PK and Leela Samson ‘Agonistes’ – Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan is the editor of Vigil Online“Discerning Hindus have taken serious exception to PK’s story-line and to several scenes in the film which besides insulting Bhagwan Shiva, heaps insult upon insult on the ordinary religious Hindu. Aamir Khan mouths a corny dialogue – jo dar gaya vo mandir gaya. While it is obvious how the film passed unscathed through the Censor Board, it is a mystery why Modi Sarkar did not evict the Sonia Gandhi appointee Leela Samson as Chairperson Censor Board in May 2014 after the new government took charge.” – Radha Rajan

Leela SamsonLeela Samson was to Sonia Gandhi what Pupul Jayakar was to Indira Gandhi; Samson, hand-picked by Sonia Gandhi is currently in the eye of another storm and this time for sins of omission and commission as Chairperson Central Board of Film Certification or Censor Board as it is commonly known. Hindus and Hindu organizations protesting against Rajkumar Hirani directed Aamir Khan starrer PK, are accusing Leela Samson of Abrahamic bias: for passing a film which mocks and insults Hindu religious sensibilities. The film is one long anti-Hindu diatribe, (with what has recently become a mandatory Bollywood Pakistani Muslim romantic angle), all packaged in slick photography and appealing music. Indian Hindu loves Indian Muslim love story has now escalated to another level: Indian Hindu loves Pakistani Muslim love story.

Aamir Khan PK PosterThe Muslim underworld which is known to fund Bollywood films, while on the one hand is preparing the soil for secular debunking and young acceptance of the love jihad phenomenon is also simultaneously aiming high with its political intent; from campaigning for the seemingly innocuous communal harmony through Hindu-Muslim love stories, Bollywood’s Muslim underworld  is pushing the multi-billion Hindi film industry, especially Hindu artists towards India-Pakistan bhaichara hoping Bollywood’s Hindus will turn a blind eye to the very real threat of love jihad and to Indian Muslim and Pakistani Muslim jihadi terror against the Indian nation. A hope that was realized when a deracinated Bollywood Hindu director got a Hindu actor to play the protagonist in Haidar – a vicious anti-India, anti-army and anti-Hindu movie.

Discerning Hindus have taken serious exception to PK’s story-line and to several scenes in the film which besides insulting Bhagwan Shiva, heaps insult upon insult on the ordinary religious Hindu. Aamir Khan mouths a corny dialogue – jo dar gaya vo mandir gaya. While it is obvious how the film passed unscathed through th Censor Board, it is a mystery why Modi Sarkar did not evict this Sonia Gandhi appointee as Chairman Censor Board in May 2014 after the new government took charge.

That’s what made Sonia Sarkar so different from Modi Sarkar – Sonia Gandhi’s complete indifference to public or professional opinion when she placed all her loyalists, domestic minions, and sycophants in high places – CBI, CAG, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raj Bhavan, Prime Minister, NSA, Sangeet Natak Academy, Censor Board and Kalakshetra Foundation. Sonia Gandhi understood power; she purchased silence and rewarded loyalty.  Modi Sarkar suffers from the same ‘tolerant Hindu image’ that plagued Vajpayee and his khichdi government. Leela Samson succeeded Sharmila Tagore as Chairman Central Board of Film Certification while Tagore succeeded Anupam Kher. Kher took over as Chairman of the Censor Board on October 16, 2003, during the NDA government. The NDA lost the 2004 Lok Sabha elections and Sonia Gandhi began her determined move to pack all government and administration with her men and women. We do not know if Sonia Gandhi asked for Kher’s resignation or if Kher resigned of his own accord but Sharmila Tagore, who too was hand-picked by Sonia Gandhi for embodying Indian Hindu-Indian Muslim love story,  took over from Anupam Kher on 13th October 2004, three days short of Kher’s one year as Chairman.  Why did Modi Sarkar not show Leela Samson the door in May 2014?

This is not the first time Leela Samson’s anti-Hindu Abrahamic bias has come to the fore. Previously her stint as Director Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai was mired in one controversy after another. At one point during Sonia Gandhi’s ten year long neo-colonial rule, between 2011-2012, Leela Samson was heading three of the country’s most prestigious and powerful organizations simultaneously – as Director, Kalakshetra Foundation 2005-2012, as Chairman, Sangeet Natak Academy August 2010-September 2014, and as Chairperson, Central Board of Film Certification April 2011-till date. Born to a Bene-Israeli Jewish father and Roman Catholic mother it is not difficult to guess why Leela Samson was hand-picked by Sonia Gandhi over the heads of other more illustrious Indians; and Hindus.

