Hatred for Narendra Modi by the Congress’ first family will intensify next year – Anirban Ganguly

Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Sumitra Mahajan

Dr Anirban Ganguly“In the coming year, one will see this intense hatred for Narendra Modi that the Congress’ first family spews only get more accentuated. The family lives in a delusional world and believes that demonising and publicly berating Modi will ensure that their depleted and confused flock survives.” – Dr Anirban Ganguly

It is an interesting phenomenon that a particular political party and its sustaining dynasty continues to be irreconcilable to the fact that it has lost the people’s mandate and has been designated to live without the power that comes with it, at least for five years. The year 2015 has continuously seen the expressions of its irresponsible behaviour that stems from an inability to come to terms with political defeat.

The Congress, especially its leading family, always takes defeat personally and it is in its tradition—if one is to recall the treatment meted out to Chandrashekhar—to create ruckus and act as street toughs and bullies, targeting those who have been the causes of its defeat. It consigns governance, delivery, stability and commitment to parliamentary systems and traditions to the dungeon, and its sole obsession is to try and create legislative and political disruptions in the country.

Congress LogoFor a party that has been in power for so long, such a denigration of the democratic and parliamentary traditions is lamentable. The deeper reason for such a wild behaviour is the intense disdain for a leader who has risen through ceaseless struggle from a railway platform to the high office of the prime minister, despite the Congress’ first family trying to stymie that rise. In the coming year, one will see this intense hatred for Narendra Modi that the Congress’ first family spews only get more accentuated. The family lives in a delusional world and believes that demonising and publicly berating Modi will ensure that their depleted and confused flock survives.

Meanwhile, the fumbling designated prince of Congress will forever remain unprepared, running around badly enacting the role of India’s saviour. The intemperance in political behaviour and articulation from the group of 44 will increase, also because we have a prime minister who strictly adheres to democratic traditions and never allows his personal insult to come in the way of decision-making.

Modi’s approach to the states, his assiduously demonstrated faith in India’s federal structure, which the Congress’ first family has always worked to weaken by trampling upon regional leaders and sentiments, has brought about a stability and faith that such a tradition will eventually strike deeper roots in India. Despite intemperate outbursts from some maverick regional leaders against him, Modi continues with dignity and perseverance to respect diversities of opinion and does not allow that insult to influence or shake his deeply embedded faith in the federal as well as united destiny and goal of India.

Meanwhile, Communists will continue floundering, disintegrate and end up becoming lackeys of various political forces, both external and internal. While paid intellectuals and card-carrying ideologues will keep crying “intolerance” from time to time, especially on foreign soil during junkets, the rise of India as a civilisational state shall continue. That irreversible march has begun; trivialities cannot arrest it in the long run. – The New Indian Express, 27 December 2015

» Anirban Ganguly is Director, Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, New Delhi.

Sonia & Rahul


3 Responses

  1. As is rightly pointed out by the author the Congress party is trying every trick up its sleeve to embarrass the present government led by Narendra Modi. The stalling of parliament on National Herald issue and blocking the GST bill is a strategy to halt the development process under BJP rule. The Congress party has already its begun preparations for the 2019 general elections and the aggressive postures dawned by Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi is part of that strategy. Sadly the BJP and its various fringe elements have given enough fodder for the power hungry Congress and allies to attack the government. What we have been witnessing is the Congress spreading lies and half truths and repeating them. At the same time I think the BJP should not play in the hands of a small party like AAP which is creating ruckus only to be in the national news. I hope some sane elements in the party will take stock of . these developments and take corrective measures and not give the country back into the hands of the party which has betrayed us all these years.

  2. How many times Sonia and Rahul go abroad ? Why ? Why they keep it secret ?

  3. The Family is reconciled to the defeat.Hence,it’s trying to tie up with others in the ‘mahagathbandhan”.And they are getting partners.There must be huge funds flowing in from abroad through various Christian organizations.The victories,irrespective of whether they are permanent,in Bihar,Delhi( though of AAP) and the M.P.,have given them hope.The stupid and talentless team of Modiji is making things easier for them.The various violent actions by B.D. and speeches by Mohan Bhagwat,Hindu Mahasabha, Ram Madhav are making the Christians and Muslims consolidate as a block.Modiji and the BJP should have talked to the minorities before the beef-ban,to the people in general about various bans by way of apps and then decided.A regular statement about how the nation is being weakened not by the Hindutva forces( which should tone down the demographic imbalance etc.) but by the outside agencies working through the minorities and our own attitudes towards the dalits and the poor and neglected sections,should be given to the press.Otherwise –back to the opposition benches.Also,warn all nations about possible attempts at hijacking our plane/s from their airports–which prompts Congress into bringing the relatives of the travellers on the planes to scream on the streets exactly like the Kandahar episode.Mind well,the relatives were asking the Govt.to let Pakistan have Kashmir but let off their dear ones.Our nation is far from united and so tough stand can’t be taken.Dealing with the family will have to consider all issues.

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