedom which received $7 million by the early 1960s. Numerous CIA operatives secured employment in the Ford Foundation and continued close collaboration with the Agency (Ibid, p. 143).

From its very origins there was a close structural relation and interchange of personnel at the highest levels between the CIA and the FF. This structural tie was based on the common imperial interests which they shared.

The result of their collaboration was the proliferation of a number of journals and access to the mass media which pro-US intellectuals used to launch vituperative polemics against Marxists and other anti-imperialists. The Ford Foundation funding of these anti-Marxists organizations and intellectuals provided a legal cover for their claims of being “independent” of government funding (CIA).

Arvind KejriwalHe concludes that the Ford Foundation is well situated to replay its role as collaborator to cover for the New Cultural Cold War.

The Ford Foundation claims that it helps the third world to strengthen democracy. If we go by this argument, that should keep India safe because the US claims to further the cause of democracy while India is the largest democracy, right?

According to journalist Surajit Dasgupta, that notion is wrong. He says that the Americans often follow an Indira Gandhi-like policy: Romancing with nefarious elements till they serve as Pentagon’s puppets. A deep probe into the [dead link] site reveals that the Ford Foundation has dirty pro-Islamic businesses it would rather be silent on.

There have been a number of reports by journalists about it founding anti-Israel NGOs. It is also worth noting that Henry Ford created the Ford Foundation while he was involved in and impressed by Nazi Germany, two years before he received his award. Remember, Ford also had a factory in Imperial Japan and, for some unexplained reason in March 1945, Japan sent orders for a pro-independence committee to be formed in Indonesia.

Former Ford Foundation president Richard Bisell acknowledged that the purpose of the Ford Foundation was not “so much to defeat the Leftist intellectuals in dialectical combat as to lure them away from their positions”. In other words, you make them work in ‘harmless’ activities, and not in those that may eventually pose a threat to the interests of the US Administration. – IBNLive, 25 April 2015

» D. P. Satish is IBN’s correspondent south of the Vindhyas. He tweets at @dpsatishcnnibn.

Embassy of the United States of America, New Delhi

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Arvind Kejriwal: India’s biggest scam(ster) – R.S.N. Singh

Col. R.S.N. Singh“Arvind Kejriwal is not a political threat but a security threat to this country, his main objective being to destabilize India to perpetuate US agenda.” – Col. R.S.N. Singh

This article is going to be based on facts and facts alone. It purports to clearly decipher the process of subversion and use of Kejriwal and his associates by powers and countries inimical to India. Sadly, as invariably the case, there are vested interests at the highest political levels in India, who are part of the design.

The flowchart below gives out the link of foreign funding and subversion of Kejriwal and associates. Each of the links given in the flowchart are backed by documents.

Flowchart shows the link of foreign funding and subversion of Kejriwal and associates.

A US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secret document (declassified) given below, duly signed by the then Director Allen W. Dulles clearly shows the link between CIA and Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award. It may be mentioned that Dulles was the longest serving Director of CIA from 1953 to 1961. Even in the citation of Kejriwal for Magsaysay Award, the first reference was made to CIA.

CIA document indicates link between Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award

The link between CIA and Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award is yet again reinforced by a secret (declassified) document. The document clearly shows that how so-called intellectuals, professors and students of target countries are financially enticed by the Ford Foundation on behalf of CIA to avail education facilities in the US clearly with the purpose of subversion.

Students financially enticed by Ford Foundation on behalf of the CIA

The grants given by Ford Foundation in 2002 to various Indian entities are given below in the accessed document. Arvind Kejriwal’s NGO Sampoorna Parivartan and CSDS (Center for the Study of Developing Societies) have been granted $80,000 and the $250,000 respectively. Key associates of Arvind Kejriwal like Yogendra Yadav have been functionaries of the CSDS. What makes this funding to Kejriwal a criminal activity is the fact that he in 2002 was still a government servant and therefore not entitled to receive it. Government servants are not permitted to float NGOs without due permission.

Kejriwal, while on study leave and availing full government salary started Parivartan along with Manish Sisodia in 2000-2001. On its website, Parivartan on 10-March-2009 declared that it is not an NGO or a registered organization, and for Income Tax purposes it was an Association of Persons. However, in 2002 the website declared the organization was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and was exempt from Income Tax in Section 80G of 12A of IT Act. This is a clear fraud on India and Indians (Click here to see more).

Further, under the banner of Parivartan, Kejriwal received funds from World Bank for a Jan Sunvai campaign even as the organization was not registered. It is again a criminal act. This funding nearly coincides with the period of Kejriwal resigning from service (not accepted) in 2006, and Ford Foundation funding and grant of Magsaysay Award. In fact, Kejriwal got the Magsaysay Award shortly after he featured in the World Bank report of 2005 (page: 29-33).

Kejriwal branched off from Parivartan to establish yet another NGO, Kabir. As per the documents, Kabir was established on 15 August 2005. This was again illegal, as Kejriwal continued to be in government service. The subversive agenda of the Ford Foundation is quite clear in the contradictions in dates between financial documents declared by Kabir and Ford Foundation. While Kabir claims that the NGO began its operations on 15 August 2005 in which the contribution from Ford Foundation was Rs43,48,036/-, whereas the annual report of Ford Foundation claims to have made a contribution to Kabir to the tune of $172,000 on 15 July 2005. It is not only intriguing that the Ford Foundation funding to Kabir began from the very first year of its operation, but the money was given one month before its birth. The fraud is evident from the two sets of documents of Kabir and Ford Foundation, given below. 