Sonia GandhiLeela Samson may have been a student of Kalakshetra but when Sonia Gandhi appointed her Director of the prestigious institution, she did it by ignoring other equally meritorious Hindu artists. It needs to be emphasised, if M. K. Narayanan was hand-picked for a definite purpose by Sonia Gandhi as National Security Adviser after the sudden and mysterious death of J. N. Dixit, Leela Samson too was hand-picked by Sonia Gandhi as Director Kalakshetra Foundation for a definite purpose. Leela Samson had her own art school and active social life in Delhi where she was living when she was appointed Director Kalakshetra and was therefore considered an outsider and viewed with resentment by a large section of the teaching faculty in Kalakshetra. If Sonia Gandhi gave Kalakshetra, the temple of classical dance and music an Abrahamic face, then Leela Samson lived up to Sonia’s expectations when step by calibrated step she de-Hinduised the legendary Kalakshetra.

Kalakshetra LogoSeveral stories soon began to leak out of Kalakshetra from unhappy teachers and students – about Leela Samson pushing aside Rukmini Devi’s long-established tradition, especially with regard to the distinct Kalakshetra style of dance or ‘bani’ and themes chosen from our Itihasas and Puranas, in the guise of innovation and creativity; about Leela Samson removing murtis of Ganesha in and around the Kalakshetra campus as being antithetic to Theosophist abstraction; about running Kalakshetra according to her whims and fancies ignoring or by-passing New Kalakshetra Logoestablished rules; and even about financial hokey pokey. But Leela Samson and her de-Hinduising mission were exposed with proof when one of Kalakshetra’s students showed me the new logo on diploma and post-diploma certificates which the Foundation was issuing after Leela Samson took charge; the student also showed me what the Kalakshetra logo looked like before Leela Samson began to innovate with Abrahamic license and iconoclasm.

Leela Samson was forced to put in her papers on 12th April, 2012 following a Board meeting on the 10th April when several Board members expressed unhappiness with Leela Samson’s style of functioning. The Kalakshetra Board was divided over the issue and Leela Samson’s critics conveyed their unhappiness to Chairman Gopalkrishna Gandhi and demanding her resignation with two weighty arguments: 

  1. Kalakshetra was taken over by the central government and the Foundation was placed under the Ministry of Culture. When Leela Samspon was appointed Director, she was in effect a central government employee and as such had to retire at the age of 60. But despite having attained the age of superannuation, Leela Samson continued as Director.
  2. Several Board members also sought Samson’s resignation because the CAG report held her guilty of financial and administrative irregularities.

Left with no choice Gopalkrishna Gandhi forwarded Samson’s resignation to the Ministry of Culture and it was accepted. But Leela Samson was a Sonia loyalist and Sonia Gandhi overruled the Ministry of Culture and refused to accept Samson’s resignation. Sonia Gandhi reinstated Leela Samson once again as Director Kalakshetra on June 29, 2012, forcing angry reactions from several members of the faculty. One of them filed a PIL in the Madras High Court challenging Samson’s re-appointment. The High Court struck down Leela Samson’s re-appointment and she had to exit Kalakshetra unceremoniously, her reputation in tatters. For some reason, Leela Samson submitted her resignation as Chairperson Sangeet Natak Academy in September 2014 but she did not offer to resign and/or Modi Sarkar did not evict her from the Censor Board. The country has seen a pate Singham Returnsof anti-Hindu, anti-national films passing muster on her watch – Singham Returns, Haider, Mardaani and now PK.

Singham Returns: It this film, like in the Ram Gopal Verma directed and Amitabh Bachchan starrer Sarkar, released in 2005 when Sharmila Tagore was Chairperson Censor Board, the villain is a Hindu religious leader. In Singham Returns the hero Ajay Devgun reportedly threatens to physically assault the sannyasi while he is shown entering a mosque respectfully with his head covered.

