VIDEO: Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior Adolfo Nicolás, and Canterbury Archbishop Justin Welby to be prosecuted for child trafficking – Kevin Annett

In this ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and Statehas detailed the process of the forthcoming child trafficking and child genocide trial before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels of Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), the Jesuit Superior General (Adolfo Nicolás Pachón), the Archbishop of Canterbury (Justin Portal Welby) and Others.

Christian Dalits: Adopted but untouchable – T.C.G. Menon

Author Icon“The best way for dalit Christians is to return to their original religion of Hinduism and live as proud Hindus in their own right. We have overcome most of the discrepancies caused in our society by the Muslim invasions and British rule during the last sixty years. Since it is not the fault of Hinduism that dalits suffered discrimination in the past, it is time they studied and practiced Hinduism with an open mind.” – T.C.G. Menon

Christian missionary in IndiaIt is an irrefutable fact that Christian missionaries have been using all kinds of fraudulent means to convert the hapless dalits to Christianity, the purpose of which is to change the demography of India and bring it under foreign (read western) rule once again. Despite the tall claims of missionaries, Christianity has not redeemed some 20 million dalit Christians from social discrimination and untouchability. Infact, it has only added to their misery. Dalits were persuaded to accept faith in Jesus Christ in order to regain their purported ‘lost humanity’ and to be considered as ‘God’s children’. In reality, as Christians the dalits continue to live miserable lives in society and in the church.

The Church in India is a dalit Church, because 70% of India’s almost 25 million Christians are so-called dalits. Although they comprise the majority in all these Churches, their place and influence is minimal, even insignificant. Their presence is totally eclipsed by the power of the upper-caste Christians who are only 30% of the Christian population. This is all the more true in the case of the Catholic Church where such discrimination is strongly felt. Initially, they were converted to Christianity with false promises and given sufficient amounts of money and household materials for their worldly comfort. Once they came fully under the control of the Church, the authorities stopped all facilities and began asking them to contribute money and service every month, as much as 10% of their total income.

Christian GraveyardPractically every church takes up some sort of collection during the service. This is known as “tithing”. In the Catholic Church, tithes are taken during Masses that take place on Holy Days of Obligation (every Sunday and Catholic holiday such as Christmas and Easter). You may be unsure about where the money goes or why people give in the first place.

If a family fails to give the prescribed amount to the Church, no church service will be done for the dead in that family, and they will not get a place for burial at the time of death. In every church, separate burial grounds are maintained, one for rich people and one for the poor. Rich Christians reserve a place in the burial ground by giving money and construct a tomb there. For poor, the dead are buried in the same place where another body was buried. If there is no place, the old dead body is dug out and thrown in an unused well in the church compound. This being the situation, it is ridiculous that Christians preach that Christians would ascend to heaven in their entire bodies, if they believe only in Jesus. This is a hoax played on the gullible laity.

Jan HusThe present predicament of dalits in India is complex and confusing, and the way forward in the dalit struggle is by no means clear. However, there are a few eye-openers for Christian dalits which are that conversion to Christianity has not really enhanced their lives in any significant way, despite hopes and promises to the contrary. Most Christian dalits thus have a dual social and psychological identity, Christian as well as dalit, and have to live with the tensions built into that dual identity. A second trend is an increasing assertion of dalit identity as a positive thing, a source of pride rather than of shame.

In this, they rightly challenge pervasive cultural norms. An expression of this assertiveness is dalit theology; another is a harsh critique of missionary and Indian Church leaders who, in their efforts to “Indianise” the Church, equate “Indian” culture with Brahmanic instead of dalit culture. One reason why dalit Christians resist efforts to “Indianize” the theology and liturgy of the Church is because they are fed up with the Brahmanic culture to escape which they converted in the first place! There are persistent efforts to “raise the caste issue” and exorcise the demon of caste discrimination (which is “legion” and takes many forms) within the Churches themselves. Until this is done, the Churches cannot embody much “good news” for their own dalit members, let alone for other dalits.

Goa InquisitionSome Christian dalits are staunch advocates of the dalit strategies described above and work hard to implement them. But there is no clear evidence that any strategy or combination of strategies is predominant so far. It does appear, however, that over the past two decades Christian dalits are working closely with other dalits to achieve common aims and objectives. Yet “Dalit Solidarity” is an end difficult to achieve. This is because ‘Dalit Solidarity’ is an impractical goal so long as they are led by the Church for which dalits are only pawns in a political power game.

