Rahul Gandhi’s tantrum at Sonped village exposes his political shortcomings – Mail Today

Rahul Gandhi at Sunped village in Haryana

Rahul Gandhi can’t seem to curb his immaturity, even when paying a condolence visit. 

The Congress scion was paying a visit to Sonped village in Haryana, post the horrific incident, where two children of a Dalit family had been burnt alive

It was a time to hear the bereaved speak. 

Instead, Rahul got into the limelight in the worst possible way. 

He not only snapped at an India Today TV journalist who was speaking to the family of the victims—at the time he wanted to speak to them—he got angry when someone asked him if he had come for a photo-op. 

Yes, it was an insensitive question. But surely Rahul should: a) have a thicker skin by now and b) also know that such questions are asked to get the desired sound bytes. 

If he doesn’t know by this by now, he remains a naive boy lost in the world of politics; if he does know this and still got angry, he remains a bigger liability for his party than one had originally thought. 

Tantrums aside, Rahul must realize politics is more than catchy phrases like ‘suit boot ka sarkar.’ It is about having a vision for India. 

PM Modi has promised development while all Rahul has given us is dharna. It’s time to grow up. – Mail Online, 23 October 2015


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  1. “Rahul’s leadership unacceptable, Congress refuses to learn,” says Congress leader M.L. Fotedar – The Hindu – New Delhi – 25 Oct 2015

    A close aide of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has come out in the open to question the leadership credentials of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and says it is only a matter of time when it will be challenged within the party along with that of his mother and party president Sonia Gandhi.

    Mr. Gandhi is a reluctant politician like his father Rajiv Gandhi and has his “limitations” as he has not been groomed for the job unlike his father whom Indira Gandhi herself groomed, says veteran Congress leader M.L. Fotedar in his yet-to-be-released book The Chinar Leaves.

    Mr. Fotedar, in the book, says Mr. Gandhi had “certain stubbornness” and his motivation to become a leader was “not very strong”.

    “Rahul Gandhi’s leadership is unacceptable to the people of this country and Sonia Gandhi has her best years behind her. The party has no one to provide direction. It refuses to learn.

    “It has made wrong choices while appointing opposition leaders in both Houses of Parliament. It has made wrong choices about how to deal with the challenges in the Assembly elections. In fact, there is nothing right, which the party has done or is doing. It saddens me that the Nehru-Indira legacy has reached a cul-de-sac,” he said.

    He goes on to add that “Since Soniaji still is the unchallenged leader of the party, it should be her responsibility to reinvent the party. Blaming Rahul in a way is shifting the blame from the Congress president to someone, who has yet to display his leadership skills.

    “History is threatening to repeat itself. It is a matter of time before Soniaji’s and Rahul’s leadership is challenged from within the party. I will be observing closely how they stand up to this looming challenge, because Sonia is not Indira and Rahul is not Sanjay,” Mr. Fotedar said.

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