Canadian evangelists plan massive conversion drive in Punjab – Navtan Kumar & Arvind Chhabra

Steve & Christina Stewart“India, soon to be the most populous nation on earth, is a country like no other. It is estimated that there are now over 150 million believers — but more than a billion have yet to turn to Christ. India is in revival. Our partners in north India have baptized over 80,000 new believers this year. They have seen over 200 people raised from the dead. What is happening is historic; Impact Nations has been invited to take part — and we are extending this invitation to you.” – Steve & Christina Stewart, Evangelists of Impact Nations

Naidu in Parliament: Govt will to pass an anti-conversion law. But the Opposition objects. Why? Because they are protecting their minority vote banks!Even as Parliament proceedings are disrupted over the issue of religious conversions, a North American organisation is planning an event in Chandigarh, for which people have been invited from all over the world, to “preach”, “heal the sick” and “participate in one of the largest house church movements”, for baptism of new entrants to the church.

The event, called “India Journey of Compassion” has been organised by “Impactnations” and is proposed to be held at Chandigarh from 15 to 27 March next year. As per information provided on its website,, the organisation has its offices at 860 E 53rd Ave, Vancouver (Canada) and 4830 Pan American FWY NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).

The organisation has also fixed $1,850 as early registration fees, for which the last date is 8 January. Regular registration will cost $1,995, as per the website.

Impact Nations An email sent to the organisation, asking about details of the event, remained unanswered. However, Christina Stewart, partner and wife of founder Steve Stewart told The Sunday Guardian from Vancouver over telephone that their next journey is Cambodia, which is where they are focusing on right now, after which they will head to India in March.

Impact Nations MapThe description given on the website reads like this: “India, soon to be the most populous nation on earth, is a country like no other. It is estimated that there are now over 150 million believers — but more than a billion have yet to turn to Christ. India is in revival. Our partners in north India have baptized over 80,000 new believers this year. They have seen over 200 people raised from the dead. What is happening is historic; Impact Nations has been invited to take part — and we are extending this invitation to you.”

The website says, that the organisation is currently seeking “medical professionals: doctors, nurses, pharmacists…” to form a team. It adds, “We are so excited to be taking a team into the North of India, where we will be partnering with the largest church planting movement in India to bring healing, medicine, clean water and most importantly Jesus to the Punjab.”

Steve Stewart in UgandaThe website claims that this “journey” will give the participants “a great opportunity to impact not only this area but also to connect with the Indian community in our own towns”. “So many of our neighbours in America, Canada, Australia and England come from the Punjab region,” it says. “Come and you will heal the sick, lead many to Jesus, give medicine and clean water to the sick and poor and be the face of Jesus to thousands,” the website adds. The organisation says participants will conduct mobile medical clinics; provide a lifetime supply of clean drinking water; lead outdoor healing and evangelism meetings among unreached people groups; participate in one of the largest house church movements in the world; and work with children in the villages.

When asked, Christina Stewart told this newspaper, “We have not yet finalised our details for the Chandigarh journey and we have the Cambodia tour coming up in January.” Asked about the activities that will mark the event, she said: “We hold medical camps, where we cure and heal people.” Is this specific to any religion? To this, she said, “People from all religions are welcome. It is not that only Christians come for such events.”

Anu & Randeep Mathews“We had come to Chandigarh in January as well and it was a successful journey. We were about 30 team members drawn from various countries,” she said. Asked how many people in Chandigarh “benefited” from their programme, she said they did not go about counting numbers, but there were a lot of people. “They came from different towns of Punjab, while Chandigarh was our base,” she said. When contacted, Randeep Mathews, the India representative of Impactnations, claimed to this newspaper that the event may be postponed. – The Sunday Guardian, 21 December 2014


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  2. What do the ‘secular’ parties in parliament have to say about this?

    The Stewart’s conversion drive has been postponed because of the uproar in parliament. But it will be back on track as soon as the issue dies down and the public’s attention has been diverted.

