Open letter by a cop to those opposing death penalty to Yakub Memon – OpIndia

Yakub Memon

Indian Police Service“Some of our “intelligentsia” have been crying that “due processes of law” have not been followed in this case. It is a shame that a case which is going for two decades, which has been debated at multiple levels of the judiciary, even at the highest level, is still subjected to scrutiny by mis-informed, half-read, cretins sitting in AC cabins and reading op-eds.” — A “Thulla”

Dear “Intelligentsia” of India,

I am not a TV panelist. I am not a “human rights” activist. I am not a lawyer. I am not a political commentator. I am not a best-selling author. I am not the son or  grandson of a famous man. I am an aam aadmi. More than an aam aadmi, I am an officer in the Indian police force. And I am writing this letter to all of you, after seeing your robust defence of a terrorist.

Why I mention who I am is important because unlike all of you, I don’t sit in plush AC offices and write editorials seeking clemency for a murderer. Nor do I visit TV studios and shout myself hoarse. Instead I meet such killers every single day. But I don’t meet them for cocktail parties or at press conferences (like some of you do).

I meet them on the road, in the streets, with weapons in their arms and hate in their eyes. I have been in situations with them where they would not hesitate a single moment before pulling the trigger on me, but I have to consider all the ramifications like “human rights”, “due process” and “fake encounter” before I save my life and of the innocent people around me.

Given the above, I believe I am in a far better position to comment on a mass murderer like Yakub Memon than any of you are.

To defend this criminal, multitudes of arguments have been put forth by what are now called “Adarsh Liberals” in our society. Luckily, almost no one has pleaded that he is innocent. The situation is such that Indians have to be grateful to our “Intelligentsia” for such small mercies.

But one common hypothesis put forward by many is that Yakub Memon surrendered to the Indian authorities, and then cooperated with the investigations. Plain lies. Late B. Raman, one of India’s finest intelligence officers wrote this in his article:

He had come to Kathmandu secretly from Karachi to consult a relative and a lawyer on the advisability of some members of the Memon family, including himself, who felt uncomfortable with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, returning to India and surrendering to the Mumbai police. The relative and the lawyer advised him against surrender due to a fear that justice might not be done to them. They advised Yakub to go back to Karachi.

Before he could board the flight to Karachi, he was picked up by the Nepal police on suspicion, identified and rapidly moved to India.

This was yesterday confirmed on some news channels when they interviewed the Nepali police officer. He re-iterated that there was no deal and Yakub was fleeing to Karachi. Then why are our “Intelligentsia” hell bent on stating otherwise?

Let me put it another way: I know there is a rat in my house, and I place a laddoo in a trap. The rat gets caught and then pleads for mercy saying that he had come to “surrender” because I had offered him a “laddoo” (deal). Do I let him live?

The second common argument is “but we are against death penalty. It is barbaric”. My simple question is: Did it take the death sentence of a terrorist to wake up the bleeding heart activists? Couldn’t you demand a change in law for so many years? Why are you crying for this beast?

For the record even I am not decided on this issue. Just because we are from the police force doesn’t mean we do not value human life. But in the case of a terrorist, what choice do we have? Do we preserve him hoping he will reform? Can terrorists who come with guns in their hands and an unshakable belief that what they are doing—killing innocent people—is right, be ever reformed?

Forget reformation, keeping such a dastardly mind alive is a big security risk too. Every time he is shifted from jails we have to be our toes to see if any attempt will be made by his gang members to either kill him, so that he is silenced or rescue him, so that he can continue his activities. And there is always the risk that one fine day his friends will hold some innocent civilians hostage and demand his release, so that we can put our lives at risk all over again to re-capture him.

You want to abolish death penalty? Go ahead, but not for terrorists.

Some of our “intelligentsia” have been crying that “due processes of law” have not been followed in this case. It is a shame that a case which is going for two decades, which has been debated at multiple levels of the judiciary, even at the highest level, is still subjected to scrutiny by mis-informed, half-read, cretins sitting in AC cabins and reading op-eds. If you did have a problem with the process, why did you not raise your voice in 2013 when he was sentenced to death? Why now when his death is imminent? Are these delaying tactics? Where do your loyalties lie dear “Intelligentsia”? I sincerely hope all these people are tried for contempt of court.

And finally there are some utter lowlifes who have given this entire thing a political, communal and even casteist colour. How can one party whichever it may be, be held responsible for a Supreme Court verdict, which has taken two decades and during which time multiple political parties have fought in courts against Yakub Memon? Do you have even an iota of conscience and rationality left in you when you make such absurdly illogical statements to defend a terrorist?

