Hindu Janajagruti Samiti website blocked by government – HJS

HJS website

HJS planning legal action against Government for ban on website

On the HJS website and its Facebook page, true information about Assam and Mumbai riots was published based on news published in different newspapers. Proofs were presented on the website so as to assist Police and Government on how rioting Muslims were indulging in false propaganda and creating unrest in the country; even then, it is possible that the Congress Government could have imposed ban on the website for the politics of votes. It is clear that the website of HJS has been closed for criticizing corruption and double standards used by the Govt. under the name of secularism; but the Congress Govt. should remember that the ban imposed on HJS website is not a blot on its name; rather it is a credit to HJS for undertaking patriotic activities which force the Government to take cognisance of its wrongdoing. Registering protest against this ban, HJS is planning to take legal action and stage agitations.

  • Visit HJS Facebook page. Click here.

  • Visit HJS Blogspot page. Click here.

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8 Responses

  1. Where do I get the book “Great soul” by Joseph Lelyveld? Due to which reason it is banned?

  2. Zakir Naik is a clown! He exists only to keep Hindus entertained! And as a member of a minority community, he is protected by the government. No action will ever be taken against him. So ignore him if he does not amuse you!

  3. Thank you so much.
    One more I want to ask is about Zakir Naik. Why were there no legal action against him till now? He always talk bad about our Hindu religion and says muslim religion is supirior anyhow in all manners. He has hurted us and provoking muslims to be against Hindus. Dont he know that every terrorist activity was planned and executed by muslim people!!

  4. The HJS website is alive and kicking at http://www.hindujagrutiorg.blogspot.in/. They had a Facebook page too but it has been blocked. HJS has to take the matter to the courts.

  5. What is the alternative for HJJS website now? Still it is blocked, assam riots has finished before 1 month.

  6. I think this ban on HJS(Sanatan sanstha’s website) itself proves that congress government is frightened due to HJS. This ban will not stop the activities of HJS and congress will lose the power.

  7. Sickening!

  8. UPA II has crossed all basic discency of human norms. It is time that this vote bank cheap politics of appeasing the antinational elements is put to end forever. As long as Sonia Inc is vibrant, India cannot expect any positive result.

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