Nithyananda Videos: A testing time for Hindus – Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan“Hindus on Hindu bhumi have to take a collective stand on three issues – demand complete ban on religious conversion to Abrahamic faiths, stop all foreign funds to NGOs and religious institutions, including Hindu institutions, and an autonomous board for administering and overseeing all Hindu temples and Hindu religious institutions.” – RR

Sanyasis exemplify the purpose of human birth as Hindus – to understand the nature of the self. This knowledge or this understanding reveals to the individual the boundaries and the boundlessness of the self. Sanyasis know the limits of not only the body but also the mind. Paradoxically, it is the limited mind which gives us the sense of limitlessness too, and the sanyasi in saffron robes best represents this stunning paradox.

Knowledge of the self comes with the attendant knowledge of the nature and source of Creation. With this knowledge, which Hindus call para vidya, the individual may choose to live the life of an enlightened householder or grihasta, or may choose to become a sanyasi.

The sanyasi, for his part, may choose to live in society as a guru or acharya or simply as a sanyasi; or he may choose to leave society behind to live the life of a recluse. What distinguishes the enlightened householder from an enlightened sanyasi is the colour of his clothes. The sanyasi dons the saffron robes not for him, but for the rest of us in society. An enlightened man in saffron robes is like a vehicle with a beacon light on top – it is meant to convey something to those who see it.

The sanyasi embodies the quintessential Hindu worldview which demands that a Hindu does not disturb the innate harmony and order in Creation. In short, a sanyasi embodies every Hindu’s journey to fulfill the purpose of human life as understood and articulated by our rishis because, as the opening line of Vivekachudamani puts it pithily, of all births or all existence in Creation, it is rarest of rare to be born a (Hindu) human. A sanyasi is therefore the embodiment of rigorous discipline of mind and body, or perfect order.

A sanyasi is expected, by definition, to live a life that does not pamper the body; and the body by definition is an aggregate of five senses. A sanyasi, the enlightened man in saffron robes, is the exemplar in society who is expected minimally to keep his body under the full control of his mind by tapasya; maximally, he should be seen to have attained the perfect unity and harmony of existence with para vidya.

The sanyasi as the embodiment of the Hindu worldview and as the immediate instrument of the knowledge that is transmitted through the gurusishya parampara is therefore the highest and most important entity of Hindu dharma.

The videos of Nityananda broadcast by a leading Tamil news channel, at the very least, rendered the sanyasi’s saffron robes meaningless and without purpose. Consensual sex or physical intimacy between two adults behind closed doors is a private affair and violation of that privacy can and must be made punishable under law; but a sanyasi whose saffron robes have a definite meaning in Hindu dharma, and who has chosen to play a role in public life as a sanyasi, cannot claim right of privacy for what is essentially an act that violates sanyasa dharma.

For all those who reposed faith in Nitaynanda’s integrity to sanyasa dharma, these are agonizing days. As bhaktas of Nityananda, there are only two options open to them. If the videos are genuine, then the bhaktas must realize that they are born in a tradition where every institution is subject to inquiry and if called for, repudiation. If the bhaktas are forced to reject Nityananda as Guru, they must return to the traditional mathams and acharyas of their ancestors.

It is just as possible that the videos are compromised and if that is so, it is hoped that these bhaktas will challenge the authenticity of the videos in court and if the videos are proved to have been manipulated or morphed, they should ask for maximum punishment under the law against the news channel which broadcast the videos. This alone will deter future misadventures to malign Hindu dharma. The bhaktas then would not only have won the war to restore the honour of their guru, they would have won a battle for Hindu dharma as a whole.

However, the issue of Nityananda’s videos is only peripheral to the purpose of this column. This column is concerned about the impact of these terrible videos on the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha. Nityananada is one of the Hindu Founders-Patron of the Global Foundation for Civilizational Harmony or GFCH, a body that merits the severest criticism for its stated objectives.

Hindus on Hindu bhumi have to take a collective stand on three issues – demand complete ban on religious conversion to Abrahamic faiths, stop all foreign funds to NGOs and religious institutions, including Hindu institutions, and an autonomous board for administering and overseeing all Hindu temples and Hindu religious institutions.

Hindus on Hindu bhumi are confronting the most menacing threat ever to their survival on this bhumi from the Abrahamic faiths and their respective state power – Islamic and White Christian nations and their governments. The three core concepts of pluralism, freedom of religion and self-determination, imported from Christianity’s contemporary liberal democracy incarnation, define the character of contemporary understanding of nation and good governance.