Ford Foundation funds Kejriwal's Kabir NGO

As per Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) submission made by the Kabir in its annual return indicates that between 2005 and 2011, only Rs.75,54,006 were received from Ford Foundation in two tranches; i.e. 2005-06: Rs43,48,036 on 15 July 2005, 2006-07: Rs32,05,970 on 12 Dec 2006. It also shows a sum of $1,97,000 was not accepted as Kabir had become a political movement by then. It may be reminded that it was at this time that lot of questions were being raised about illegal foreign funding to Kejriwal’s political activities. Kabir tried to mislead by removing or omitting all details from website regarding its funding from Ford Foundation in the year 2007-2008, 2009-2010.

However, the fraud can be nailed by visiting the Ford Foundation website (again suppressed), which clearly indicates that in the year 2007-2008, Kabir received $1,97,000 and the very next year Rs60,75,149 (Kabir website, details suppressed again).

The hide and seek being played on the net by Kabir and Ford Foundation is testimony to the fraud. In fact, Parivartan and Kabir, suddenly shutdown their websites after coming under scrutiny in 2012.

Kejriwal and dubious American funding

Kejriwal received the Ashoka Fellowship in 2004. He conveyed an impression that the outreach to him was by an Indian organization. In reality Ashoka is an US registered organization, whose strategic partners include McKinsey & Company, Corporate Executive Board and Latham and Watkins (ref. here). Since the Cold War, this organization has been engaged in creating human assets for expanding American influence.

Kejriwal received Ashoka fellowship in 2004

It emerges that after liberal funding from various Western sources, Kejriwal decided to send his resignation from government service in 2006. This story began in 2002, when his ‘Sampooran Parivartan’ was given $80,000 (ref. here, page 104)

Western sources fund Kejriwal's Sampooran Parivartan NGO

$80,000 in 2002 was equivalent to Kejriwal’s 15 years’ salary. Moreover, the biggest fraud is that the donors, i.e. organizations that funded Kejriwal’s so-called NGOs were the decision makers in the award of his Magsaysay Award. This includes the CIA. Further, the representative of Ford Foundation in India Steven Solnick admitted on 31st August 2012 that the Magsaysay Award for Kejriwal was funded by them.

Subsequently, foreign money began to flow into Kejriwal’s NGO. As per the response to an RTI filed by a website Beyond Headlines, the other foreign contributors to Kejriwal’s NGO Kabir were Ford Foundation (Rs86,61,742), PRIA (Rs2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs15,00,000), India’s Friends Association (Rs7,86,500), United Nations Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

The link 6 in the Chart at the start indicates recipients of the funds by the Dutch entity Humanistic Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS). It provided €1.3 million between 2008 and 2012. Of these more than half, i.e. DISHA, GKVP, SAFAR, MAHITI, SWATI, and UTHAN are active in Gujarat. The others like CJP run by Teesta Setalvad and ANHAD run by Shabnam Hashmi are known for their virulent anti-Modi campaign.

HIVOS in turn is the highest recipient of funds from Ford Foundation. It has an office in India receiving $1.2 million (ref. here). HIVOS also funded Kejriwal’s Parivartan (ref. here).

There are various other organizations funded by the Dutch government i.e. PSO Association and PRIA. These organizations ostensibly are engaged in ‘development and social work’, however their main purpose is to promote American agenda. The US adopts the Dutch route in various target countries so that suspicions are not aroused. HIVOS receives €27 million from the Dutch government and funds the PRIA, which is also a Ford Foundation partner. Another PSO partner Soliaridad also funds PRIA. PRIA funded Kejriwal as well. Many countries have compelled the PSO to windup its activities as they have been found to be intrusive.

Another Dutch funded organization is PANOS, which has seven offices in South Asia. This too is recipient of funds from Ford Foundation and its main purpose is to manipulate the media ‘in South Asia’. So is it surprising that a segment of Indian electronic media has gone to vulgar extent in amplifying Kejriwal? The funding of the Dutch entities as mentioned by the Ford Foundation is evidenced by the document placed below:

The funding of the Dutch entities as mentioned by the Ford Foundation is evidenced by this document.

Collusion between CIA and Kejriwal

All the documents above suggest the alleged systematic subversion and creation of Kejriwal by the CIA through the Ford Foundation and the Dutch entities. A CIA document clearly establishes as to how CIA loans officers to Ford Foundation.

This CIA document clearly establishes how the CIA loans officers to the Ford Foundation.

It has also been established that CIA operatives operate through the academic route. One such academic researcher Ms Shimrit Lee was associated with Kejriwal’s Kabir NGO in the garb of doing research on ‘Public Power: India and Other Democracies’. Ms Lee specializes in Tahrir Square type demonstrations that we are now witnessing in Ukraine. She has been active in Cairo, Haifa, Chad and Israel, India and US. It is she who introduced the ideas of Mohalla Committees and brought the Arab Spring technology to India to launch Kejriwal. Ms Lee’s photograph is given below:

Lee Shimrit

That the US has been using the Dutch for pushing its agenda in India, which includes destabilization of India’s Northeast is known. It is evident by the bonhomie between Netherlands and various Naga outfits, particularly the NSCN (IM). It was the NSCN (IM) which took umbrage when on 17 July 2002 in a written reply to a question in parliament, the late Digvijay Singh then Minister of External Affairs said that Netherlands was one of the countries where terrorists have safe heavens besides Pakistan. It may also be reiterated that the NSCN (IM) always insists on holding talks with the Indian government in Amsterdam. It is also well-known as to how the CIA and the Dutch Intelligence Agency (BVD – Binenlandise Veiligheidsdienst) connived in allowing A.Q. Khan to steal nuclear secrets from the URENCO site at Almelo in Netherlands, only with the purpose of balancing Pakistan with India in nuclear capability during the Cold War. It is through this kind of geopolitical balancing in various regions that the US maintains its lead role.