When we study the history of Christianity we find that Christian missionaries have no hesitation in dealing callously with people who oppose them. Millions of innocent women and children were killed most cruelly in Europe and Africa in the name of witch-hunting when they refused to convert. The witch-hunts waxed and waned for nearly three centuries, with great variations in time and space. The rate of witch hunting varied dramatically throughout Europe, ranging from a high of 26,000 deaths in Germany to a low of 4 in Ireland.

Secular JesusHindu dalits converted and are still converting because they do not know the history of Christianity. It is high time they enlighten themselves with facts. No upper caste Hindus could have committed the kind of atrocities that Christians have inflicted on ‘non-believers’ all over the world. In India, not only have they converted Hindus to Christianity with all kinds of false promises, they have spread surreptitious hate campaigns against Hinduism, so much so that the converted ones have started hating their natal religion.

This has vitiated family relationships and social mores. Yet Christians want Hindus to respect their Christian faith with no intentions of reciprocating. Dalits must realize that they are better off as Hindus, rather than feel lost by adopting an alien faith which is only a political religion.

Dalit ChristiansDuring British rule, Indian industry and agriculture collapsed and large numbers became jobless. Simultaneously, the requirement of labourers for leather work, butchering, or removal of rubbish, animal carcasses, and human excreta increased considerably. Naturally people had to do all kinds of jobs to earn a living, including jobs considered unhygienic. Some orthodox Brahmins and so-called upper castes practised untouchability, probably because of the unhygienic nature of the jobs some people engaged in.

In those days, orthodoxy was so prevalent among the priestly clan, Brahmins that were freedom fighters from these families were not allowed to dine with other family members and also not allowed to enter the temples. An example is my father who was arrested and put in jail for writing an article against British rule. But after Independence, all restrictions were lifted and he is considered a hero. Whenever anyone raises the subject of untouchability in Hindu society, we should counter by asking why foreigners used gloves while working and eat food with cutlery – they consider it unhygienic to eat with bare hands! Similarly some Hindus may have felt revulsion at some unhygienic people. Foreigners used this to divide Hindus and convert them to Christianity.

Chithira Thirunal Balarama VarmaDr. Ambedkar is blindly adored by many people. We have always seen pictures of Ambedkar in western attire. Why did he not ‘Indianise’ himself? Other Indian leaders always wore Indian attire. This shows that Ambedkar had a soft corner for the British and blindly believed what the British dished out on Hinduism. If he was concerned with the condition of dalits, why didn’t he pressurize the British to convert the service latrines to septic tank system?

The first movement for the entry of so-called low castes into temples was started by three freedom fighters in Kerala under the leadership of Gandhi. My father worked as a coordinator and sent day-to-day news to Gandhi.  The Maharaja of Travancore signed the historic Temple Entry Proclamation on November 12, 1936.*

Dr. Ambedkar’s name was not heard at that time. He and Nehru together adopted the Constitution that was the brain-child of the British, which has created a lot of problems for the common man of India. Our Independence was actually only a ‘transfer of power’. No major changes were made in our Constitution to suit Indians.

Sri Narayana GuruSri Krishna said in the Bhagvad Gita: “Those whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires, being prompted by their own nature, worship other deities adopting rules relating to each.” – Chapter 7, Verse 20.

But for Bhagwan Sri Krishna every devotee is noble: “Whatever celestial form a devotee (craving for some worldly object) chooses to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that form. The fruit gained by these people of small understanding, however is perishable.”

This prophecy has come true in the case of Christian dalits. Initially they got many benefits, but lost all benefits over a period of time and their condition has become worse than that of those who remained in Hinduism. All converts should read the Bhagvad Gita and return to Hinduism. Sri Narayana Guru, Sri Ayyankali, Guru Ravidas et al were good Hindu spiritual leaders, even though they were born in dalit families.

The best way for dalit Christians is to return to their original religion of Hinduism and live as proud Hindus in their own right. We have overcome most of the discrepancies caused in our society by the Muslim invasions and British rule during the last sixty years. Since it is not the fault of Hinduism that dalits suffered discrimination in the past, it is time they studied and practised Hinduism with an open mind.