Hindus have failed to challenge these concepts in any meaningful way in any domestic or international forum and this failure signifies that Hindus in government and Hindu thinkers and leaders either do not realize the end-objective of these concepts or are so compromised that they dare not challenge them.

GFCH exemplifies this Hindu failure to perceive the threats posed by the Abrahamic faiths; if the Hindu Founders-Patron of GFCH understood the nature of the threat they would not have created the forum in the first place with the self-destructive objectives that they flaunt with such élan.

The defining characteristic of all Hindu Founders-Patron of the GFCH, including Nityananda, is that they all have ashrams in several White Christian countries in America and Europe and have overseas NRIs, PIOs, and non-Indians as bhaktas. These sanyasis have accumulated huge assets as immovable property in these countries and their ashrams depend heavily on foreign funds.

If  Hindus in India, as a part of their war to protect the Hindu bhumi have to take on the US, the EU and the UN on the issue of religious conversion, foreign funds, the character of this nation and the basis of nationhood, it is legitimate to question whether these sanyasis with foreign bhaktas, foreign funds and assets abroad are in a position to fight this war.

Just as important is the question, what will overseas Hindus do when Hindus at home are fighting the American government on the question of religious conversion and the role of foreign funds in subverting the nation and the role of the UN in facilitating the subversion. And this confrontation is certain to happen. The answer is ‘nothing’. They have done nothing, they can do nothing, and they dare not do anything. More importantly, they will not be allowed to do anything that can shake even a stone in the political and strategic interest edifice that has been put in place by these governments.

The American government has shown repeatedly how it deals with its adversaries – individuals, communities and nations.

And that is why this writer has taken strong exception to the following :

  • Swami Dayananda Saraswati as Founder-Patron of GFCH and Convener HDAS forging an undesirable and even potentially dangerous link between the two organizations whose objectives are mutually contradictory
  • The growing influence of overseas Hindus – NRIs and PIOs influencing the functioning and purpose of HDAS
  • Swami Dayananda Saraswati and unnamed others on his behalf participating in and signing resolutions and agreements at multi-religious meetings which conform to and do not challenge the 3 cardinal liberal Christian political concepts – pluralism, freedom of religion and self-determination
  • Swami Dayananda Saraswati while holding the position of Convener HDAS, actively promoting inter-faith dialogue without getting the Abrahamic religions to concede anything in our favour.

The HDAS is the highest body of Hindu religious leaders representing ancient sampradayas and lineages. Their constituency is here, on Hindu bhumi. They have to be on the side of their bhaktas when they fight to protect dharma on this bhumi. They cannot be weakened by considerations of foreign bhaktas, foreign funds or assets in foreign lands. Protecting Hindu dharma on this bhumi and protecting assets abroad are two mutually exclusive objectives.

Hindu Dharma Acharyas on this bhumi will have to demand total ban on religious conversion and end the flow of all foreign funds into this country. GFCH, by the very character of its Hindu Founders-Patron, cannot do this; by being linked to the HDAS through Swami Dayananda Saraswati and his bhaktas, the HDAS is similarly disabled.

Nityananda with his foreign funds, foreign bhaktas and foreign ashrams has exposed how this foreign connection can render our religious leaders, in their efforts to attract the young in our societies and foreigners raised on a ‘liberal’ diet, compromise their anushthana or rigorous adherence to rituals which discipline the body and mind. This slackening of discipline renders them vulnerable to penetration and infiltration.

Swami Dayananda Saraswati must therefore either disassociate himself from the GFCH or step down as Convener of the HDAS. This is not a disrespectful proposition as it is being made out to be by thoughtless and/or manipulative Hindus. This demand springs from an unflinching commitment to protect our sanyasis and high religious institutions from infamy and manipulation by our adversaries through the agency of useful idiots.

Hindus who bounce around on email groups working themselves up into phony hysterics because some of us dare place counter-arguments and courageous Hindu nationalist ideas in the public domain, run the risk of diminishing themselves from the high status of useful idiots serving overseas interests to useless idiots at home.


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  2. Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, 21 April 2010
    ‘Tantrik’ Nithyananda ran sex racket in US
    by Ala Chauhan in Bangalore

    Controversial godman Nithyananda Swami was reportedly running a sex racket from his ashrams in Kengeri and the US with his select women devotees with whom he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

    “He lured these women, most of who were divorcees, under the guise of tantra and promised that they would inherit his divine powers if they had a physical relationship with him,” charged an official source.

