Modi Sarkar: Long on symbolism, short on substance – Radha Rajan

Modi's Ganga Aarti

Radha Rajan is the editor of Vigil Online“Modi Sarkar gave India’s Hindus the spectacularly beautiful Ganga Aarti in Varanasi which Hindus thought was a foretaste of things to come. But as things turned out, it was only a spectacularly beautiful symbolic gesture while America and India’s Muslims got substance.” – Radha Rajan

One of Modi Sarkar’s constant refrains besides his humble beginnings as tea-vendor is that at the end of five years he will present himself before the people to present his report card. Much damage can be done and river waters can become still and stagnant if Hindus must wait five years to assess the overall impact of Modi Sarkar. It is time for a half-yearly report from a Hindu voter who saw in Modi Sarkar Subramania Bharati’s vision of a resurgent India and is wondering now if that assessment was right.

Sword of Jihad 1 – Modi Sarkar has failed to break the chain of idiopathic epilepsy ‘cluster seizures’ of terror attacks against our men in uniform

Fourteen CRPF jawans killed in a Naxal ambush in Sukma District of Chhatisgarh on December 1. 2014. Worse, the blood-stained uniforms and boots of the slain jawans were thrown into a garbage bin on the streets near Dr. Ambedkar Hospital after post-mortem. Modi Sarkar in Delhi and Chhatisgarh added insult to injury.

Is Modi Sarkar’s national security policy to deal with Naxal terrorists any different from Sonia Sarkar’s? And should voters wait five years before Modi Sarkar presents its report card on national security?

In Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir, on 5th December 2014, eight army personnel, three police officers and one civilian were killed in the latest epileptic seizures suffered by the Indian nation, this time caused by Muslim jihadis. Muslim jihadi terrorists attacked an army camp. Modi Sarkar owes the nation an answer – how were jihadis, under Modi Sarkar’s watch even allowed to get close to an army camp? Unless, jihadi Kashmiris – men, women and their stone-pelting innocent, misguided jihadi offspring, with their ceaseless rant of human rights have so paralysed the army, have so frightened the army with charges of encounter deaths, violation of precious Kashmiri Sunni Muslim human rights and the government’s failure to protect them from the human rights industry that the army failed to respond with the promptness, ruthlessness and effectiveness demanded in such a situation, preferring death to ignominy. This was followed by other jihadi-triggered seizures in Srinagar and other places on the same day.

Of course Modi Sarkar mouthed the same inanities like the Congress – that this is an act of cowardice by those who want to disrupt peace and democracy, that this was an act of desperation on the eve of Modi Sarkar’s visit to J&K, that our army will respond effectively, etc., etc., etc. Oh yes Modi Sarkar also said more check-posts will be erected. One question to Modi Sarkar – wasn’t it because innocent, misguided Kashmiri Sunni Muslim stone-pelting jihadi youth around a month ago deliberately failed to stop, and in fact raced through an army check post that the army was compelled to open fire when one of the innocent stone-pelting jihadi was killed and Modi Sarkar abandoned the army to its own devices to bear the brunt of hysterical cries of human rights violation by the army? If innocent Kashmiri jihadis will not stop at check-posts, how will more check-posts help to deter jihadis from bleeding our army with a thousand cuts? Oh yes, the nation is not bleeding and neither is Modi Sarkar; our army and police are bleeding.

Modi Sarkar must also tell us why even Modi Sarkar will act only post facto. Why has Modi Sarkar in six months failed to put in place effective deterrent and punitive policies which will prevent such attacks which claim the lives of our army and police? Did Modi Sarkar fail to break these cluster seizures of terror attacks because there was no full-time Defence Minister for five months after Modi Sarkar’s caravan reached Delhi?

So how much time does Modi Sarkar need to secure our national borders against jihadi infiltration, to uproot jihadis from their safe haven in the jihadi state of Jammu and Kashmir? How much time to deal in an exemplary manner with Pakistan, and with domestic, home-grown jihadis like the Owaisi brothers and their AIMIM?

Modi Sarkar should have rightly applied itself to fulfilling the aspirations of its domestic constituency and addressing issues of national security from Day 1 and had actions matched words, should have secured it with finality within one month. Instead, Modi Sarkar succumbed to pressure from overseas American Gujaratis and gave foreign policy precedence over national security and Embracing America in the White House top policy priority.

Spending Deepavalli in Siachen is at best a symbolic gesture. Modi Sarkar’s defence policy in the first six months of its tenure has been symbolism sans substance.

India Crossed-Out2 – Modi Sarkar has failed to stop foreign funds to churches and Christian NGOs

According to Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian NGOs received in 2012-13 a total of Rs 10,963 crores. Of the four states receiving the bulk of foreign funds, Tamil Nadu was the largest recipient (Rs 547 crores) followed by Andhra Pradesh (Rs 480 crores), Kerala (Rs 385 crores) and Maharashtra (Rs 378 crores).