Just as in the case of lead role by geopolitical balancing the Western countries maintain their supremacy in global economy through the ‘offshore financial centers’. These centers thrive on black money of the developing world. Was it for this reason that Kejriwal was created to kill Ramdev’s movement for recovery of black money stashed abroad? During the entire Anna agitation, not even once, the issue of black money in foreign soil was raised.

Arvind Kejriwal & Sonia-GIn pursuit of the CIA agenda there are Indians who have been partnering Kejriwal. Is it a coincidence that a former Admiral also a recipient of Magsaysay Award accompanied Kejriwal when he filed his nomination from New Delhi constituency? This Admiral, whose daughter is married to a Pakistani, has been in the forefront against India’s ‘nuclear development’. Is it a mere coincidence that the closest aides of Kejriwal are recipients of funding from Ford Foundation. Is it also a mere coincidence that Kejriwal never served out of Delhi during his government service, and helping him in this bid was none other than Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who wrote a letter to ensure the same? Is it also a mere coincidence that Arvind Kejriwal is a protégé of Aruna Roy, another recipient of Magsaysay Award, and a member of Sonia’s National Advisory Council?

Arvind Kejriwal is therefore not a political threat but a security threat to this country, his main objective being to destabilize India to perpetuate US agenda.

Arvind Kejriwal is India’s biggest scam. – Canary Trap, 11 March 2014

» R.S.N. Singh is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research & Analysis Wing. The author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan, he is also a Guest Blogger with Canary TrapThe opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone.

» NB: Some of the author’s ref. links have gone dead or the data of a linked site has been suppressed so that it can no longer be accessed by the public. – Editor

Government and NGOs remote controlled from far away – Anuradha Dutt

Anuradha Dutt“Foreign influence pervades the Government and the NGOs that are dependant on external funds for their projects. Because of their money-power, foreign funding organisations command an influence in finalising the agenda of sovereign nations.” – Anuradha Dutt

Ford Foundation, believed to be a front for the CIA, funds Team Anna.Nothing could be funnier. After giving free play to foreign influence-peddlers, the Congress, the dominant component of the UPA Government, is back to blaming the ‘foreign hand’ for stirring trouble in the country, as it did during late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s time. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs is enquiring into the activities of 10 NGOs, recipients of funds from outside, for inciting unrest.

The focus of the ruling dispensation’s animus are said to be Gandhian Anna Hazare and his team and other civil rights groups that, since early this year, have been campaigning against corruption or on other emotive issues.

Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Soren PindUnion Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal had debunked team Anna, while Gandhi family loyalist Digvijay Singh had blamed the RSS for the Baba Ramdev-led campaign to get back black money from secret bank accounts abroad — as if such a demand was anti-national. But, anxiety over being dislodged from office rather than concern for the nation seemed to prompt such diatribe.

In the present instance, investigators are reported to have honed in on Denmark as the provider of funds to NGOs that mask their diabolical intent behind civil liberties and anti-corruption rhetoric. While there is no reason to doubt that these organisations take their cue from whoever funds them, the UPA regime has woken up to the perils of unfettered foreign influence-peddling rather late.

Apparently, the Indian Ambassador to Denmark has reported that the new Minister for Development Cooperation plans to deploy Danish Government aid for development “as a tool to generate popular unrest in recipient countries”. Actually, Indian officials should be ashamed that it took them so long to concede the truth about aid money, whether it comes from the US, UK or some other donor-nation. There are no free meals, ever.

Lords of Poverty by Graham HancockGraham Hancock’s path-breaking 1989 expose, Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige, and Corruption of the International Aid Business, bared the truth about the vicious cycle of international aid  /  funding and consequent dependency and indebtedness of emerging nations. It ensures that poverty is never dispelled though billions of dollars are ostensibly poured into the charade of dispelling it. A sinister spin-off is insurgency, rebellion and regime changes at the behest of alien forces.

Our policy-makers and leaders, intellectuals and civil activists/professional do-gooders need to acknowledge publicly the deadly machinations underlying aid and much of the foreign-funding. But the ruling coalition and its advisors will never do so as their game will be exposed.

For years, the Congress and its allies have genuflected to ‘foreign’ influence-peddlers, be it the Washington-based World Bank-International Monetary Fund combine, the European Union or other entities based in the West, that, after the British withdrawal from India in August 1947 — and liberation of most erstwhile colonies from the Western yoke — pursue an imperialist agenda via proxy rulers.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and a few of his close advisors from World Bank-IMF-allied backgrounds in particular are seen as visibly pushing that agenda, reportedly foisted on sovereign nations by global banks and inconceivably powerful business cartels. The end result would be to keep people and countries in a state of perpetual bondage, just as colonialism did.

Aggressive free-market policies and the freedom enjoyed by banks, lending agencies and corporations ensure that most people remain impoverished or in debt as the bottom line is ‘profits’ for players. Government regulation, therefore, is being pruned down, with most people crushed by debt and want. That is what anti-Wall Street protesters and their ilk are demonstrating against.

National Advisory CouncilThe absurdity of a section of the ruling coalition accusing the foreign hand of stirring the cauldron of unrest is all the more evident. The Sonia Gandhi-headed National Advisory Council, a parallel and unconstitutional decision-making body, is crammed with civil activists, some of whom are recipients of foreign largesse and awards, bestowed by the very power and money cabal mentioned above, just as team Anna is apparently dominated by such individuals.