    These and more damaging statements are part of the alleged testimonies of some of Nithyananda’s devotees before the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which on Tuesday issued a look-out notice for the controversial godman.

    The CID has sent teams across the country to track him, Tamil actress Ranjitha, who was in the controversial videotape with him and his close aide Vidya Vishwanathan alias Gopika, who knew everything about his sexcapades. The department
    has even alerted the airports should Nithyananda try to leave the country.

    The CID is probing the criminal charges against the godman and has so far examined over 120 witnesses including his devotees, some of who parted ways with him for various reasons. In their testimony some devotees allegedly told the CID officials that swami did not even spare young men in his ashram and lured them into having sex with him with false promises of divinity and spiritual powers.

    During the investigation, the CID seized several documents from the Dhyanapeetam ashram. They also learnt that he so impressed his devotees with his ‘powers’.

  3. Scandalous babas and irresponsible media

  4. Times of India, Chennai, 3 April 2010
    Godman expose a teamwork: Ex-disciple

    Chennai: Lenin Karuppan alias Nithya Dharmananda, the man behind the leaking of the Swami Nithyananda’s scandalous video, says that he had a group of people working with him in the Bangalore ashram to expose the “wrongdoings” of the godman. Talking to Times Of India, Lenin said that they had used a sophisticated motion sensor camera to shoot the video and it was not fixed inside the room by him.

    “I do not want to reveal the names (of others involved) or how we fixed it there. However, I have been helped by a group in making this video so that I could expose the real face of Nithyananda, whom thousands worship as god. I have got more evidence against him,” Lenin said.

    Lenin said he decided to expose Nithyananda after two ashram inmates told him that the swami had sexually exploited them. “A man and a woman shared their story with me and I was shocked. This was three months before we recorded the video. Then we conducted an investigation and found many others had fallen victims,” Lenin said.

    He said he was now trying to get the two victims, one of whom is still in the ashram, to lodge a formal complaint against Nithyananda.

    For the first time after the leak of the scandalous video, which showed Nithyananda and a Tamil actress, Lenin was questioned by the Karnataka police on Thursday. “They interrogated me for seven hours yesterday( on Thursday). I have given them all the proof I had. Apart from the original CD, I have also given them an audio recording of a phone call made to me by Nithyananda, who called me to arrive at a compromise and later threatened me,” Lenin said. When asked about tarnishing the image of an actress, Lenin said that he too felt sorry for her. “But I had to expose Nithyananda for larger public good,” he said.

    The Chennai city police had registered two cases against Nithyananda following complaints lodged by Lenin and also by a group of advocates. He has been booked under various sections of IPC relating to deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings, rape, unnatural sex, cheating, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy.

    However, both these cases have been transferred to the Bangalore police. Nithyananda’s whereabouts are still not known though he has said he wants to live in ‘spiritual seclusion’ after stepping down from his official positions at the Nithyananda Dhyanapeedam.

  5. Rajesh Talwar in Canada posted this comment on Débutante Dharma-Gurus: Violating a civilisational patent – at

    Finally Maharishi Om’s demand that Nityananda should apologise to Hindus and also give up his sanyasi clothes supports the stand of these two feisty ladies who have stood firm even when they have been abused on many email groups by 2 or 3 men. Ms. Jain, I live in Canada and I know Nityananda has a large following here. There is a lot of anger and sadness here. But one thing struck me as being queer. Why has there been no coherent defence of this Nityananda from India? I have read several postings on emails from these 3 or 4 men who have abused you and Radha Rajan. From what I could make of them, one is a retired IAS gasbag, one of them is a silly scholar who has only been reposting letters from one group to another, the third was from some slimy swamy something-or-the-other who was circulating mail which are generally foolish and make no sensible arguments he is a disgrace to the name swami for circulating cheap gossip) and the fourth was from a man who quoted some tamil proverbs with a covert sexual meaning. If this is the standard of intellectual discussions from men in India, I am glad I dont live there anymore. And they say in India we worship women. I feel sorry that you ladies are being abused but you know what, you hang in there and continue with your intellectual war. You ladies are doing simply great. Would love to meet you both the next time I am in India. Good luck ladies. If the men are morons, arent there women to speak up for you? – Rajesh Talwar

  6. Nithy has made a grave mistake and brought all Hindu Dharma representatives into disgrace. He has an obligation to change his ways and apologize for abusing the trust of his devotees. In another age Naga sadhus would have dealt with him in a very severe manner: they would have stripped him of his kavi cloth and rudraksha mala and given him jal samadhi in the Ganga.