I conclude with some common instances of discrimination in the Churches:

  • Construction of two chapels, one for non-dalits and one for dalits;
  • In some parishes liturgical services are conducted separately;
  • Separate seating arrangements within the same chapel. Dalits are usually seated at the two aisles. Even if there are benches or chairs, dalits are required to be seated on the floor;
  • Separate cemeteries and separate hearses to carry the dead (Hindus have common ghats for burning the dead for  all castes);
  • Separate queues to ‘receive the sacred body of Christ’. In some places, dalits are required to receive communion only after the non-dalits (almost every mandir provides free food / ‘Annadanam’ as ‘prasadam’ to devotees irrespective of caste; they sit together in rows and partake the food; there is no separate counter for dalits for booking different offerings to the deities);
  • Dalit boys are not allowed to be altar boys and lectors at the sacred liturgy (some north Indian temples allow any devotee to enter the sanctum sanctorum to pray or offer pujas; in south Indian temples only the head priest and his assistant are allowed to do so);
  • Dalits are not invited to participate in the washing of feet ceremony on Maundy Thursday;
  • For fear of claims to equal participation in the celebration of the feast of the parish patron saint, Parish Councils decide not to collect financial contribution from dalits;
  • The feast of the village patron saint is celebrated separately. – Vijayvaani, 17 Sept. 2012

» T.C.G. Menon is retired from the Railways and actively supports Hindu causes. He can be contacted at

* The Temple Entry Proclamation issued by Maharaja Shri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma and his Dewan Sir C. P. Ramaswami Iyer in 1936 abolished the ban on low-caste people or avarnas from entering Hindu Temples in the state of Travancore (now part of Kerala, India).[1]

The edict is as follows:

“Profoundly convinced of the truth and validity of our religion, believing that it is based on divine guidance and on all-comprehending toleration, knowing that in its practice it has throughout the centuries, adapted itself to the needs of changing times, solicitous that none of our Hindu subjects should, by reason of birth or caste or community, be denied the consolation and the solace of the Hindu faith, we have decided and hereby declare, ordain and command that, subject to such rules and conditions as may be laid down and imposed by us for preserving their proper atmosphere and maintaining their rituals and observances, there should henceforth be no restriction placed on any Hindu by birth or religion on entering or worshipping at temples controlled by us and our Government.”

Today, the Temple Entry proclamation day is considered as social reformation day by the Government of Kerala. – from Wikipedia for Temple Entry Proclamation

Murderous Churches: Modern day genocide in Canada – Gary G. Kohls

Rev. Kevin AnnettReverend Kevin Annett is an internet acquaintance of mine from Canada. He is an ex-United Church of Canada pastor (no relationship to the United Church of Christ in America) who was scandalously driven from his small rural parish in western Canada by higher-ups in his church.

Kevin has taught me a great deal more than I ever wanted to know about the widespread and hidden crimes against humanity that were perpetrated against innocent First Nation children over the past century in residential schools across Canada. These residential schools, identical in all regards to the infamous mission schools in the US, were managed with financial subsidization by the Canadian government, by three Christian church denominations in Canada, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the United Church of Canada.

What happened to Rev. Annett is the subject of an acclaimed documentary film as well as a feature film that is currently awaiting a marketing partner. The documentary film is titled “Unrepentant” (meaning that the three churches have not admitted their guilt, have covered-up the evidence of the crimes, have shielded the clergy and other leaders who were involved, and have not repented. Nor have the churches offered compensation or testified as to where the bodies of tens of thousands of disappeared children have been buried. Excavations of suspected sites of mass graves are proceeding as this column is being written.

RCMPThe impoverished and grieving families of the disappeared and abused children have been denied justice repeatedly. They have been ignored, demeaned, bullied and stone-walled by the Crown and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). They have had their traditional lands stolen from them and sold by the churches to multinational timber companies, with none of the money coming to the tribes. Unable to afford the legal representation that the churches, seeking to protect their reputations at any cost, were able to obtain, they have repeatedly lost case after case in the courts. Being denied justice repeatedly, the families continue to sink lower and lower into despair, poverty, homelessness, joblessness, mental ill health and understandable use of mind-altering drugs and alcohol.

Vancouver ClubThat is, until the courageous Rev. Kevin Annett took their side.