Funding and laurels are clearly an effective means to win friends and influence people, who, in turn, can be relied upon to help shape Government policies, and even subvert sovereignty by tinkering with the Constitution and laws.

The Union Home Ministry cites the example of the Right to Food Campaign — a showpiece of the UPA’s social justice plank — with Danish Minister Christian Friis Bach reportedly stating that a civil society group should sue our Government on the grounds that 400 million people did not have access to adequate food, though the Constitution guaranteed it as a fundamental right.

The Union Ministry needs to ask, who brought about this dismal state of affairs? The answer stares it in the face: Congress, which has ruled for the longest time and its allies. The disintegration of the former Soviet Union should serve to warn us about the outcome of uncurbed foreign influence-peddling.

Binayak SenPrior to its break up, thousands of foreign-funded NGOs, propagating openness and freedom and campaigning on all kinds of issues, mushroomed in the USSR. Nobel laureates, politicos, scientists, writers, artists, dancers — dissidents, feted by Western countries — joined the movement that led to its dissolution.

Here, Binayak Sen, jailed in Chhattisgarh for being anti-national, was released on bail reportedly under European Union’s pressure, and inducted into the Planning Commission’s panel on health. Many India-baiters are not part of Government but command the media’s and establishment’s respect because the West recognises them. This is a most unfortunate state of affairs. – The Pioneer, New Delhi, 27, Nov. 2011

Team Anna’s funds and funders: An analysis – Krishen Kak

Krishen KakIs it coincidence that, for example, so much money has been given to the Kejriwala NGOs when the Kejriwalas are openly and rabidly anti-democratic? Is it coincidence that the Ford Foundation’s own country, for all its pro-democracy propaganda, has a history of propping up dictators all over the world? Has the Ford Foundation no agenda behind the money it doles out? It has given millions of rupees to Kejriwala NGOs. Do you seriously believe it expects nothing in return from them?” – Krishen Kak

Anna Hazare on fast at Ramlila Maidan.The Ramlila ground that had been spruced up at public cost for a private groups public tamasha, has now been cleaned up again at public cost. However, during the tamasha, while its principal nayak ostensibly fasted, his followers feasted – and questions were and are and continue to be asked about where the money came from, not just for the food and the festivity during the tamasha, but for all the expense to organize it and keep this going.

Inside the historic Maidan, the agitators had their appetite for agitation whetted by loads of puree-sabzi, chole-chawal, kadhi-chawal, cartons of biscuits, truck-loads of bananas, crates of water, soft drinks and nimbu pani. The Ramlila Maidan Bandara!In my two decade long career as reporter, I have not seen such felicitation for the delegates to any public rally of any political party. We repeatedly raised the question of funding of political rallies, I hope we all gather the courage to audit the expenditure incurred on the jamboree recently witnessed at Ramlila Maidan.

When I talk of audit, I just do not mean just auditing the well-kept account books of the organisations run by members of Team Anna, but those organisations which put up the public kitchens etc. It should be explained how come in a nation where crores fail to get two square meals a day, so much money was spent on food to keep an agitation going. Make public the names of these organisations and the names of the people behind them and vouch that the money spent by them was all clean, free of any taint.”[1]

Arvind Kumar Kejriwal“Well-kept account books”?

Earlier analyses established that the accounts for the Arvind Kejriwal-promoted IAC/PCRF omitted much more than they declared – and this from someone who not only has an income-tax background and who still has an intimate connection to the sarkari income-tax service, but who crusades for transparency and accountability in government. Indeed, his PCRF’s accounts that showed nothing after 31/3/09 continued that way till at least 29/8/11.[2]

Would Anna Hazare allow to public servants hauled up before his Jokepal the same excuse of “a mistake” he expects the public to accept for the corruption and illegalities exposed in his own NGOs?

Would Kejriwal allow to public servants hauled up before his Jokepal the same excuse of “oversight” he trotted out for the opacity of the accounts of his own NGOs?

Kiran Bedi fancies the ghunghat as a dramatic prop. Like the ghunghat that coyly conceals, the Kejriwal and Bedi and(Medha) Patkar NGOs hide more than they show. And the earlier analyses showed the interesting connections to foreign and foreign-funded organizations of the Bedi, Patkar and (Prashant) Bhushan NGOs. This essay updates that with the Kejriwal NGOs.[3]

Arundhati RoyKejriwal accuses Indian policy of being dictated to by the World Bank. Arundhati Roy accuses the Kejriwalas of being led by a World Bank agenda, and funded by the Ford Foundation. And that brings us to the foreign hand at which the ruling party officially pointed.

Yes, indisputably there is a foreign hand. The experience of West-funded NGOs instigating so-called Flower/Coloured revolutions is too recent to ignore, especially in the destabilization and break-up of the Soviet Union. The Vigil book gives irrefutable data of Western money flowing into India to promote and support the anti-nation industry of many well-known “civil society activists,” including the ones Dr. N.S. Rajaram calls the “Sonia Gandhians”.

[This has been updated on and]

Our Western donor du jour, courtesy Arundhati Roy, is the US-based Ford Foundation (FF).[4] So, let us look at the Ford Foundation’s kripa in India.

Click on It opens onto Open “Regions” and select “India, Nepal and Sri Lanka”. Continue down (below “Regions”) and tick “Include Non-Initiative Grants”. You’ll get a list of 320 grantees.

Even a cursory look will impress with the rivers of money that the Ford Foundation is pouring into the organizations it favours in our country.