    We don’t advocate jal samadhi today, but Nithy should remove his kavi cloth, shave his head, take a Ganga bath, and humbly apologize to all the people he has cheated.

    There is no other way. And if he is really a man of character, he will do these simple ritual action to indicate a change of heart and mitigate the great harm he has done to Hindu Dharma.


    Appeal to Nithyananda by Maharishi Om

    Founder of the Rejuvenation Yoga Institute of America and, an institution that has over 200,000 followers learning Vedic knowledge.

    1 April 2010

    tel: ++1.630.699.4038

    Om Namah Shivaya,

    This is a special appeal to Nithyananda. All of you know him very well. Nithyananda, please say sorry to all devotees and say sorry to all sanyasis (monks) because you are bringing a bad name to sanyasis (monks) and also a bad name for Hinduism.

    Your statements, they are very, very confusing. One place you are saying that you are doing an experiment … and you are in samadhi (trance). But, whatever you are experimenting in samadhi (trance) that is not an act of a sanyasi (monk). This is very, very bad.

    In another statement, you are saying that “I did nothing wrong; nothing illegal, at all. And, I have not done anything against the law.” What is legal and illegal for a sanyasi (monk)? Can you please explain?

    In another statement, you are saying that the video was morphed, manipulated, and misrepresented – (of) your personal life. What was morphed? And, what was manipulated? Can you please explain?

    In another interview, you are saying that she (Ranjitha) was your true devotee. She is and she will be your devotee. And, she will remain your devotee. And, she was volunteering, serving, and taking care of you when you were sick.

    We devotees don’t understand these statements at all. (You are) very confused. These statements are confusing and creating frustration in devotees’ hearts. (Your statements are) contradicting (to) each other; nobody knows which one is true and which one is real. What it appears to the general public that the statements are made up, and the truth is not being revealed. Why don’t (you) say sorry? And, say, sorry, again and again? And, say, “I made a mistake, and I cannot live up to the standard of a real sanyasi (monk)?” And, ask for forgiveness? And take corrective measures?

    We, sanyasis (monks) are in great pain and sorrow. With your actions, we request to you, (to) please say sorry to (the) public and correct yourself. You, Nithyananda, need to leave this kavi (holy saffron) cloth immediately.

    We request to the public to keep a close watch on people who misguide and who mislead you. Remember the statement from Kabirdas:

    Guru kijiye jaan ke, paani pijiye chhan ke.

    That means: Understand your guru before you accept him, and always filter the water before you drink it.

    What is the meaning of sanyasi (monk)? Who is a sanyasi and a true guru? Sanyasa means renunciation and detachment from worldly affairs. Sanyasa means tyaga (unconditional detached love), not raga (lust) or anuraaga (worldly love). Sanyasa means love, not lust at all. Swami means the one who has mastered over sensual pleasures. But, it is clearly coming out from your (Nithyananda’s) statements that you are not following the path of dharma (righteousness). Please, admit your mistake and say sorry. Guru means true guide, like a mother.

    I again humbly appeal to the devotees who are following the path of dharma (righteousness) and they are in pain, please remain calm in this difficult time, have faith in God and continue your spiritual journey.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om (Peace within, Peace throughout, Peace Everywhere)

  8. sanatana dharma does not require hard selling…neither does it require any protectionism…eventually what will stand out is dharma…we need not cry hoarse unless we feel the necessity to vent!

  9. […] Nithyananda videos:  A testing time for Hindus – Radha Rajan -… […]

  10. […] Nityananda videos: A testing time for Hindus – Radha Rajan […]

  11. Actress Ranjita cannot be blamed for this. She is used to acting in films in similar vulgar scenes and she never had the image of puritan or claimed so.

    The person to be blamed and to be punished is Rajendran (the real name of this idiot). He should be referred as Avamanam Rajendran , instead of Saint’s name in future. The person should be beaten in public, if all these allegations on him are proved. He is not Nityananda – but he is ‘Nitya Avamanam’ for Saint Community. He will be remembered in history for this shameful act. I know that real Saints leave everything in life – but this false saint threw away prestige, shame, trust of people, self respect, decency, decorum, morality, etc. He is a real shame to India, especially to Tamil Nadu.