Annett was fresh out of seminary, with a wife and two children and eager to preach the gospel when he was assigned to a small parish in Port Alberni, in western Canada. Observing that there were no First Nation members in an area where there were many, he started asking why. The answers he received were initially unbelievable to him, but they were so disturbing that he felt compelled to reach the truth of the matter, even when the church urged him, then threatened him, to forget about the stories of the genocide he was hearing and ultimately knowing he was hearing the truth. What pastor Annett had stumbled onto, is the subject of his acclaimed documentary, ”Unrepentant”, and his website,

Kevin Annett is planning on being in the Duluth area on a speaking tour this early December 2011. Events are being planned for Duluth and the Fond du Lac Reservation. Below is a recent essay written by Rev. Annett, who, along with a multitude of First Nations’ victims of the mission and residential schools in North America, is seeking truth and justice and offering a path towards true reconciliation between the perpetrators and the victims of their violence.

Your Crime is not Diminished by Time, or Apology: Why Nothing has Changed for Victims of Church Torture, or for the Victimizers – Kevin D. Annett

Vancouver Street Person“It’s worse now, because I’m supposed to be healed. They get away with everything and I’m still here on the corner”. — Bingo, a homeless native survivor of Catholic Indian Residential schools, Vancouver, August 10, 2009

Here in Canada, I have an odd déjà vu feeling these days that I’m working again on the Intensive Ward of the UBC Psychiatric Hospital, except somehow the patients have taken over. It’s a feeling that’s reinforced whenever a smiling government or church official announces that the residential school era has “finally found closure” now that a few words have been uttered, and a bit of money thrown around. Somehow, these guys mistakenly believe that their liability and guilt has been diminished by their lawyers.

To stay sane, I stay close to people like Bingo and the many thousands of others who imagine they survived the electric shocks, the beatings, the sodomizing and starvation and tortures that were daily residential school life. It was official policy in Canada to destroy innocent children. Probably one hundred thousand children died at the hands of priests and nuns and other clergy, and their minions, many of whom still walk around free.

Stanley Sam“Then I saw the priest take that little baby and throw him into the furnace. I heard a little cry and heard his body go pop in the flames. We weren’t ever supposed to tell.”

Irene Favel saw the burning alive of a newborn baby in the summer of 1944, not in Auschwitz, but in Lestock, Saskatchewan, at the Muscowequan Catholic Indian school. And she described it live on a national CBC television broadcast on July 3, 2008.

After the broadcast, no one protested, save a handful. No outraged editorials responded with passion or appeal. No church official was ever charged or brought to trial.

In May of this year, an aboriginal woman named Charlotte Stewart and her sister Beryl held a press conference in Vancouver where they described watching their sister Vicky, age nine, get murdered in Edmonton by a United Church of Canada residential school employee named Ann Knizky. “We want the United Church held responsible” said Charlotte to the two reporters who showed up. “We want this woman brought to trial and the church to admit what happened. Vicky needs a memorial site so she won’t be forgotten.”

Canadian Parliament Building, Ottawa.The church said all the predictably correct words, in a letter to Charlotte a month later, written only after the Stewarts threatened church officials with a lawsuit. But no one is being held responsible, and the police are refusing to investigate.

On a national scale, this protection of perpetrators has been guaranteed by the Canadian government’s refusal to bring criminal charges against the churches for their killing of all those children. And the same guilty churches have even helped to choose the “Truth and Reconciliation” commissioners who will pretend to “investigate” the residential schools while promising that no names will be named or wrongdoing reported.

Metro United ChurchThis kind of miscarriage of justice is called “healing and reconciliation” in Canada.

I won’t ask the obvious question anymore, which is how can church and state get away so easily with such a huge and monstrous crime. We know exactly how. The question is not even why might makes right, or how religion can sanctify murder, for history teaches us why.

Instead, what is suddenly confronting all of us, including the Pope and the Queen of England, is the realization that we cannot escape ourselves or our own history.

We try to evade ourselves, of course, all the time. Many Canadians now really believe that we have somehow made better what happened at our hands to Indians, as if money and words ever heal anything. For every lawyer-crafted “apology”, every bit of hush money doled out anonymously, is designed to do something more basic than protect blood-soaked institutions, and that is simply to continue our own self-deception.

Holy Rosary CathedralYou don’t have to stand next to a residential school survivor, or a United Church clergyman, for more than five minutes to know that nothing has changed – for any of us. The survivor is still as crushed as ever, and the clergyman is just as stupidly self-justifying. And little Vicky Stewart still lies, un-avenged and unremembered, in the cold earth.