Ford Foundation: The CIA's social and cultural front organisation.

I’ve picked just a few grantees, mainly connected in some way or other with this so-called “civil society war against corruption” and primarily from the FF-funded initiative in “Promoting Transparent, Effective and Accountable Government” and “Strengthening Civil Society”. There are some others too but, really, the entire list merits study, especially the FF interest in tribal communities and areas (where, as it happens, there is a powerful Christian conversion apparatus at work).[5]

1. AMAN Public Charitable Trust $450,000 (2008, 2010) (The same mentioned in Appendix 11 of the Vigil book; it gets influential Indian and foreign support –

2. Centre for Budget Governance and Accountability $650,000 (2007, 2010) (Governing Board includes Sandeep Dikshit, MP, who was active in the negotiations to get Hazare back to the dining table –

3. Centre for Communication and Development Studies $480,000 (2007, 2010) (Headed by John Samuel, with links to National Centre for Advocacy Studies. He has helped to establish more than 10 organisations and networks at the national and international level, including the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability above, Social Watch India, Asia Media Forum and CCDS – . He has links to IAC founder-member Devinder Sharma, Binu Thomas formerly of ActionAid, and Kalpana Sharma of The Hindu –

4. Centre for Policy Research (CPR) $687,100 (2008, 2009, 2010) (A strong presence of former bureaucrats; president is Prof. Pratap Bhanu Mehta

5. Centre for Study of Society and Secularism $301,000 (2007, 2009) (Headed by Asghar Ali Engineer; other secular worthies include Ram Puniyani, who features in and is linked to Harsh Mander’s ANHAD –, and Admiral Ramdas who features prominently in the Vigil book –’ listed donors are mainly American, German, Dutch – and the notorious ActionAid –

6. Centre for the Study of Developing Societies $599,000 (2008) (Its “faculty” includes Ashish Nandy, Madhu Kishwar, Yogendra Yadav –, and it sponsored a very controversial seminar on J&K at the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi).

8. Dalit Foundation (DF) $3,510,000 (2007, 2008)

9. Christian Dalit Liberation Movement $400,000 (2008, 2010)

10. Indian Institute of Dalit Studies $450,000 (2007, 2010). (Note that Udit Raj, national chairman, All-India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations, called “the ongoing protest against corruption by Anna Hazare unconstitutional … and a Bahujan Lokpal Bill would soon be presented to the Parliament’s Standing Committee, which will be representative of Dalits, Muslims and other minority communities” – “’Save reservation’ rally”, The Hindu, Delhi, Aug 24, 2011, p.3; Already there are strong demands for caste- and religion-based reservations in the Lokpal system –

11. Council for Social Development $300,000 (2007) (Headed by former Foreign Secretary Muchkund Dubey; includes R.K. Pachauri, Amit Bhaduri and has influential links to government and government NGOs –

12. Jagori Rural $100,000 (2008) (Kamla Bhasin is a founder and also a trustee of Harsh Mander’s ANHAD. Jagori’s Executive Committee includes Martin Macwan who features in the Vigil book –

13. Jamia Millia Islamia $150,000 (2009)

14. Jawaharlal Nehru University $400,000 (2010)

15. Kabir $397,000 (2008, 2011) (Has Manish Sisodia as founding-member – Kejriwal in its Governing Body – Has received crores from foreign agencies – ).

16. National Centre for Advocacy Studies $435,000 (2008, 2011)  ( doesn’t tell you who founded it – John Samuel? – and who heads it, but its “partners” include the Aman Trust (above), the Centre for Social Justice whose trustees include Upendra Baxi, Vijay Parmar of Janvikas (also a Ford Foundation grantee – $200,000 in 2007), Syeda Hameed of the Planning Commission, and retired high court judge RA Mehta –

17. National Foundation for India $2,500,000 (2007) (This features in Appendix 11 of the Vigil book; its trustees in 2006 included N Ram of The Hindu, Syeda Hameed, Mallika Sarabhai, an FF representative – and Mr. Manmohan Singh! It records that “The Ford Foundation provided pioneering support to set up NFI as an independent Indian Foundation to promote civil society action and public deliberation for social change.” – Its website includes Ratan Tata and S.P. Godrej amongst its former trustees and there is no longer specific mention of an FF representative – . Its current trustees include Nirmala Lakshman of The Hindu, former bureaucrat Probir Sen who was also managing director of Air India, Mihir Shah of the Planning Commission, and Ramchandra Guha – ).

18. National Social Watch $200,000 (2010) ( about-us is flowery prose but no names).

19. OXFAM India $200,000 (2010) (Features in Appendix 11 of the Vigil book; receives huge amounts from the British government as a tool of British foreign policy in India).

20. People’s Education and Rights Trust (PERT) $250,000 (2009) ( ; primary supporter is a Christian “international development agency” called Signpost International ).

21. Sabrang Trust $250,000 (2009) (A Teesta Setalvad enterprise. Google “Sabrang Trust” – you get Sabrang Communications which calls itself Trust at but then is a private limited company at the same website at The Trust is claimed to have been founded in 1933 –

The private limited company is also claimed to have been founded in 1933 – which also makes the Trust c/o Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

There’s also which, in its “About Us”, says nothing about a Trust. Setalvad does this kind of one organization fronting for another with her CJP too –; so does Harsh Mander in fundraising for the US-based Indian Muslim Relief Committee/Indian Muslim Relief and Charities – Appendix 11 of the Vigil book).

