Nepal flooding presents Gospel opportunities – Katy Hearth

Nepalese Children

This article is written by a Christian missionary, Katy Hearth of the Christian Aid Mission, one of the largest US-based Christian NGOs operating in India and Nepal. She shamelessly invites her fellow missionaries to exploit the critical flood situation in Nepal for evangelical work and conversion of Hindus and Buddhists to Christianity. She even finds an opportunity to falsely accuse Indian Prime Minister Modi of persecuting Nepalese Christians (when he has just given a billion dollar development loan to Nepal plus half a million dollars in flood aid). No doubt Modi will have to deal with these soul-scavenging Christian missionary NGOs soon, and how he does it—when he does it—will be interesting to see. — Editor

Christian Aid MissionNepal (Christian Aid Mission) — Nearly 300 people have died and more than 100 are missing due to severe Nepal flooding. Heavy rain, which began August 13, has affected 25 of Nepal’s 75 districts, overflowing riverbanks and causing landslides. More than 22,000 people have been displaced.

“Most of the believers from two of our churches lost their shelters, household items, cattle, and food grains,” says a ministry leader supported by Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions, in Bardia. Bardia is one of the four districts most-affected by Nepal’s flooding.

The leader reports that he has “never, in the past 52 years,” seen this kind of flooding in Bardia. “All of the sudden, the Orai River changed its course, and within a few minutes entire villages were washed away without any time for the people to react.”

Before the rains began, the majority of the flood victims lived in extreme poverty. They now have nothing.

Many homeless families are living at the school run by this ministry–a school that recently received negative attention from a news channel in Nepal after it became known that several children converted to Christianity there. Converting someone to a religion other than Hinduism was illegal in Nepal until 2008, when it Narendra Modi with his Nepalese godson Jeet Bahadurchanged from the world’s only Hindu Kingdom to a secular state.

India’s newly-elected Prime Minister, a Hindu Nationalist, is fueling Christian persecution in Nepal. The Nepal flooding is presenting local Christians with an opportunity to share the love of Christ with their persecutors.

International aid agencies are trying to help the victims but aren’t able to communicate with and reach many regions that remain without electricity and are inaccessible to outsiders.

The Nepalese government is ill-equipped to respond to such a disaster. According to one ministry leader assisted by Christian Aid Mission, the government is calling upon “each able individual to contribute 100 rupees [$1] for the people in the affected regions.”

Indigenous ministries inside Nepal are in a unique position to reach out to their hurting neighbors in Jesus’ name immediately, with help wired directly from Christian Aid Mission.

Among the most-needed items are food, blankets, and tents. Your gift will enable native missionaries to provide these basic necessities to those who have lost everything. – Mission Network News, 27 August 2014

Nepalese army rescue a cow in flooded Bardia
Nepalese women search for higher ground in flooded Bardia
Nepal Map

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