And yet while nothing really has changed for us, the truth is finally out there, like a pesky virus in our body politic, threatening to germinate in our soul and change us. Jesus once compared the kingdom of heaven to a tiny mustard seed, a very strange but compelling metaphor, since such a seed transforms any garden into a mass of weeds that chokes out all other contenders. The truth is like that, which is why we fear it so.

Dublin protest 2010Nothing has been resolved, or reconciled, or healed. The churches and governments that planned and carried out horrible crimes against children are still as liable and guilty as they ever were, regardless of “compensation” and court-ordered gag orders. Native people continue to die in droves, and their land keeps being stolen. And it is the simple job of anyone who knows and loves the truth to say and show this to the criminal parties, and dislocate them.

I watched with wondrous joy this summer when thousands of Irish men and women crowded the streets of Dublin with their outrage that the church could absolve itself, and be absolved, of its violence and murder against children. And I wait, and wait, for Canadians or Americans to demonstrate a similar clarity and courage.

Benedict XVIAnd yet we can reverse our complicity, simply by understanding, and declaring, that the residential school crimes are not resolved, that the process of justice, cleansing and moral accounting has just begun, and that the churches and governments and persons responsible for genocide must and will be brought to public trial and sentencing.

We did so at Nuremberg, against other people. Can we do it now, against ourselves? And by doing so, find ourselves again?

Kevin Annett is a former minister with the United Church of Canada who was fired without cause in 1995 when he questioned the church over its killing of children in its Alberni Indian residential school. He is the author of two books and the co-producer of an award-winning documentary “Unrepentant”. He is the Secretary of The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared, and lives and works with aboriginal and low-income people as a community educator and minister in Vancouver, Canada. - HiddenFromHistory, Nanaimo, 2011

» For more information contact Kevin at: hiddenfromhistory1@ or through his website at

» Courtesy Gary Kohls

4 – Multiculturalism is for the birds – Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan“Monotheisms cause multiculturalism and multiculturalism breeds conflict and wages war. Wherever Abrahamic religions and their adherents exist, the very nature of their god and their responsibility to fulfil their god’s purpose inevitably places them in constant state of war against the rest of the world.” – Radha Rajan

London multicultis looting shops.Diversity is not multiculturalism

The riots with racial overtones engulfing London and other parts of UK in the first week of August 2011 seem to have been timed fortuitously to quickly vindicate Anders Breivik’s act of terror in Norway on 22 July, allegedly against multiculturalism.

The writer had drawn a parallel to events in India where Sonia Gandhi’s UPA has created a new phenomenon called Hindu terror. Some very striking points of similarity between Anders Breivik and Hindus who have been arrested for acts of terror –

  • While all of them allegedly belong to some known organization or political party (Abhinav Bharat, Progress Party), they acted as individuals with little or no backing from the organizations to which they belonged
  • All of them, according to available reports were trained and funded by shadowy figures who have not been identified so far
  • All of them were chosen for their commitment to a defined political ideology related to multiculturalism
  • All of them supposedly used ammonium nitrate and fuel oil to manufacture IEDs
  • All of them were amateur terrorists, first time offenders, almost certain to be arrested

David CameronIf Christian terrorism sent the signal that Europe and America had reached the end of their multiculturalism tether and wanted it to end, inventing the phenomenon of Hindu terror sent the signal that resistance by Hindu nationalists to multiculturalism would not be countenanced. The Generic Church, it was clear wanted multiculturalism like jihad to end in Europe and America but wanted it alive and active in India.

And that is why the plot to launch new-wave Christian terrorism and Hindu terrorism must have been hatched around the same time by the same forces for exactly opposite reasons.

Multiculturalism is a misnomer for warring monotheisms. When Prime Minister David Cameron said state multiculturalism had failed in the UK and Hillary Clinton, while on a state visit to India last month said she was going to Chennai to get a sense of the city’s culture, two of the world’s most influential political leaders used the word culture in entirely different ways.

When David Cameron spoke about state multiculturalism what he actually meant was government policy to invite people of different races, different religions and different countries to make the United Kingdom their home so that Pizza and Paratha, Bharatanatyam and Flamenco could live together happily ever after. It is not surprising that multiculturalism failed in the UK and is failing everywhere in the world.