Tamil Nadu was the largest recipient also in the fiscal year 2011-12. From the state-wise list of all NGOs receiving foreign funds, in Tamil Nadu nearly 80% of all NGOs receiving foreign funds are churches and Christian organizations.

We can be sure the same would be true of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra. In June this year Modi Sarkar, in line with its development agenda declared that it was banning direct foreign funding of NGOs especially the environmental advocacy NGOs posing a hurdle to development projects. Mark the words – banning direct funding only of NGOs obstructing the government’s development projects.

The Centre has banned direct foreign funding to NGOs operating in India unless they fulfil stringent regulatory norms and show compliance reports. This is seen as the beginning of a process to block flow of foreign aid to NGOs, which, it perceives, are engaged in stalling developmental activities in the country. As per this exercise, the Centre has cracked down on NGO Greenpeace and placed on its radars thousands of other voluntary organisations receiving foreign aid.

Nary a word on stopping the flow of funds from America, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, primarily to Indian churches and Christian NGOs. “The maximum foreign donations of about Rs 1,107 crore in 2013-14 originated from the United States. Germany stood second with Rs 518 crore and Rs 332 crore was received from the United Kingdom.”

Considering that the RSS and independent Hindu political analysts have been crying themselves hoarse about the dangers to Hindus and Hindu society posed by churches and Christian organizations powered by foreign funds, Modi Sarkar should have throttled the flow of foreign funds within a month after taking charge, should have broken the studied, consensual political silence about religious conversion and church planting missions, should have taken into account the real dangers of churches and Christian NGOs and activists buying prime real estate across the country, and should have acted promptly to stop foreign funds to the two Abrahamic cults. This would have been a substantial measure which addressed Hindu concerns. But given that Modi Sarkar’s priority was Embrace America, it refused to do anything on this front too for fear bringing a frown on Obama’s face, considering America tops the list of white Christian countries pouring money into India for churches and Christian NGOs.

Another question for Modi Sarkar – when Modi Sarkar invited America to be Chief Guest at the Republic Day celebrations in 2015, did Modi Sarkar factor the invasion, occupation and genocide of Iraq and Iraqis into this major foreign policy decision? Did Modi Sarkar ask America where is Iraq now? And did Modi Sarkar bring to mind Warren Anderson and David Headley? So, other than pandering to the urgent desire of overseas friends of the BJP in America to Embrace America, what or which national interest did Modi Sarkar serve by inviting America to be Chief Guest? Why not the President of Afghanisthan or Sri Lanka, why not the Prime Minister of Nepal or even Israel? So while Modi Sarkar made “Look East, South-East and Middle-East” a symbolism, it made “Embrace America” the substance.

Narendra Modi3 – Modi Sarkar has not taken even the first step towards a nation-wide ban on cow-slaughter, has done nothing to stop cattle trafficking

The Hindu nation was prepared to wait patiently for Modi Sarkar to turn around and look at the Hindus in India who still live on this soil and who voted for Modi Sarkar because they hoped and believed that finally Modi Sarkar would address seven decades of unfulfilled Hindu concerns. One concern is the continuing slaughter of cows and the escalating increase in meat production, especially buffalo meat. Hindu nationalists know now that given Modi Sarkar’s preoccupation with America, Gandhi and “little things” (Modi Sarkar’s words, not mine), Modi Sarkar is not going to move anytime soon in the direction of a nation-wide uniform law banning cow slaughter which includes the male progeny of the cow. But Modi Sarkar which made promising statements on ‘pink revolution’ before elections (another symbolic gesture) did a complete turn-around after elections and on August 26, 2014, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways went to India Islamic Cultural Centre to meet with Sirajuddin Qureshi, meat baron and slaughter-house owner.

Gadkari was invited to the centre by its president Sirajuddin Qureishi, a meat baron, to discuss problems faced by the meat industry. Qureishi sought easier transportation rules for ferrying cattle and Gadkari promised all possible help for the meat sector.

“The Muslim community would be convinced about the BJP’s policies when they see the good work it will do for them,” said Gadkari.

