Shake the Saudi Sheikhs – Ravi Shankar

Nepalese rape victims in Delhi

Ravi Shankar Etteth“Saudi culture treats women as just one step above pond scum; they are arrested for driving and writing blogs. The country buys sex slaves trafficked from all over the world, including the West, for the harems of millionaire petro-sheikhs. Recently a girl was sentenced t0 200 lashes and six months in jail for the ‘crime’ of being raped—a Sharia court deemed the 19-year-old had sex with a man who was not her husband. The country is one of the few which don’t accept the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” – Ravi Shankar

RavanaEvil has myriad faces. In mythology, it is Ravana who kidnapped Sita, or Hades who abducted and raped Persephone. In history, it is Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Mao who massacred millions. Idi Amin kept severed heads of his enemies in the refrigerator. Duvalier and Pinochet had the blood of thousands of innocents on their hands. But there are lesser known, faceless envoys of moral dementia who commit crimes that will never be brought to justice. Majid [Ashoor], the Saudi diplomat, and his friends who gang-raped and beat his Nepali maids every night are among these faces of arrogance. Majid is emblematic of his unapologetically repressive culture and its power.

Saudi Arabia represents evil on an unimaginable scale. It is governed by dictators who brook no dissent and have prisons that make Lubyanka look like a picnic spot. Saudi culture treats women as just one step above pond scum; they are arrested for driving and writing blogs. The country buys sex slaves trafficked from all over the world, including the West, for the harems of millionaire petro-sheikhs. Recently a girl was sentenced t0 200 lashes and six months in jail for the ‘crime’ of being raped—a Sharia court deemed the 19-year-old had sex with a man who was not her husband. The country is one of the few which don’t accept the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Public executions are common, hands are chopped off, and women, even princesses, are beheaded in public for having an affair. Saudi Arabia and its sadistic clerics represent the worst face of Islam—Wahhabism. Many of its ruling elite use oil dollars to fund Islamic terror worldwide. Their aim is to destroy the liberal, culturally inclusive and mystic Sufi tradition of the subcontinent and impose global Islamic Sharia everywhere.

The Gulf dictatorship’s covert agenda in India is to destabilise communal harmony. The Congress looked the other way when the Saudis spent Rs 1,700 crore during UPA II’s rule to encourage illiterate radical mullahs preaching Wahhabi apocalypse against ‘infidels’. According to the Intelligence Bureau, Saudi Arabia has given Rs 800 crore to establish four Wahhabi universities, Rs 400 crore to build 40 new mosques, and Rs 300 crore to set up new madrasas.

The irony is that the US—which had no compunctions in strip-searching Devyani Khobragade and jailing her for allegedly making her maid work extra hours—supports the Saudis for oil and strategic interests. After 9/11, only the Saudi envoy to Washington was allowed to leave, when all US airspace was shut down.

Saudi Arabia Embassy New DelhiHence the Saudis are used to breaking the law, confident in the belief that they are untouchable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is travelling around the world, greeted with rock star receptions and boosting the image of India as the next big power. When India was an ancient civilisation, boasting of Aryabhatt and the Vedas, the Saudis were wandering in the desert, barbecuing camels. Yet, it is these Bedouin barbarians who dominate the global agenda while Indian Sikhs are attacked in the US and jeered at as towel heads. It is time for the government to make Majid [Ashoor] an example to put the Saudis and Wahhabis in their place. Or else, when the Sharia comes knocking at your door, only ‘secular’ India—which chooses to stay blind to the spread of Wahhabism and the destruction of India’s post-Mughal syncreticism—will be to blame. – The New Indian Express, 13 September 2015

» Ravi Shankar Etteth is an author, cartoonist and columnist for The New Indian Express. Email him at

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4 Responses

  1. AIDWA Rape Protest

    Saudi diplomat leaves India, activists upset – Kallol Bhattacherjee – The Hindu – 17 September 2015

    Majed Hassan Ashoor, the Saudi Arabian diplomat accused of sexual assault on two Nepali maids has exited India, the External Affairs Ministry said in a press statement late on Wednesday evening. With his departure, the Ministry may have escaped a tough diplomatic imbroglio.

    Ashoor’s silent departure appears to be part of a diplomatic bargain struck between India and Saudi Arabia after the high-level intervention of National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. Earlier, the Ministry was accused of going soft on the case, which the former Foreign Secretary Maharaj Krishna Rasgotra said was as a sign of the sensitive issues involved in this case.

    Mr. Rasgotra said the Saudis were “frightfully important to India at the moment due to the global circumstances and the Saudi diplomat’s departure seems like a solution arrived at through mutual consultation”.

    However, activists are not satisfied because they believe that full justice has not been served to the maids.