22. Society for Participatory Research in Asia $400,000 (2007, 2010) (Headed by Rajesh Tandon who features in Appendix 11 of the Vigil book. Its Governing Board includes Lalita Ramdas and Bibek Debroy –; has extensive and very influential foreign support –

23. South Asia Centre for Policy Studies $153,603 (2010) (Lists partners that include CPR above –; its executive committee includes Muchkund Dubey as co-chair – Sen and Gowher Rizvi (former FF head in India) are international advisors –

And this is just a sample. And this is just one foreign donor.

George & JesusNote the interconnections. It is a hunter’s net cast over our nation. Are we to believe it is out of blessed altruism that all these fortunes from abroad are being poured into Kejriwala and associated coffers? Are we to be so naïve as to forget about the realpolitik of Western foreign policy?

To take just this Ford Foundation, is it sheer coincidence that it gives such vast amounts in tribal areas where there is powerful Christian evangelism? Have we already forgotten the missionary-colonial policy of divide-and-rule to which we were subject? Never heard of the US government-supported Joshua Project?[6]

Ford Foundation LogoIs it coincidence that, for example, so much money has been given to the Kejriwala NGOs when the Kejriwalas are openly and rabidly anti-democratic?[7] Is it coincidence that the Ford Foundation’s own country, for all its pro-democracy propaganda, has a history of propping up dictators all over the world? Has the Ford Foundation no agenda behind the money it doles out? It has given millions of rupees to Kejriwala NGOs. Do you seriously believe it expects nothing in return from them?[8]

Recall the saying: “He who pays the piper calls the tune”. Missionary-neocolonial foreign agencies pay and the Kejriwalas and Sonia Gandhians sing (and dance) to the foreign tune.

This tune is called the destabilizing and break-up of our nation.

Recall the insistence of the Kejriwalas on giving foreigners a veto power in the selection of our country’s Lokpal. That their Jan Lokpal be called the Jan Fordpal is therefore a comment not far off the mark![9] 

Vinod RaiCaveat – certainly corruption must be battled. But, if we believe in democracy, then it must be fought by strengthening the institutions of our democracy, not undermining them. “There are three very public figures who are fighting corruption at three different levels and in three different ways. One does it as head of the administration he heads. The second does it by arousing mass awareness against (particularly, black money) corruption [janajagruti – till regrettably he over-reached himself]. The third does it by using the judicial route to enforce the anti-corruption law. All three are doing it from within a parliamentary democracy – and doing it effectively. I support that initiative” – my post dt. 23/4/11 at

Arun DasTailpiece

♦ For all his many, much-touted virtues, Anna Hazare (and Team Anna) had little time and compassion for those who took the threatened fast-unto-death seriously. In village Janapanka, Patna, a young and emotional Arun Das died fasting on 24 August. Team Anna expressed no regret. He hailed from Kamira village, district Boudh, Odisha. Worse, as youthful enthusiasts following the Anna fast noted, no formal notice was taken of his death and the report quickly vanished from the IAC update, though the IAC page on Facebook and @Janlokpal on Twitter had both announced the death.

Arun Das was actually a follower of Baba Ramdev, and it was the Yoga Guru who first announced his death from Ramlila Maidan. Baba’s organisation also made a formal announcement. IAC followed on Facebook and Twitter, and then lapsed into inexplicable silence.



Dinesh Yadan♦ A similar amnesia occurred in the case of Dinesh Yadav who, shouting pro-Hazare slogans, burnt himself alive at Kisan Ghat, Delhi –

He was survived by his wife and five children.

Team Anna expressed no regret. Team Anna, for all its foreign resources, is not known to have offered any support to the families of Arun Das and Dinesh Yadav.

Rajbala Malik♦ Contrast this with the case of Rajbala Malik, a victim of police brutality at Ramlila Maidan in the wee hours of June 4, 2011. As soon as his externment order from Delhi ended, Baba Ramdev visited Rajbala in hospital and offered all assistance by his Delhi Mahila Patanjali Yoga Samiti. “All medical expenses of Rajbala and other people injured during police action at Ramila Maidan will be borne by the Patanjali,” said Ramdev – .


1. More than 144 metric tonnes of waste daily – During both fasts, at night Hazare always retired from the public gaze, and government doctors, notwithstanding a Supreme Court direction, were not allowed by Team Anna to examine him –  12430; Siddharth Mishra, .

2. “It’s also part of the reason why the discourse has had almost no shades of grey. Where it’s turned into an “either you are with us or against us” space and the room for anyone to manoeuvre has been increasingly difficult… this team has become less and less tolerant of dissent. You cannot ask questions like — what about the right of Parliamentarians who represent the country, to choose whether they want this version of the Bill or not?… is the right to say “No, we disagree”, no longer available?….. if no political party is willing to support the Jan Lokpal Bill outright, does that mean the Parliament must be cast aside … Parliament and the rest of India be damned” – Revati Laul, . Note the characteristically abrahamist attitude of Team Anna – Luke 11.23, Matt 12.30.

The earlier analyses are in Jai ho, Jan Jokepal, (this appeared on June 15, 2011 and seems to have introduced “Jokepal” to the public vocabulary); “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion”,; The ox calling the donkey horned : Il bue che dà del cornuto all’asino,; “A Frankenstein’s monster that will devour all of us”,; “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”,

3.;; and Rakesh Ranjan/Vikash Lata, “Parliament, MPs mocked, berated at Ramlila Maidan” (The Pioneer, Aug 27, 2011, p.1, the print edition – the web edition omits most of the colourful details, but you can get their flavour from


The Vigil book is Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, eds., “NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry” (Chennai: Vigil Public Opinion Forum, 2nd edn, 2007), excerpts at

Of course, it is neither here nor there that Roy herself is a financial beneficiary of profits of the UK-based Booker Prize Trading Ltd and of the US-based Lannan Foundation that is funded from the ITT Corporation earnings of the late J. Patrick Lannan, Sr –;

5. There are other grantees too but, really, the entire list merits study, especially the FF interest in tribal communities and areas (where, as it happens, there is a powerful Christian conversion apparatus at work).