    An early action should be taken in his case and put him behind the bars. The justice in this case should form basic lesson for the other Saints in our country

  12. Like people go against Swamis, they should go against politicians in all the states in any party, completely expose their houses and families, and never make them win in elections. This POLITICS is playing havoc with all the religions.

  13. The matter of the Nityananda sex video can be settled in 5 minutes if Nityananda’s friend and sponsor Swami Dayananda Saraswati, head of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam and convener of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, calls the Sun TV proprietors and asks them to verify the authenticity of the video. In that the respected Swamiji has not made the phone call, or does not inform the public about the answer the Maran brothers have given him, we may safely assume that the video is authentic and has not been morphed or compromised.

    The video was made by Nityananda’s own disciples and distributed by them throughout the world as already stated to the Chennai police. Two of these disciples have sought protection from the Chennai police and/or court. If there is a Christian conspiracy behind the video as claimed by Rajiv Malhotra and others, then that possibility must be taken very seriously by all concerned parties including Sun TV. Christian missionaries in India and their financiers abroad will stoop to any level and employ every dirty trick known in order to malign Hindu leaders and Hindu culture. But that does not invalidate the authenticity of the contents of the video; it only supplies the motive and money behind the making of the video. Were Nityananda’s disciples bought by World Vision or another Christian outfit? So far there is no evidence to indicate that missionaries were involved.

    Hindu sadhus and gurus must learn to behave themselves in public and private. When they become popular and receive the adulation of hundreds and thousands of trusting, devout bhaktas they often get swelled heads that are empty of anything but their own name. They think they are invincible. That is a mistake. They are obliged to Dharma itself and to the public who feeds them. They should be especially careful of their conduct in Tamil Nadu, a state ruled by a hostile, anti-Hindu administration whose citizens are informed every morning and evening by a prurient, hostile, and anti-Hindu ‘secular’ media that is always looking for just such a scandal as this one (but refuses to report similar scandals in madrasas and seminaries).

    Nityananda is an independent, free-lance godman and guru who represents his own interests. He is not a traditional sanyasi and does not have a traditional diksha. He does not represent a traditional Hindu acharya parampara (though his hysterical devotees pretend that he does). He is not registered or associated with any traditional ashram or math but was one of the founders (like Swami Dayananda) of the new theosophical outfit the Global Foundation for Civilizational Harmony. This should be clearly understood by all Indians before they start throwing stones at traditional sadhus and acharyas because of the conduct of one very popular independent operator. Unfortunately, the kavi cloth of the traditional sanyasi has been dragged in the mud because of the conduct of one man who also wears the same costume with (now) doubtful authority.

    Nityananda is a Shiva bhakta with great charm and teaching ability. He is able to influence the lives of many people. He has captured the hearts of many people. If he has made a mistake, he has an obligation to Dharma and the people whose trust he has abused to admit his error. Sexual misconduct is a human failing and can be corrected. Even our great Rishis made mistakes, fell down, and then rose up again to become victorious in their discipline. Nityananda will be victorious too, but he must make a radical change in his lifestyle and insure that the opportunity for misdeeds doesn’t arise again.

    Ayodhya seers: ladies should not visit ashrams alone or after dark

  14. The godman is on the run and our respected gurus – his sponsors to various high profile public positions like the Global Foundation of Civilizational Harmony – are tongue-tied. Not a word to say to the exercised Hindu public. Dumb like oxen. The guru is God according to the chela – but not when there is scandal blowing all around the countryside. Then chela must depend on God alone only and his little helper in the form of political commentator Cho who so far is the only shaved head in Chennai with something sensible to say. What a sad state of affairs in the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha: The Voice (not heard yesterday or today) of Collective Hindu Conciousness!

    Cho: Fake godmen around in ancient times too – R. Bhagwan Singh

  15. Kindly visit the following sites to know more about the issue:

    I have dealt with the issue without any bias covering both sides.

    These sites are in Tamil, as the issues are to reach Tamils, who have been confused, brainwashed and thus supposed to know the facts behind.

    Interested may visit, read, comment and criticize for further analysis.