In the aftermath of the Gurdaspur attacks, it has been reported that now India may be a target of the ISIS. In such situations Indians must unite and fight such a huge demon. But given how our “Intelligentsia” are hell-bent in sowing seeds of discord among us, I fear we will be easy targets for such groups. While we keep shouting Hindu-Muslim, Brahmin-Dalit, BJP-Congress, I fear these terrorists will rip my poor country apart.

— A “Thulla” (Author’s identity has been withheld by request) – OpIndia, 30-7-15

(From Left-Right) Tiger Memon, Essa Memon, Yusuf Memon, Ayub Memon, & Yakub Memon

Mumbai blast victims at India Gate

Mumbai Bombings 1993


3 Responses

  1. No last namaz for terrorists, sympathizers: Clerics – Priyangi Agarwal – The Times of India – July 19, 2015

    Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh: Clerics of the Dargah Ala Hazrat, the influential seminary here, have issued a new fatwa that bars the recital of burial prayers for any person associated with terrorism.

    Sending out a strong message on the occasion of Eid, clerics of the influential seminary announced that if any person with terror connections dies, the ‘namaz-e-janaza’ would not be read during burial services for him. The prayer is important for Islamic last rites.

    After the special Eid prayer was offered at the mosques, clerics of the Dargah asked their followers to boycott people associated with terrorism. “On the pious occasion of Eid, the Sunni Barelvi Markaz send a strong message that no maulana, mufti or other religious leader will read the ‘namaz-e-janaza’ for anyone associated with terrorism in any form. By this, we want to lodge a strong protest against terrorism,” said Mufti Mohammed Salim Noori, general secretary, Tahreek-e-Tahaffuz Sunniat (TTS), which is a wing of Dargah Ala Hazrat. ‘Namaz-e-janaza’ is a special prayer offered by clerics seeking blessings for the deceased, and it is read before a burial.

    The seminary is known for passing progressive fatwas, including in the recent past. As reported by TOI on July 18, clerics had passed a fatwa declaring that zakat, donations mandated by Islam, should go towards funding modern education and hi-tech gadgets as well. In another fatwa in June, clerics had decreed that women could run their own businesses, although they had to limit business dealings to other women.

  2. Photos and text courtesy of TAPAN GHOSH’S FB Timeline

    Yakub Memon cortege Mumbai 30-7-15 Yakub Memon cortège Mumbai 30-7-15 Yakub Memon cortège Mumbai 30-7-15 Yakub Memon cortège in Mumbai 30-7-15

    These pictures have been taken … in Mumbai [on 30 July 2015].

    Can you recognize these people from the given pictures?

    You don’t?

    Well … that is strange!!!

    They are our neighbors … our minority brothers. You must have realized by now, that they are taking part in a mourning procession. The pain in their eyes suggest that the funeral must be of someone very close to their hearts. Now the real question is … who is this dear one?

    Is he the same person who took an active part in the 12th March, 1993 Mumbai attack? The attack, which involved 13 serial RDX bomb blasts and claimed 257 Indian lives? The attack which was planned and controlled from Pakistan? The answer is a big YES. The name of this INSPIRED SON of Pakistan is Yakub Memon. Today he was hanged till death in Nagpur Jail after a prolonged trial of 22 years. Fortunately for him, India does not follow Sharia law. This anti-India element was given numerous scopes to put forward his case in the lower court, high court and finally the Supreme Court. This murderer of 257 innocent Indian civilians was allowed to employ the best lawyers to fight his case. These pictures will help you to realize that money for such elements is literally not a problem for him.

    This post is not to make you realize that this terrorist is loved by so many Indians. Even if you do not understand, I will not probe the thought further. This post is to remind you that, these friends of this GREAT SON of Pakistan are no strangers. They are our neighbors. Now the real question is … if they love a terrorist so much, how much do they love an Indian nationalist? How much do they love a patriotic Indian? How much do they love us? Can they love both at the same time? Will that not be contradictory?

    I will humbly request you all not to do the same blunder that Mastarda Surya Sen did in a 20% Hindu populated Chattogram. If you do, be ready to face the same consequences that his later generations had to face. You will be gifting your children a refugee life.

    Now look at these pictures again and remember the usual political rhetoric “Terrorism has no Religion”, “Secularism (read Muslim appeasement) is the key to a happy society”, “Hindu and Muslim are two flowers of the same tree”, etc.

    Do not listen to me. Listen to your heart, but after consulting your mind. Do not miss the crystal clear wall writing.

    Pictures: Crowd outside Yakub Memon’s residence
    Photo: Courtesy Mandar Deodhar
    Courtesy: Tapan Ghosh FB Timeline

  3. When Hindus create an atmosphere of fear no will dare take side of terrorists .Right now Hindus are seeing as easy targets who cant defend themselves and thats why Hinduphobes take sides of terrorists..

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