    What kind of visas do the Stewarts enter India on? They are collecting money so they are running a business. Do they pay taxes? The whole operation sounds like a scam!

    Of course they have an Indian agent, Randeep Mathews, to smooth things over. Who does he bribe in the Punjab administration to get the conversion business up and running?

  3. India: National Seminar – Envisioning Media 2025 – Vidimus Dominum – April 2, 2014

    The media leaders of the Indian Church came together on one platform as they gathered for a two-day national seminar organized at Don Bosco Centre and Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi on February 21 & 22, 2014. The seminar, ENVISIONING MEDIA 2025, organized by the Society of St Paul and the CBCI Office for Social Communications, focused on the role of media in communicating the message of Christ to the people of today. Several speakers from India and abroad shared their insights to about 150 participants from all over India. The Seminar was organized to mark the centenary of the foundation of the Pauline Family in Alba, Italy, by the “media marvel of our times” — Blessed James Alberione.

    Inaugurating the two-day event, Most Rev Anil Couto, Archbishop of Delhi, spoke of the indispensability of the media in our evangelizing mission, for carrying out the command of the Lord to proclaim the good news to the ends of the earth in season and out of season. He said the committed leaders in this apostolate are the members of the Society of St Paul, carrying on the charism given them by Blessed James Alberione.

    In his keynote address Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Vatican City, Rome, focused on the 50th anniversary of Inter Mirifica, its achievements as a document of Vatican II. According to him, “it is a heavily criticized document; at the same time it placed communications media on the agenda of the Church’s mission”.

    Speaking on the advantages of the new media, Fr Jeffrey Mickler from Ohio, USA, a member of the Society of St Paul, said, “God’s capacity to speak to the people has been changed with the development in media technology. And people’s capacity to listen and understand has altered, too.” He also spoke at length on the unique charism handed over t5o the Church by Blessed James Alberione, the founder of the Pauline family. Fr George Plathottam, SDB, representing the CBCI Office for Social communications, spoke extensively on the theme: ‘Social Communications and Mission of the Church in India’.

    Activists and media personnel such as Fr Raymond Ambroise, Secretary, FABC Office for Social Communications, Dr. John Dayal, Ms Esther Kar and Ms Anna Vetticad shared their insights on ‘Church and Mainstream Media: Challenges and Possibilities’. All of them called for Church’s active participation in the mainstream media activities despite the setbacks of the past and challenges ahead. Justice Kurien Jospeh, Honorable Judge of the Supreme Court of India called upon Church’s media activists to identify and fight the evils existing in the society, making use of the present-day communication media.

    Most Rev.Thomas Menamparampil, SDB, Archbishop Emeritus of the diocese of Guwahati, explained from his vast experience how the communication media can effectively be used for community building and peace initiatives. Fr Dominic Emmanuel, SVD, Spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Delhi highlighted the challenges and need for PR in Church. Enumerating some of the success stories of people who have used the media effectively, Fr Joe Eruppakkatt, SSP enlightened the audience on the importance of engaging the media for sharing the good news with the men and women of our country.

    A special session of the seminar at the prestigious Teen Murti Bhavan was chaired by Mr Navin Chawla, the former Election Commissioner of India. According to him the election Commission of India plays a vital role as the third umpire to oversee the democratic processes in the country. Sociologist cum Educationist T. K. Oommen, award winning journalist Josy Joseph and entertainment journalist Anna MM Vetticad also threw light on ‘India 2025: Democracy and Media’. Each of them spoke of the strengths and weaknesses of Indian democracy and the influence of the media.

    During the concelebrated Mass on the first day of the Seminar to mark the two-fold occasion of the centenary of the foundation of the Pauline Family and the Golden Jubilee of the presence of the Society of St Paul in New Delhi, Most Rev. Salvatore Pennacchio, the Apostolic Nuncio to India, paid glowing tributes to the members of the Society of St Paul and the entire Pauline Family for their commendable work in the Church through the media apostolate.

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