HaiderHaider: Directed by Vishal Bharadwaj with actor Shahid Kapoor in lead role, Leela Samson passed this anti-India, anti-Hindu and anti-army film; only goes to show that Bollywood’s underworld patrons have a long reach. A Muslim wedding and a song have been shot in the ruins of the majestic Kashmiri Hindu Martand Sun Temple referred to as devil’s den in the film. No religious, temple-going Hindu would have agreed to refer to a Hindu temple as a ‘devil’s den’. No patriot would have acted in an anti-India film with no redeeming objective; and no self-respecting Hindu would have agreed to be a part of a film which depicts the Indian state, Indian establishment and the Indian army as villains. Leela Samson passed this movie too with no cuts.

MardaaniMardaani: A brilliant film on child trafficking and child prostitution, two of the film’s pimps in the child prostitution business are shown wearing the Hindu sacred sign ‘om’ around their necks.  Hindus do not wear ‘om’ around their necks like Christians wear the cross. The ‘om’ was intentional and meant to show Hindus in poor light.

PK: Leela Samson is reported to have said, she will not review her decision to pass PK; that PK is already in the public domain and she will not call it back to remove scenes offending Hindu religious sensibilities. Leela Samson should answer the following questions:

  1. Would she have passed a film which showed Christ being chased around a city until his robes slip off and he stands in his underwear? Or if instead of Bhagwan Shiva this had been Prophet Mohammed?
  2. Would Leela Samson have passed the movie if Director Rajkumar Hirani’s dialogue read ‘jo dar gaya vo masjid gaya or mecca gaya’?
  3. Would Leela Samson have passed the movie if the movie was about sodomising Christian priests or terrorist mullahs and maulvis exhorting the faithful to jihad from inside a mosque?

Leela Samson had the audacity to remark that she cannot remove scenes wounding religious sensibilities on the ground that adherents of every religion then would be calling to ban films unless some scenes were removed. “”Every film may hurt religious sentiments of somebody or the other. We can’t remove scenes unnecessarily because there is something called creative endeavour where people present things in their own way. We have already given certificate to PK and we can’t remove anything now because it’s already out for public viewing,” she told PTI.

Famous last words but was Leela Samson speaking the truth when she said she would never excise scenes just because it hurt someone’s religious feelings?

Kamaal Dhamaal MalamaalLook what she did when the Church and Christians were up in arms

Mumbai, September 27, 2012: After the protest and procession against the film, Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal from St. Peter’s Church in suburban Bandra, the Censor Board assured community groups – The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC), Maharashtra Christian Youth Forum (MCYF), Catholic Residents Organization for Social Services (CROSS) & Catholics for Preservation of Faith (CPF) – that their concerns had been addressed and objectionable scene had been deleted from the film. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairperson, Ms. Leela Samson conveyed to the community groups that the film was shown to a Catholic review member and necessary action had been taken.

Today, a delegation met with representatives of apex film producers associations – Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA), Film Makers Combine (FMC) and Western India Film Producers Association (WIFPA), who in writing assured them that an advisory would be sent out to the film fraternity, cautioning the industry of stringent action, in case religious sentiments of any community was hurt. The producers associations also spoke to Percept Pictures, the producers of Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal, who assured that corrective action would be taken and the hence, the producers associations requested that the movie release be uninterrupted.

It's EntertainmentAnd when Muslim religious feelings were offended

Censor Board slams jokes on Johnny Lever’s name ‘Abdullah’ in Entertainment, April 8, 2014

Mumbai: The censor board has objected to the way Johnny Lever’s character’s name has been mispronounced in the forthcoming film Entertainment and asked its makers to change it.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which viewed the film late last week, has asked that Lever’s character’s name be changed.

Said a source: “Lever’s character is named Abdullah, which is a very sacred name. Throughout the film other characters keep mispronouncing Abdullah’s name, calling him all sorts of things like ‘arashogollah’ and ‘amashallah’.

“The CBFC has asked the film’s producers and co-directors Sajid-Farhad to change Johnny Lever’s character’s name to avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments.”

While the jokes on Johnny’s name remain, he is no longer called ‘Abdullah’ but ‘Habibullah’ in the movie.

Starring Akshay Kumar in the lead role, the film is coming out Friday, therefore, the director duo had to work overnight to make the necessary change.

“It was a lot of hard work since Johnny’s character is there throughout the film and the jokes on his name occur all through. But there was no option. We can’t afford to take risks of hurting religious sentiments.