    “The External Affairs Ministry has allowed the Nepali maids to return home where they were further humiliated as their families have disowned them. India should not have deserted the Nepali maids who have been distanced from the investigating authorities in India due to the stealthy and hurried repatriation,” said Ruchira Gupta of Apne Aap International.

    However, Ms. Gupta says, repatriation of the victims has the potential of crippling the investigation in this case. Victim protection, Ms. Gupta says, should have been India’s priority.

    Ashoor’s departure will not probably affect the investigation by the police in Nepal in Kathmandu. Nepali sources told The Hindu that they were investigating trafficking of Nepali women via Indian metros when the case involving the Saudi diplomat in Gurgaon came up.

    “We have arrested a number of individuals connected to this case in Kathmandu in the last one week. Those arrested are helping us understand the modus operandi of the traffickers who masqueraded as maid recruitment agents,” said Rajendra Man Shrestha, the police representative in the Nepal Embassy.

    With the Nepal Police launching an investigation into the trafficking of women through Indian metros, Rajendra Man Shrestha, the police representative in the Nepal Embassy, says the focus right now is to find out more about an elusive character named Anwar who is a kingpin. “There are conflicting reports about Anwar. Some say he is based in India and some suggest that he is back in Nepal. Even the victims have not been able to provide a detailed sketch of Anwar. But we are confident of capturing him,” Mr. Shreshta told The Hindu here on Wednesday.

    The investigation in Nepal is aimed at helping the Indian part of the legal process, but Ruchira Gupta, activists from Apne Aap International, believes that the investigation will not be able to reach its logical conclusion without the presence of the two maids in India. She suggests that India offer victim protection package, including financial compensation, to the maids and ensure their presence here for a satisfying conclusion of the case.

    That apart, India should build a stronger protection mechanism for such maids to prevent recurrence of similar cases involving trafficked women and minors.

    • By withdrawing the diplomat, the Saudis have admitted the probability of the crime.

      Given the circumstances, they could hardly do anything else.

      Hopefully “blood money” in good portion was arranged for the Nepalese victims by the Indian side.

  2. Brilliant piece…exposing the evil state called Saudi Barbaria.

  3. Over 20 men allegedly raped maids of Saudi diplomat – Rao Jaswant Singh & Sanjay Yadav – TNN – Sep 13, 2015

    GURGAON: The two Nepalese women, who were rescued from the Gurgaon flat of a Saudi diplomat, had probably been sexually assaulted by over 20 men over a period of time.

    The two women had shared with police this shocking detail, but the police were waiting for more confirmation. Medical tests – performed twice – gave a clear indication of the brutality the two had to suffer. The women had even claimed that sometimes seven or eight men would take turns in raping them.

    And now CCTV footage taken from Caitriona Apartments clearly shows the diplomat, a first secretary at the Saudi embassy, had around 22 regular visitors. All of them came dressed in the traditional Saudi attire, complete with the keffiyeh or headgear. In one such footage, the diplomat is seen welcoming his friends at the entrance of his 6,750-sq feet apartment.

    The cops in charge of the investigation, after examining the CCTV footage, have handed it over to the DCP (east) office.

    But they have still not been able to act on the information available as they are waiting for instructions from the ministry of external affairs. The police have also requested MEA for permission to question the diplomat and his wife, who are now staying in the embassy.

    MEA, however, has yet to hear from the Saudi embassy. On Thursday, the MEA chief of protocol called in the Saudi ambassador and conveyed Haryana police’s request for cooperation. But so far there has been no progress, with India and Saudi Arabia struggling to find a way out of this mess that could threaten bilateral relations. On Friday, the MEA and PMO put their heads together, with the matter going all the way up to national security adviser Ajit Doval.

    If the Saudis send the diplomat home, it would amount to an admission of guilt, and weaken the line they have taken that the first secretary is innocent and is being framed. On its part, India could provide the Saudis a face-saver by expelling the diplomat – as it would allow the Saudis to stick to their line that their man was innocent – but that would open up the possibility of a retaliatory expulsion of an Indian diplomat from Riyadh. And India does not want relations between the two countries to suffer, especially with about three million Indians working there.

    However, while the matter remained deadlocked here, the probe picked up pace in Nepal. The Central Investigating Bureau (CIB) there picked up Kalpana Tamang from Kathmandu on Saturday. Kalpana is believed to be the Nepali agent who supplied people to Anwar in Delhi, who eventually placed them in different households.

    “The two women have reached Nepal but have not been able to meet their families as they have been with the CIB to record their statements and for other legal formalities,” Bal Krishna Pandey, the president of an NGO, Maiti-India, told TOI over the phone. The NGO had been responsible for the rescue of the two women from the diplomat’s house.

    Pandey said the victims are anxious to meet their families. The 30-year-old victim is dying to meet her two children, a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.

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