Jehovah / AllahElsewhere the writer had observed that the Hindu nation is formed on the basis of what unites us, what we have in common while Abrahamic religionists fragment their countries into smaller countries and states on the basis of how they differ from each other.

If all three Abrahamic religions owe allegiance to the same god and hold the same prophets in reverence, why are Christians and Muslims at each others’ throats in several parts of the world; why are Muslims and Jews at each others’ throats in the middle-east; why did Christians persecute the Jews over centuries?

Fundamental and irreconcilable differences among them which make them warring monotheisms are –

  • Judaism holds the cults of Jesus and Mohammed to be heretic faiths
  • The Jews do not believe that Jesus is either the son of god or even the promised messiah and are still waiting for God to fulfil his promise to the Jews
  • While Muslims revere Jesus as one of the messengers of God, they do not believe that Jesus is the son of god while Christians do not believe God spoke to Mohammed through Angel Gabriel
  • Even as the Jews are still waiting for God to send them the promised Messiah the Muslims have pronounced Mohammed to be the last Prophet

All three Abrahamic siblings share the common belief that the last and final war before the end of time/end of world will be fought among themselves to decide who among them is god’s chosen people. For this final confrontation to take place, the world must be rid of all other (false) gods and all other (illegitimate) religions so that only their one true god remains to rule the world and only they, the three Abrahamic siblings remain to fight the last war.

This is not culture; this is the Abrahamic worldview or the world as the Abrahamic religionists view it. According to this worldview –

  • The world is divided broadly as Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic
  • The non-Abrahamic world, the territory and people, must be transformed to become Abrahamic
  • This entailed either converting the people to one of the Abrahamic religions or forcibly taking over the territory and bringing it under the rule of an Abrahamic king
  • The noun Messiah is transliteration of the Hebrew noun ‘Mashiach’ which derives from the verb ‘mashach’ which means to anoint. Mashiach or Messiah literally means the anointed one. In the Abrahamic worldview, only three categories of people are anointed – prophets, priests and kings. The prophet was considered as representing god to the people; the priest represented the people in all their interactions with god and the king protected the people, ruled over them and defended the territory (the kingdom or nation) which belonged to the god of Abraham. The person so anointed, prophet, priest or king, then became divinely enabled so that he and he alone was chosen by god and authorized by god to serve god and fulfil god’s purpose
  • The purpose of the god of Abraham was to first subjugate and enslave the people who did not owe allegiance to the god of Abraham (Abrahamic kings and god’s soldiers did that), then take away the territory of these non-believers (their kingdom and nation) and bring both people and territory under the control of the god of Abraham after destroying the (false) gods and their places of worship
  • This was god’s task and purpose which he entrusted to prophets, priests and kings

The Abrahamic worldview where the world is divided into two adversarial, conflicting segments, therefore placed the adherents of Abrahamic religions in a constant state of war – against non-Abrahamic nations, peoples and gods and among themselves as countdown and empowerment for the final showdown which will decide who among them is the chosen people of the god of Abraham.

This explains why –

  • The Jews have always tried to control money and resources which makes up for their numerical inferiority because one is born a Jew and is never converted to the Judaic faith [No longer true. Conversions take place and are recognised - Ed]
  • The prophets – Israelite, Ishmaelite both have such violent histories
  • Islam and Christianity must expand into every continent of the world using violence, and leaving behind a trail of abuse and total destruction, even as both of them persecute the numerically inferior Jews across continents and deny the Jews any settled place to live
  • Almost every pre-Islam and pre-Christian faith in all the continents, entire nations, tribes and kingdoms have been destroyed for ever with no living trace of these once prosperous, thriving and vibrant religions and civilizations; they are all, people and continents both, either entirely Muslim or Christian or neatly carved up between both
  • Why the Pope can speak from both corners of the mouth at the same time; one corner of the mouth says freedom of religion be damned, multiculturalism be damned, secularism be damned, he does not want Asiatic, Muslim Turkey inside Christian Europe; while the other corner of the mouth says at the same time that he will plant the cross in Asia; Muslim Turkey will not be allowed to move into Christian Europe but the white Church must be permitted by secular India to enter and expand across the territory of Hindu India, Confucian China and Buddhist Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Contrast the Abrahamic worldview with Hindu worldview –