Modi Sarkar gave India’s Hindus the spectacularly beautiful Ganga Aarti in Varanasi which Hindus thought was a foretaste of things to come. But as things turned out, it was only a spectacularly beautiful symbolic gesture while America and India’s Muslims got substance. Following up on the promise of all possible help for the meat sector, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways invited suggestions for draft rules to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (1989) with regard to transport of cattle. While Hindus and animal activists want Modi Sarkar to deal ruthlessly with cattle traffickers, Muslim slaughter-house owners and meat exporters wanted Modi Sarkar to relax transportation rules. I was horrified to learn that Modi Sarkar’s proposed amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (1989), far from considering any meaningful amendments and changes which would check and then reverse cattle trafficking and ultimately meat production and export, was actually contemplating asking trucks transporting cattle to carry prominently on the front and back a sign which said “Livestock Carrier”. The intended amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules was not simply farcical bordering on bathos but cynical politics of minority-ism. After Muslim abattoir owners and meat barons place “Livestock Carrier” in the front and back of their trucks Modi Sarkar will instruct highway police and state police not to stop and search these trucks. Animal activists of course will be dealt with firmly when they stop these trucks for other more heinous violations of transportation laws, like for instance carrying more animals than stipulated by the law or for failing to have all mandated veterinary documents certifying to the fitness of the animals for slaughter.

As per Modi Sarkar’s new amendment, Muslim slaughter-house owners and meat barons simply have to carry “Livestock Carrier” on their trucks to be allowed a free and unchallenged run.

Animal welfare and cattle trafficking obviously are not on Modi Sarkar’s list of ‘to do’ or ‘to learn’. Just how disconnected from reality or worse, how ill-informed is Modi Sarkar on cattle trafficking can be understood by the foolishness of the proposed amendment and what is actually happening on our roads. Cattle traffickers no longer transport cattle in open trucks with or without “Livestock Carrier”. Cattle are now transported in sealed containers and tourist buses which say “Air-conditioned Tourist Bus”.

There is unconfirmed but reliable news that Prakash Javdekar Minister for Environment and Forests who also controls Animal Welfare Board of India, without consulting the AWBI or seeking its advise, is all set to issue a notification permitting “Kambala” or buffalo race in Karnataka where buffaloes are made to race in slush, with the rider that they should not be whipped! The Indian Water Buffalo’s anatomy is not made to run. It is a slow-moving, large animal most comfortable when wallowing in ponds, lakes and rivers. It is as unnatural for buffaloes to run, let alone run races as it is unnatural for humans to fly or live under the ground like rodents.

It is totally besides the point that if true, this notification by the MoEF will be violating the recent Supreme Court order banning jallikattu and all sport using bulls and other cattle.

Modi Sarkar’s first six months has made promises, proclaimed intent, made symbolic gestures but has fallen terribly short on substance on all fronts. If Rajeev Gandhi was immortalised for his “Hamein dekhna hein”, signs are Modi Sarkar will be immortalised for “Hamein karna hein”. Like Arun Shourie remarked with his signature impishness, “I can hear the plates, but the food is not coming”. Modi Sarkar, are you listening? – Vigil Online, 8 December 2014

» Radha Rajan is the author of Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle. She edits the website Vigil Online and is a political analyst and animal welfare activist.

Narendra Modi


5 Responses

  1. Absolutely correct. The Modi sarkar may be hampered in its development measures by an uncooperative opposition, but handing over temples to the hindus, stopping foreign funding of religious ngos etc. should have been done already.

  2. Very good article by Madam, as usual. It seems politicians are showing their true colors by not acting on priorities/promises but just show off to catch votes and power. All are scoundrels only of different shades?

  3. We need to understand that the ‘Modi sarkar’, that the writer disparages so well, has not only to contend with an inimical media, political system and bureaucracy but also a horde of people like the writer herself who want immediate results (as per their wishes). There is a whole lot of stuff to fix and if we are going to take up the ‘contentious’ (not for us but for them) issues at first, we will be bogged down. See what happened in the Rajya Sabha and how the opposition behaviour was encouraged by the media. People still trust Modi and what option do we have otherwise? I believe, there would be compromises in the short term but if it is only to move ahead with the long term Hindu agenda, its ok.

    • first thing, opposition is doing the same what the opposition party (BJP) did in UPA II, they are just following the tradition, plus u can’t blame all the time the opposition for non cooperation, the very same excuse is given by Arvind Kejriwal whenev he could do he promised to, Public is with Modi and that’s very good but the overall effect cannot be seen, the author above has got some points, defense must be given the top priority owing to the terrorism we’ve seen in present times.. and you also have a point, we have no option, Modi is the only one but the way govt. has showed us dreams, it’s gonna shatter soon though we wouldn’t be able to feel the pain unless we are the victims, thanx to media..

  4. I would like to endorse most of the author’s views. Being a ardent BJP follower and well wisher and a blinded believer of Namo, the past seven months has failed to stir my awe! Yes, he most certainly has carried India on a pedestal beyond our shores and ignited a passion of Indian-ness amongst them. But is that enough to promulgate India and its intricacies forward. No. Speech and Vision must walk the talk and if it does not take place in the immediate future, a reversal of fortunes will become imminent and that would prove disastrous to India. I am willing to give him a few more months before performance, yes performance, must begin to walk rather than talk in most of the fields. In apprehension, I await.

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