Leela Samson’s Abrahamic bias is beyond dispute. She was shown the door in Kalakshetra, she read the writing on the wall in Sangeet Natak Academy and resigned before she was evicted. Modi Sarkar must respect the religious sentiments of Hindus who voted for this sarkar and show Leela Samson the door. Leela Samson is an Abrahamic pretender in the Hindu classical and folk arts. Hindus must escalate their protests against PK until the government orders a review of the Censor Board decision. After all and Modi Sarkar will agree, had Aamir Khan been chasing Gandhi and not Bhagwan Shiva, Modi Sarkar would have had Leela Samson’s head by now. Hindus deserve no less. – Vigil Online, 1 January 2015

Aamir Khan’s Piety: Mullahs, Mecca, and Mother

Aamir KhanAamir Khan and his mother on Hajj


6 Responses

  1. All you need to know about controversy surrounding Leela Samson – DNA – Agency Reports – Mumbai – Friday, 16 January 2015

    Amidst reports of the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal(FCAT) clearing the release of MSG-The Messenger of God, CBFC Chief Leela Samson put in her papers on Thursday. The film, starring Dera Sacha Sauda chief Sant Gurmet Ram Rahim Singh in the lead role was not given a green signal by the Central Board of Film Certification earlier. But this week, the film was cleared for release by the FCAT.


    Samson cites “interference, coercion and corruption of panel members and officers” as her reasons for quitting her coveted post. In an interview to Hindustan Times, Samson has said that the broadcast ministry rejected most of the audience certificates passed by CBFC.

    “If we gave an ‘U’, they would want an A certificate,” she said in the interview.

    Commenting on PK she said that there was major interference from various organisations to cut scenes from the film. “There was total interference on every film, big and small. A lot of pressure was put on the film PK through various fundamentalist organisations and through panel members of the board to cut scenes,” said Samson.

    She said that the scenes won’t be deleted from PK anymore since it has reached the masses.

    Samson’s term with the CBFC had ended in September 2014. But since the government failed to set up a new board of members, she and other members were asked to continue with their terms till further notice.

    One of the other reasons to quit was “having to manage an organisation whose Board has not met for over 9 months as the ministry had ‘no funds’ to permit the meeting of members”.

    She said that releasing the film was a mockery of CBFC and that her resignation is final.


    The government rubbished the charges made by Samson. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the Information and Broadcast Minister said that if Samson makes such charges she should also provide evidences.

    He said, “This is her personal choice, the government has no comment on it.”

    Rathore has also been reportedly quoted as saying, “my officers tell me that in last few months, she only attended office once”.


    The film MSG -The Messenger of God, produced by Hakikat Films, has been courting controversies ever since its first trailer was released. Sikh Groups have asked for a complete ban of the film. They claim that in the trailer the Dera Chief is seen challenging Sikhs. They also questioned how is a person accused of rape and murder a messenger of God.

    CBFC had stalled its release saying it can incite communal disharmony, but on Thursday, the FCAT allowed its release. The film is now slated to hit the theatres on January 26.

    The claims and counter- claims have started and the controversy is likely to longer on for some time to come. But it again raises an important question about the way Censor Board works and government’s role in its functioning.


    The Dera Chief, Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has finally reacted to the controversy. He said he is unaware why Leela Samson would resign.

    “I do not know why she [Samson] gave her resignation. I did not even know her name. There have reportedly been objections that there are seemingly god-like stunts, but I can point to many more movies which were released, which have the same content. These people have not even seen the movie”, he said.

    He defended his upcoming film in which he stars as himself saying the movie does not promote anything that is considered wrong.

    “I do not understand why people are saying that the movie sends a message that threatens national integrity. In the movie, a person is donating blood, a child-bride shares her story and as part of the movie, we have planted five crore trees. How is that now in the interest of the nation?”

    Following the resignation of Leela Samson, another CBFC member Ira Bhaskar too quit on Friday. Bhaskar said, Bhaskar said, “My letter will go in the evening. I’ve decided to resign. Our members had discussed on this issue and we decided to support our Chairperson Leela Samson. Now she had resigned and we even have not met as a board. No board meeting for last one year.”