  • Dharma is supreme, even our gods are subject and subordinate to dharma
  • Dharma can be embodied not only in gods but also in humans and non-humans
  • A Hindu acquires his worldview not from understanding time, space and the cosmos first (western science and philosophy) and then place the individual within this understanding but by knowing the nature of the individual first and proceeding from that to understand the nature of the rest of the world – time, space, and cosmos
  • The journey within the self and from the self to the world is a Hindu’s religion, his spirituality
  • God (devas) is the name Hindus give to the extraordinary power, intelligence which permeates all creation
  • Because this power, this intelligence (god) is already present, already permeates the world, Hindus do not have to be in a constant state of war with the world to bring any nation or kingdom under the control of our devas
  • There are as many gods as there are humans and as many layers of understanding the truth that every god, every method to know the truth, so long as it is subjected to and governed by dharma, is legitimate and deserving of respect
  • Wars were waged by kings to establish dharma and the victorious king had to be a dharma vijayi and not a lobha (plunder) or asura vijayi (rape, plunder, murder, mayhem and destruction)
  • Within the Hindu nation, Hindus who worshipped Shiva or Vishnu, Kali or Aiyanar, mountain or river, stick or stone or his parents, even if he chose not to worship anyone or anything (that itself indicated simply one level of understanding and he would be born again and again until the fruits of his karma enabled him to know the nature of the self; after that words like belief or non-belief become redundant) could all live together without killing in the name of their god because everything was god and godly when the worshipper was ruled by dharma
  • When people lived by dharma and were ruled by dharma, there were no multi-cultures as the Abrahamic world understands the word; there was only one worldview and all creative expressions proceeding from this worldview was culture.

Hindu India under attack from the Monotheists.Monotheisms cause multiculturalism and multiculturalism breeds conflict and wages war. Wherever Abrahamic religions exist and their adherents, the very nature of their god and their responsibility to fulfil their god’s purpose inevitably places them in constant state of war against the rest of the world.

Within the Hindu nation, Islam and Christianity both are at war against the Hindus. Hindus have to be forced to give up their dharma and their worship either by terror, fear, bribes or blandishments (religious conversion) followed by eventual control of territory (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jammu and Kashmir, North-East, south Tamil Nadu, the eastern and western coastal regions) until Hindu India is fragmented into Christian states like East Timor or South Korea, or Muslim states like Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

The rise of Hindu nationalism once again after 1909, in the second half of the 1990s decade rests on the understanding –

  • All gods are not the same
  • All religions do not have the same objective and so do not lead to the same goal
  • Hindus have never conquered territory, enslaved other nations and cultures in the name of their gods and will therefore resist efforts by Abrahamic religions within the nation and outside to make Hindu India another Abrahamic fiefdom
  • This means Hindu nationalists will not allow religious conversion and will not surrender Hindu territory to Islam or Christianity
  • Will not allow Muslims and Christians in India to claim Hindu territory because their god and their religion has placed this religious mandate upon them.

M.K. GandhiThat is why Hindus are reacting violently to increasing Muslim and Christian provocations. When Hindus use force against the constantly warring adherents of Islam and Christianity, they are only protecting their dharma and defending their native land, their janmabhumi.

If India and the rest of Asia have to be transformed for the last war or Armageddon, India’s Hindus must always be kept in a state of weakness, they must never be allowed to capture state power.

It is to attain this objective, to break the backbone of Hindu nationalism again as they did in 1909, that Hindus defending their nation have been labelled terrorists. If the state in India had derived from Hindus then the state would ban religious conversion, the Hindu state would resist forcefully any territorial claim by Muslims and Christians.

J. Nehru & Edwina MountbattenBut the post 1947 state in India does not derive from the Hindu nation; it derives from Gandhi’s understanding of nation and Nehru’s un-Hindu and anti-Hindu ideology for governance.

Gandhi’s unnatural and unreal understanding of the Hindu nation was typical of general Hindu foolishness that all gods are the same and all religions have the same goal. Gandhi failed to acknowledge even in 1947 when the Hindu nation was vivisected that Islam and Christianity both are mandated by their god and prophets to conquer Hindu territory.

It is this stubborn foolishness which made Gandhi think that Hindus and Muslims, Hindus and Christians in India are brothers because they have the same ancestors. Gandhi should have read the Bible and the Koran with political sense to grasp the political objectives of both books of revelation. Both books declare, a brother is he who worships the same god; if your blood brother worships another god, he is an infidel; convert him or kill him.