6. Mark 13.10; Luke 12.51-52; Rev 10.15, 15.4; Luke 19.27 – see read with V K Shashikumar,

7. This has been noted in the earlier analyses. See also “Anna is not India nor India Anna” (editorial, which quotes Kiran Bedi as claiming, “Anna is India and India is Anna”; “The Government has to either pass the Jan Lokpal Bill or go. There is no alternative” – Anna Hazare,; “I have made the decision of my life. It is up to the government to pass the (Jan Lokpal) bill. If it is not passed in this session, I will continue my fast till my last breath.” – Anna Hazare,

Recall MK Gandhi’s bold declaration that he would allow Partition only over his dead body. He then broke his word. Likewise, the current media-manufactured mahatma, after a like bold declaration, broke his word. There was at least one Indian who took Gandhi’s threatened fasts-unto-death seriously – and himself fasting too, died – B Punj, “Remember Jatindra Nath Das?” The Pioneer, Sept 10, 2004 and at Gandhi expressed no regret.

8. Recall the classic analysis by Marcel Mauss of the gift – the giving, the receiving, and the obligation to reciprocate.

9. s.5(d), (f) and (i) read with the proviso to s.7(i) – “Indian origin” does not exclude foreign citizens, and one Bharat Ratna awardee is a foreign citizen: just three of these foreigners need to gang up to exercise their veto ; post dt.2/9/11 by Ranjit at . – Vijayvaani, New Delhi, 5 Sept. 2011

» The author is a retired civil servant and co-editor of “NGOs, Activists & Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry” (Chennai: Vigil Public Opinion Forum, 2007)

Lokpal: A neo-con leech – Sandhya Jain

Sandhya Jain“Anna is MIXING UP the corruption that ordinary citizens are forced to indulge in – for admission to school, getting a gas cylinder, breaking a queue somewhere – and instilling guilt in the middle class. Anna is pretending that the small, medium, or large extortions that the middle class is subjected to are at par with the gargantuan corruption of the 2G scam.” – Sandhya Jain

K. Ashok RaoThe term ‘civil society,’ as wisely noted by Shri K. Ashok Rao, president, National Confederation of Officers’ Associations (NCOA), is an integral part of neo-con lexicon.

It denotes a group created by Capital and supported by Corporate Media. In this scheme of things, campaigns launched by foreign-funded NGOs are ‘civil society’.

The Corporate Media too, have a generous dose of FDI to keep their moral outrage flowing. As the Hindi proverb admonishes, bhooke bhakt na rahe Gopala, or ‘the hungry do not remain devout’.

Precisely such a neo-con scenario is unfolding in India today. A group of persons whose eminence lies in the foreign Team Annaawards and purses bestowed upon them by far-sighted benefactors, have invested huge resources in a nation-wide propaganda blitzkrieg to emotionally manipulate a citizenry nauseated by the corruption in the higher echelons of government.

And they have played an amazing game of Deception, Deceit, and Duplicity. They have deliberately confused issues to instill guilt in ordinary citizens and compel them to commit to their movement in public, all the while pursuing a covert agenda to undermine the Nation.

Real Problem vs. Phantom Issue

What has outraged ordinary citizens is the phenomenon known as ‘crony capitalism’. This is an open and shameless nexus between the political ruling A. Rajaclass, the senior bureaucracy, and the expanding corporate sector, whereby scarce national resources (like Spectrum, land) or lucrative national resources (like oil, gas, metals and minerals) are handed over to the private sector at throw away prices, to the detriment of the public exchequer.

This nexus has given us horrible scandals like 2G Spectrum; Adarsh Housing Society; Commonwealth Games; mining scams in various states; IPL (cricket); illicit accounts in foreign tax havens; to name just the most recent.

This loot is qualitatively different from the same nexus when it existed (it is eternal) in the pre-liberalisation era, popularly known as the license-permit raj. Back then, businessmen desired freedom from the strangulation of an inspector raj that did not let them function productively; they paid bribes because they had to in order to function, and ordinary citizens sympathized with them because they generated all the jobs outside of government and the public sector.

Anna HazareInterestingly, as corporate wealth has grown in recent decades, there are sectors with an army of ill-paid contractual workers and few permanent jobs with benefits. American billionaire Warren Buffet pointed to this truth in his own country recently.

But Anna Hazare and his moral brigade are not mentioning this issue – which is corroding the economy and spirit of the nation – at all.

Anna is MIXING UP the corruption that ordinary citizens are forced to indulge in – for admission to school, getting a gas cylinder, breaking a queue somewhere – and instilling guilt in the middle class. People are being asked to sign pledges that they will not give or take bribes, which is neither here nor there. That kind of bribery ends when institutions or services are improved; viz., you no longer need bribes or contacts to get a phone connection.

Sonia GandhiBut Anna is pretending that the small, medium, or large extortions that the middle class is subjected to are at par with the gargantuan corruption of the 2G scam.

Anna Hazare had no hesitation in seeking Ms Sonia Gandhi’s intervention to persuade the Government to pass his Lokpal Bill in April 2011. Now, in view of her mysterious disappearance abroad – for surgery or other personal reasons, no one knows for sure – he has thought only of appealing to Mr Rahul Gandhi to bail him out.