    Ananthakrishnan G, TNN, Mar 6, 2010, 03.29am IST

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A Kerala Christian priest has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a minor girl inmate of a hostel run by Orthodox Church at Pothukal in Malappuram district in September last year. The victim is a student of Catholicate Higher Secondary School run by the church.

    Father K G Joseph alias Father Habib Joseph was arrested and produced in a local court on Thursday. He, however, was granted bail. Joseph later denied charges. Crime Branch sources said the priest was charged under Section 354 IPC (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), a bailable offence.

    Police are also probing the “unnatural” death of the girl’s elder sister, who “succumbed” to suspected food poisoning at hostel in October last year. A few days after her death, the 14-year-old class IX student had alleged that she and her elder sister Anu were made to wash feet and massage Joseph and another priest who was a regular visitor to the hostel and that it often ended up with them being sexually harassed.

    Though they took up the matter with a nun, she instead of helping, threatened them with dire consequences, the girl had alleged. The two sisters belonging to a poor family of Kelakam in Kannur district thought it better to resign to their fate as otherwise they would have had to discontinue studies.

    Sixteen-year-old Anu, a class XI student, died on October 24, 2009. Soon after her death her younger sister had told reporters in the presence of her father that Anju was taken out in a car by the second priest on October 21 and they returned late in the night. Anu looked very tired and was crying and didn’t eat anything the next day. This infuriated the nun who beat her up, she had alleged.

    The torture was so brutal that there were blood stains on the wall of Anu’s room, she had alleged.

    AP, Mar 6, 2010, 02.37am IST

    BERLIN: An ever-widening sexual abuse scandal involving Germany’s Roman Catholic Church spilled into the heart of Pope Benedict XVI’s homeland on Friday when a former member of a boy’s choir led for 30 years by his brother claimed he was a victim.

    A former singer came forward with allegations church employees had sexually abused him in the early 1960s, said Clemens Neck, a spokesman for the Regensburg Diocese which oversees the school connected to the renowned Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir.

    Neck gave no details on the extent of the abuse, but insisted it happened before Georg Ratzinger, the pope’s brother, took over the choir in 1964. Ratzinger led the choir, comprised of around 500 boys and young men, until his retirement in 1994.

    A Vatican source said the pope did not intend to immediately issue a formal statement on the claims in Regensburg.

  18. Ask Swami Dayananda, why did he leave Chinamaya mission in 1981? Why he started to give sanyas in Hrishekesh to any brahmachari and asked them to come to his ashram? this was during 1982 oct… to be precise 12th. God or nature or even supernatural power doesn’t play dice. I want to ask you a frank question? what is the difference between a hindu? a Christian and a Muslim? Nothing! If god had played different roles a christian would have had a longer nose, a Hindu a shorter one and a muslim a longer ear! Wake up stop comparing, the issue with Nityanada is with Sex, when a bhakta donates, he expects that Sanyasi to lead a good life and not divulge in Sexual life. Stop comparing, Insha allah! is the same as Lord jesus, is same as hari om! words were created by us and not by him. Man when we are naked we are all the same. 4.5 liters of blood flowing in our body. Nitya anada is different it is 4.5 liters in the Lower part

  19. No doubt Swami Dayananda is completely compromised by being both HDAS convener and part of the GFCH outfit. The latter appears to be an updated version of the Theosophical Society that is organised like the Unitarian Church. He will have to choose between the two as there is a glaring conflict of interests here.

    It has become crystal clear that the Hindus of India have been virtually disenfranchised in the last 60 years since Independence. They have been disenfranchised not by foreign armies but by foreign ideologies and values that have been internalised by many Hindus – the globetrotting godmen are an example – through the christianised education process they have been through – and believe me all modern so-called secular liberal humanistic education is really Western Christian education even if the student never sees the inside of a church. The result is that educated, americanised, and in some cases alienated Hindus both inside India and outside, have become the greatest enemy of the Hindu who is rooted in his own ancient, tried and true civilization and not motivated to leave home by a desire for things foreign including values and ideology. If Hindu values are lost, and they have been lost completely at the level of government, so too is Hindu civilization lost. Are we going to let MK and his buddies in the Catholic Bishops Conference of India win the day?

    They will win because we have no effective leaders, and those leaders we do have in various Hindu outfits are busy being universal or universalist when they should be dealing with the critical problems at home.

    This sadhu is persuaded that Radha Rajan and Sandhya Jain have got it right. If we dismiss what they are saying as cranky or extreme, we do so at our own peril.

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