Hindu Mahasabha: BJP govt has failed to protect the holy cow – Sandeep Rai

Hindu Mahasabha

Beef Export“BJP has become carbon copy of Congress. It is simply following blindly the policies set up by the party. I ask them openly what is preventing the ruling BJP from banning the beef export which is the root of all evil. This party can no longer be trusted.” – Hindu Mahasabha leader Ashok Sharma

“BJP has failed miserably in protecting holy cow. The party has maintained double standards in this regard. They symbolically protest cow slaughter but a large number of BJP leaders have stake in slaughter houses all over the country where the holy cow is butchered. Now with Amit Shah having restrained its leaders from speaking on the issue, this will further embolden the cow slaughterers. But unlike BJP, the Hindu Mahasabha has always taken firm stand when it comes to religious issues. We will resort to violence if we find cow slaughter taking place anywhere”, said Ashok Sharma, member of central working body of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha.

He further stated, “We are not governed by BJP or its prodigies that change their stance as per the opportunities that suit their interest. We have separate identity and we believe that cow slaughter is a violent act against Hindu religion. And we will pay back in the same coin. Violence committed to negate violence is also another form of ahimsa. We will announce the strategy on prevention of cow slaughter on Balidaan Divas on November 15 in memory of Nathuram Godse.”

The Hindu Mahasabha leader was reacting to the repeated backtracking of statements made by BJP leaders in the recent past, the prominent one being Manohar Khattar’s when the Haryana CM said Muslims must give up beef to live in India. However, within 24 hours after making the statement the CM retracted from his statement.

In similar fashion, BJP, MP, Sakshi Maharaj and Sardhana MLA, Sangeet Som were also reportedly pulled up by party president in a meeting that took place between these leaders and Amit Shah in Delhi. As per the reports, the firebrand leaders were told to refrain from making disturbing statements against Muslims as they were contributing to ‘derailing of the PM’s development agenda’.

Narendra Modi & Amit Shah“First they make a statement and then they take it back. What do they fear of? Modi was voted into power not because of the so-called ‘development agenda’. The Hindus voted him out of fear of Muslims. They thought that Modi’s presence at the helm will keep check on Muslims because the latter knew what Modi was capable of from their experiences in Godhra. But all that is lost now. BJP has become carbon copy of Congress. It is simply following blindly the policies set up by the party. I ask them openly what is preventing the ruling BJP from banning the beef export which is the root of all evil. This party can no longer be trusted.”

The leader further said that had they been running the country they would be giving the Muslims same treatment as meted out to Hindus in Pakistan. – Times of India, 19 October 2015

Al-Kabeer abattoir in AP

An inside view of a cow slaughter unit owned by Al Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd., Rudraram Village, Patancheru, Medak, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Al Kabeer is owned by Subhash Sabarwal, a Dubai-based NRI, and managed by his brother, Satish Sabarwal.

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5 Responses

  1. The export of beef ( the flesh of cow and her progeny) stands officially banned since a long time. It is buffalo meat (also known as carabeef) of which India has become the largest exporter. However we have to guard against the possibility of some quantity of beef being surreptitiously exported in the garb of buffalo meat.

    • Most people understand the term ‘beef’ to refer to cow meat only.

      If Westerners knew their India-imported ‘beef’ was buffalo meat, they would feel cheated and reject it.

      Maybe there is an intention to mislead the customer by referring to buffalo meat as ‘beef’ by Indian meat exporters.

      The general use of the term ‘beef’ also hides the actual cow meat that may be (illegally) included in the export package.

      Buffalo meat should be identified only as ‘carabeef’ or another unique term, not as beef.

  2. Well said Hindu Mahasabha, atleast you have some spine to challenge these people. But don’t forget to follow the foot steps of Veer Sarvarkar in all aspects who has given the rational vision for the nation. Most of things he told in his speeches and writings has come true now.

  3. No doubt BJP is stepping back now from its original stand as it was before general elections. However, I think this is because its prime focus on nation’s development as on now, hence religious support activities kept on the back yards. What they forgot is that we Hindus, as majority people of this country, interest must be kept alive and intact. BJP sooner or later must realize this and act, otherwise they are responsible for future consequences. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. Let them remember this maxim.

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