The question comes to mind – is all this a charade to force the beleaguered Prime Minister to throw in the towel and anoint Mr Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister, when no one wants him and no one believes in his leadership (sic) qualities?

Robert VadraIt is relevant that Anna and his cronies have not dared utter one word about Ms Sonia Gandhi, though she created unseemly controversies for the Gandhi family in many deals involving public money during the reign of both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. They can hardly be unaware of the questions in the public mind about the sudden financial eminence of Mr Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Ms Sonia Gandhi.

The fact that they constantly turn to Ms Sonia Gandhi and Mr Rahul Gandhi, like petulant children determined to have their way, raises serious doubts about their agenda and objectives.

Pied Piper and the Indian ‘Arab Spring’

Recently, an internet website, BeyondHeadlines, filed a query under the Right to Information Act regarding Anna associate Manish Sisodia’s organization, Kabir. Under this, Afroz Alam Sahil and S.Z. Saleem learnt that Kabir received funding from diverse sources, including the Michigan-based Ford Foundation, which has close links with the ubiquitous Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Thus, it transpires that Kabir received funds from the Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s Friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nationals Development Programme (Rs12,52,742). A paltry Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

Swami Agnivesh, Kiran Bedi & Manish SisodiaBesides the Ford Foundation, the UNDP and India Friends Association are US-based. PRIA and AID are headquartered in Asia.

In the light of what has happened in Iraq and now Libya – where foreign-funded dissidents brought down supposedly dictatorial regimes that gave an enviable standard of living to their citizens – we may legitimately ask why US-based bodies that have Zero Compassion for US citizens are funding a war against corruption (sic) on the other side of the world.

Just as the Iraqi stooges have no shame for bringing ruin upon their nation and people so American oil majors could loot the wealth of this ancient land, the Libyan stooges will feel no remorse when the white oil majors lick their lips and line their pockets with Libya’s high grade oil. They will feel no dishonour in bringing down the Caesar who was set to lead Africa into the era of the Gold Dinar.

Shall we, children of Chanakya, legatees of Arthasastra, the world’s most ancient manual of statecraft, be swayed by the rhetoric of men and women who owe their eminence and so-called moral profile to foreign recognition and foreign purses?

Arvind KejriwalLet there be no mistake on this score. What has just been attempted in India is nothing but a US-manipulated Colour Revolution, a kind of non-violent Arab Spring, with ample provision for violence should the need arise.

Consider three points.

First, in the preparatory Delhi seminars in April, where he lobbied with RSS think tanks for their cadre support, Mr Arvind Kejriwal constantly enticed his audience to make Anna Hazare’s fast at Jantar Mantar into India’s Tehrir Square.

I was astounded. At Tehrir Square, as everyone knows, emotive crowds pressured Mr Hosni Mubarak to quit office. But the Army remained in full control, and even now there is really no change in governance in Egypt. Where is the great revolution?

Rahul GandhiCan making Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister be the fruit of India’s Tehrir Square (Ramlila Maidan)? What an anti-climax.

Secondly, Anna Hazare openly encouraged the crowds to gather at the houses of Ministers and MPs and force them to support his movement (he did say they should be non-violent). Thus demonstrators arrived at the official residence of the Prime Minister in Assam and at the homes of ministers in some cities, including Delhi, and thus created an opening for agent provocateurs to indulge in mischief…

Third, both Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal openly exhorted the crowd to resist the authorities if they tried to remove the fasting agitator to hospital. The hysteria on this count only rose after the all party meet declared Parliament was supreme and refused to be hustled into passing his half-baked Jan Lokpal Bill.

Such resistance can only be violent, and let’s not fudge this issue. It was a call to chaos, and any violence that may occur in future should be laid at their doors.

Jain LogoSallekhana and the fast-unto-death

In the Jain tradition, sallekhana (also santhara) or the fast-unto-death is embraced with great solemnity and joy, for a soul that has lived a full life in this world is turning its face back to the Supreme Source from which it emanated. In 1994, my paternal uncle suddenly felt the urge to depart while in full command of his faculties and in good health. He announced after a midday meal that the call had come, and gave up food and water completely. He died after ten days, in good cheer, unwavering to the end that he was going to meet the Source.

Not for us this cheap shrillness – look at me, I am dying for your sins. Reform, repent, do as I say, or all will be lost forever.

Give me a break.

My advice

My advice to the Government is as follows – if Anna dies, let the Lokpal Bill die with him. After all, it is his imposed agenda on the nation. Parliament, in its wisdom, kept it on the backburner for 42 years. We simply don’t need it.

What we do need is:

  • To appreciate the marvellous job done by the Comptroller & Auditor General in bringing the guilty in the 2G scam to book
  • In uncovering the layers of deceit in the Commonwealth Games
  • In meticulously documenting a host of other scams (reports of which are soon to be tabled in Parliament).

Vinod RaiMr Vinod Rai has done the nation proud; he has shown us what is possible when decent officers uphold the dignity of their office. Mr T.N. Seshan did that with the Election Commission. With officers like that, we don’t need an officious Lokpal of foreign-funded moral crusaders.

We do, however, need a Central Bureau of Investigation that is unshackled by political masters. In other words, strengthen the existing institutions; don’t add to the bureaucracy; and don’t burden the Consolidated Fund of India.

We, the humble taxpayers of India, are already groaning under unbearable prices. We don’t want another creamy layer of NGOs battening off our blood.

It is time to end the charade at Ramlila Maidan. 

» Sandhya Jain is the editor of Vijayvaani, New Delhi