    Government refutes charges levelled by Leela Samson; Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore says no interference in certification process – DNA – New Delhi – 16 January 2015

    Government on Friday refuted charges of interference in Censor Board’s functioning levelled by its chairperson Leela Samson, who has decided to resign, even as it asserted that it has always maintained a distance from the certification process.

    The decision by Samson to resign came amid a row over controversial film ‘Messenger of God’ featuring Dera Saccha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

    Reacting to the CBFC chairperson’s statement that she had decided to resign because of “recent cases” of interference in the functioning of the Board, Minister of State in the Information and Broadcasting ministry Rajyavardhan Rathore said the ministry has always “kept a hands away distance” from the Censor Board decisions.

    “This latest issue of the Chairperson resigning has come to light. I would like to bring to the notice of everyone that the entire Censor Board and all its members were placed by the previous government. None of them have been changed. No additional member has been put in. The extension that the Chairperson has been talking of has been granted to the entire Censor board,” Rathore told reporters here.

    Asked if she was aware of media reports that the nod has been given by Film Certification Appellate Tribunal to the film’s screening, Samson had told PTI that “I hear so. Nothing in writing yet. It is a mockery of Central Board of Film Certification. My resignation is final. Have informed the (I&B) Secretary”.

    Rathore said the ministry had respected the Censor Board all along and has kept a distance from its decisions.

    “The Chairperson talks about coercion, we as the government would like to see that SMS, or a letter where she or any other member has been coerced. Then we would take appropriate action,” he said.

    Rathore said the Censor board is an independent body and it should behave like one.

    Samson had said that the term of all the members and the Chairperson of the Censor Board “are over. But since the new government failed to appoint a new Board and Chairperson, a few were given extension and asked to carry on till the procedure was completed.”

    “However, recent cases of interference in the working of the CBFC by the ministry, through an ‘additional charge’ CEO, and corrupt panel members has caused a degradation of those values that the members of this Board of CBFC and Chairperson stood for,” Samson had alleged.

  2. Perhaps one or two edits to PK by censor board would have been good but its not necessary to make such a huge deal about it. The government must check the source of funding.

  3. Shankaracharya calls for ban on ‘PK’, says it ridicules Hindu deities – E-Newspaper of India – Saturday, December 27, 2014

    New Delhi: Sharada Peeth’s Shankaracharya Swaroopananda Saraswati on Saturday called for a ban on Aamir Khan-starrer ‘PK’, which is currently running to full houses at the box-office, saying that it ridicules the Hindu deities, its rituals, preachers of the religion and questions the existence of God.

    “The film is against Hinduism. Lord Shiva has been portrayed in a wrong manner in the film. The movie has misused the freedom of expression given to film-makers,” he said.

    Swaroopananda also questioned the ideology of the film-maker and the basis on which the censor board passed the movie.

    Apart from Shankaracharya, various Hindu organisations have come out in protest against the film which stars Aamir Khan in the lead. Hindu Janjagriti samiti, Thane and Bhgawati Mandal, Bhuj, Gujarat have also been protesting against the film and even a case has been registered against ‘PK’ in Hyderabad for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of the community.

    The Hindu organizations are claiming that the movie allegedly questions the existence of God and makes fun of Hindu rituals like offering milk on ‘shivlinga’.

    The 49-year-old Bollywood actor has justified the film saying, “I respect Hindu religion. My ex-wife Reema’s mother used to conduct ‘hawans’ which I used to attend. The film is not against any particular religion. It is against those who exploit people in the name of religion.”

    (Story written by Meghna Agarwal who can be reached at

  4. The Facts Behind Subramanian Swamy’s Terror Allegation About PK – Rituparna Chatterjee – HuffPost India – 30/12/2014

    As far right Hindu activists escalated their protests across India against actor Aamir Khan’s latest film ‘PK’, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday made an unusual allegation—that the film was financed by shadowy money and Khan should be investigated for “laundering terrorist finance”.

    The producers of the film are three companies—Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raj Kumar Hirani (also the director) and Sidharth Roy Kapur of UTV Motion Pictures. All well known names behind some of Bollywood’s biggest hits.

    So what is the basis of Swamy’s accusation that Khan was “terror compliant”?

    PK, a breezy film that takes a moralistic stand against godmen and frauds committed in the name of religion, has predictably angered right wing activists, who accuse the film of hurting Hindu sentiments. Khan, who plays an alien stranded on Earth, provoked his audience into questioning the roles of middlemen in Hinduism.

