Charlie Hebdo — Je Suis Charlie

Cartoon by Francisco J. Olea

Cartoon by Cyprien

Cartoon by David Pope

French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo's publisher and cartoonist, known only as Charb, clenches his fist as he presents to journalists, on September 19, 2012 in Paris, at the headquarters, the last issue which features on the front cover a satirical drawing entitled "Intouchables 2". Inside pages contain several cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Mohammed. The magazine's decision to publish the cartoons came against a background of unrest across the Islamic world over a crude US-made film that mocks Mohammed and portrays Muslims as gratuitously violent. The title refers to "Intouchables", a 2012 French movie, the most seen French movie abroad, which is selected to represent France for the Oscars nominees, according to one of his directors, Eric Toledano. AFP PHOTO FRED DUFOUR

“Criticism of religion is the very measure of the guarantee of free speech—the literal sacred institution of society.” – Jonathon Turley

Charlie Hebdo Famous Cover

People hold placards reading in French "I am Charlie" during a gathering in front of the prefecture in Lille, northern France, on January 7, 2015, following an attack by unknown gunmen on the offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Heavily armed men shouting "Allahu Akbar" stormed the Paris headquarters of a satirical weekly on January 7, killing 12 people in cold blood in the worst attack in France in decades.  AFP PHOTO / DENIS CHARLET        (Photo credit should read DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images)

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The Jihadi's End!



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  1. Charlie Hebdo

    Where to Buy the New Charlie Hebdo – Sarah Begley & Olivier Laurent – Time – New York & Paris – 14 January 2015

    French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo will release its first issue Wednesday since last week’s attack left eight journalists dead at its Paris office, but only a few hundred copies of the first printing are set to reach the United States over the next few days.

    The issue, which was created entirely by its surviving staffers using workspace and equipment provided by others, is set for an initial printing of 1 million copies, well above its typical 60,000. If demand is high enough, there is an option to print 2 million more. It will be available at newsstands across France but for those outside the country who want to pick one up, it’s a bit trickier.

    LMPI, a distributor of foreign magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, told TIME that Charlie Hebdo has been unavailable in the U.S. since 2010 due to low sales. But it will resume delivery specifically for this week’s issue.

    “We’re getting a few copies for the U.S.,” said Martin McEwen, the company’s executive vice president of press distribution. “As part of the magazine’s first run, we will receive 300 copies, and these will be distributed between Friday and Tuesday in New York, San Francisco and some major French magazine retailers across the U.S.”

    The North American distributor said it has been in discussions with major retailers. A spokeswoman for Barnes & Noble said the bookseller doesn’t and won’t offer Charlie Hebdo in its newspaper and magazine sections, adding “that’s unlikely to change.”

    Several magazine shops in New York City—including Around the World near Times Square and Albertine on the Upper East Side—indicated they had received plenty of phone inquiries from potential buyers, though most aren’t sure how many copies they would receive, if any at all. Bouwerie Iconic Magazine, in the Bowery neighborhood, has asked for 200-300 copies.

    Local distributors and magazine shops suggested interested Americans call after Wednesday to check the status of any shipments. A number of copies are popping up for sale on eBay ahead of the release, with prices ranging from $12 to $600.

    LMPI has asked for a second shipment of a few thousand additional copies. “But we’re waiting to see how many [the French distributor MLP] is going to make available to us,” McEwen said. “There’s a huge demand for the magazine in France and Europe, and the publisher will be prioritizing these markets.”

    In the U.K., Smiths News and Menzies expects to receive and distribute 2,000 copies, and 1,500 will be available in Canada at certain newsstands. In Italy, a distribution deal means Charlie Hebdo will be included as an attachment to the newspaper il Fatto Quotidiano, which will translate it into Italian.

    A similar deal in Turkey has been struck with opposition daily Cumhuriyet. “This is a difficult moment for Turkey, where secularism is under attack,” said Gérard Biard, the new editor of Charlie Hebdo, who sees the Turkish edition as “the most important.” (Biard noted that a digital version of Wednesday’s issue will be translated into English, Spanish and Arabic.)

    The short answer: finding a copy outside France on Wednesday will be tough. But that may change in the days that follow, especially if there are additional printings.

  2. Brabantian, what purpose does it serve to excuse the Islamists?

  3. France loses four of its most famous cartoonists ;

    Elsa Wolinski, daughter of Georges Wolinski, one of the slain cartoonists , posted the image ( unable to paste ) on Instagram of her dad’s empty office.

    “Dad is gone,” she wrote, “not Wolinski.”

    Her 80-year-old father, known by his last name in France, was among the 12 people killed in Wednesday’s massacre.

    “I thought that you could stop him in the street, show disagreement, but I never thought you could kill artists,” Elsa Wolinski said in a radio interview Thursday, according to the Guardian.

    But, she added, “I don’t think you can kill ideas.”

  4. OM. The European civil war has started. European’s, forced by the left and the liberals, have been made to accept an immense muslim population in their land. Time has come to see that muslims will never accept the prevalent european values contary to their religion. The only solution is that the totality of the muslim population living in Europe returns to its original countries. It is time to Reconquer the european continent or face a long civil war with islam.

  5. Ready to pay Rs. 51cr reward to Charlie Hebdo attackers: Yakoob Qureshi – S Raju – Hindustan Times – Meerut – January 08, 2015

    Whoever dare show disrespect for Prophet will invite death like the cartoonists and journalists of Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Haji Yakoob Qureshi has said.

    “Rasul ke ashiq unhe saja de dete hai (followers of Prophet punish them),” the former Uttar Pradesh minister told HT on Thursday, reacting to Islamic clerics’ views that the religion had no place for violence.

    “Those who dare insult Prophet Mohammed deserve death and there is no need to initiate legal procedure against them.” The Meerut-based leader said the Prophet spread the message of peace and love.

    Late on Wednesday, he had maintained the same line with journalists who sought his reaction to the attack on the magazine.

    Qureshi had hit the headlines in 2006 after declaring a reward of Rs. 51 crore for anyone who would kill the Danish cartoonist who had created a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. He had made the offer at a public rally in Meerut.

    Reacting to Wednesday’s attack on Charlie Hebdo, Qureshi said he was ready to pay the reward money to the attackers. “I am ready to pay the money if they come and demand the declared reward.”

    Qureshi’s statement is likely to come under police glare. Uttar Pradesh additional director general (law and order) of police Mukul Goel said, “We can initiate action against him only after examining his statement under the purview of law.”

    Four of France’s most famous cartoonists were among the dozen people murdered Wednesday when gunmen attacked the Paris offices Charlie Hebdo.

    The magazine gained notoriety in February 2006 when it reprinted cartoons of Prophet Mohammed that had originally appeared in Danish daily Jyllands-Posten.

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