    In a series of tweets since Monday, Swamy claimed the film was funded by Pakistani conglomerate ARY, which he accused of financing terror. He retweeted a photo of Khan, PK’s director Rajkumar Hirani, actress Anushka Sharma and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra sitting on a stage with a advertisement for ARY Digital in the background to bolster his point.

    “Who financed the PK film? According to my sources, it is traceable to Dubai and ISI. DRI must investigate,” he said. The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence is responsible for investigating economic offences.

    ARY’s known links with PK seem to end with its involvement in a promotional event for PK. But what do we know about ARY’s links with terror or money laundering?

    An old Washington Post report quotes a customs official as saying that “as part of efforts to investigate terrorist financing, the agency was scrutinizing movements of gold by several companies, including ARY Gold, one of Dubai’s largest and most prestigious gold bullion and jewellery dealers”.

    The WP story from 2002 also quoted ARY’s Pakistani CEO Abdul Razzak as denying knowingly doing business with the Taliban or al Qaeda.

    “I am a God-fearing person, but all my life I have been afraid of religious people like the Taliban,” Razzak told the Washington Post. “I wouldn’t like to deal with Taliban people, and we don’t like Taliban people. If you say you want 100 kilos of gold, I can give you that wherever you want in 12 hours. What you do with it is your business,” he said.

    Razzak faced corruption charges in Pakistan for allegedly paying millions of rupees to Asif Ali Zardari, the husband of then-prime minister Benazir Bhutto, to secure a two-year monopoly on gold imports to Pakistan, the WP report said. Razzak passed away in February this year.

    Swamy claimed that ARY was thrown out of the London Bullion Market for money laundering, drug trafficking and terror financing and accused Khan of being “terror compliant”.

    This LBMA press release from August 2005 stated that ARY, Dubai’s membership status was revoked. But nowhere does the release mention money laundering was the cause, as Swamy has indicated.

    The LBMA release simply said ARY of Dubai, failed to provide sponsorship required by the LBMA constitution and therefore its Associate status has been revoked with effect from August 30, 2005.

    “Aamir Khan’s goose is cooked. He better do prayaaschit before Lord Shiva to escape severe indictment,” one of Swamy’s dramatic tweets said. ARY Group is a Dubai-based holding company with interests in digital among others.

    A representative for Vidhu Vinod Chopra said he was out of the country and unavailable for comments. A mail sent to him remained unanswered as of 4 PM.

    A Newscrunch report said sources close to the PK team has dismissed Swamy’s charge as baseless. “The photo with ARY flex on stage was taken during one of the countless promotional events for the movie”, the report said. The sources told Newscrunch that ARY Digital, one of the group companies, is popular with South Asian expats in the Gulf and beams to over 100 countries.

    Yoga exponent Baba Ramdev said earlier today he supported the exposure of self styled godmen duping people but was against disrespect of Indian faith and tradition. He asked activists to desist from violent protest and vandalizing public property.

    PK collected Rs 10.08 crore on Monday and is going strong in its 2nd week, a press release from the film’s representatives stated. The film has made 246.32 crore. Khan, a Muslim actor, has been targeted for upsetting Hindu sentiments.

    Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists jointly barged into the Shree Talkies in Agra on Sunday evening to disrupt a screening of ‘PK’. The cinema hall management filed a complaint against protestors at the New Agra police station.

    Madan Sharma of the Bajrang Dal and Rajendra Garg of the VHP criticised Khan by saying that he was displaying anti-Hindu sentiments by ridiculing Hindu gods and goddesses in the film.

    Actor Boman Irani said people needed to respect the viewpoint of the makers. “People may agree and may even disagree but then they have to respect it (the concept of ‘PK’) because we are also respecting their view,” said Irani, who has a key role in the film.

    Interestingly, senior BJP leader L.K. Advani, who has been thanked in the opening credits of the film, hailed the movie as a “wonderful and courageous film”.

    • Dr Swamy usually doesn’t make charges without cause. He has access to intelligence and knows what he is talking about.

      As Rajeev Srinivasan has pointed out, PK is Pakistan’s domain name (.pk) on the Internet. This tells us something about the Rajkumar Hirani’s and Aamir Khan’s friends …

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