Gandhi had no such political sense and Nehru was an irreligious man; and that is why the Hindu nation, governed by the Gandhi-Nehru INC, is destined to be enslaved by Gandhian sense of the nation –

If Hindus believe India should be peopled only by Hindus, they are living in a fool’s paradise. Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, and Christians who have made India their home are fellow countrymen; they will have to live in unity if only for their own interests. In no part of the world are one nationality and one religion synonymous terms, nor has this ever been the case in India. (Hind Swaraj, Chapter X, The Condition of India (cont.): The Hindus and the Mahomedans, pp 52-53)

Vinayak Damodar SavarkarSavarkar on the other hand suffered from no such delusions –

As it is, there are two antagonistic nations living side by side in India, several infantile politicians commit the serious mistake in supposing that India is already welded into a harmonious nation, or that it could be welded thus for the mere wish to do so. Our well-meaning but unthinking friends take their dreams for realities… The solid fact is that the so-called communal questions are but a legacy handed down to us by centuries of a cultural, religious and national antagonism between the Hindus and the Moslems. When time is ripe you can solve them but you cannot suppress them by merely refusing recognition of them. (Savarkar’s Presidential address to the 19th session of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha at Karnavati (Ahmedabad) in 1937)

To make sure the Gandhian sense of nation prevails in India and to make sure that Hindu nationalism never raises its head to threaten the movement towards the two stage Apocalypse-Armageddon end of world, the US is making moves, going by this news report, to interfere actively in India’s internal affairs:

The legislative process in the United States Congress on the bill tabled by Congressman Frank Wolf and co-sponsored by Representative Anna Eshoo from California promises to be a fateful happening for the ‘defining partnership’ between US and India. It is titled as ‘To provide for the establishment of the Special Envoy to Promote Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia’. A hearing has been already held by the House of Representatives although the Indian media hasn’t yet apparently caught on what is unfolding on the Hill. The bill has bipartisan support, especially from Christian Conservatives, and there is strong likelihood of it becoming law. India is specifically mentioned as one of the countries where the US will closely monitor the plight of the minorities. The bill demands the creation of the post of a special envoy in the State Department specifically to monitor countries like India. Pakistan has been included in the scope of the bill along with India, but China is not– although Beijing has been openly defying the Vatican’s right to control the appointment of Church functionaries in China. As the text of the bill envisages, the proposed US special envoy is expected to:

a) “promote the right of religious freedom of religious minorities” and recommend “appropriate responses” by Washington to instances of violation of the rights;

b) “monitor and combat acts of religious intolerance and incitement targeted against religious minorities”;

c) “work to ensure the unique needs of religious minority communities… including the economic and security needs of these communities”;

d) work with Indian NGOs and take up with the GOI any Indian laws that are “inherently discriminatory” to minorities; and,

e) raise the issues on the multilateral fora, including the UN and the OSCE.

1 million dollars will be allocated annually to facilitate the work of the special envoy in undertaking activities such as conducting investigations. The bill says: “The Special Envoy should be a person of recognised distinction in the fields of human rights and religious freedom who shall have the rank of ambassador and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.” It seems the Barack Obama administration may already be having a nominee in mind.

From all appearances, the law would be geared in the Indian context to bring under the scanner the working of the Sangh Parivar organisations which have often been implicated in violence against minorities. Most certainly, the latest moves by public organisations in the US to monitor the activities of the Sangh Privar outfits in America now assume even greater significance.(Ref: US may bring ‘Sangh Parivar’ under scanner)

Subramanian Swamy: Hindu's only intelligent spokesman today. The proposed Communal Violence Bill, the arrest of Pujya Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya and the proposed Bill to monitor rights of minorities in America are all of the a piece.

This explains why Hindu PIOs felt compelled to explain Dr. Subramanian Swamy to protestors at Harvard University in the following Abrahamic multiculturist idiom -

I cannot understand how anyone can call Dr. Subramanian Swamy a BIGOT. Dr. Swamy’s brother-in-law is Jewish, his son-in-law Muslim, his sister-in-law Christian and his wife Parsi. One of his two daughters is married to an Indian Muslim with whom he has closest relations, and therefore how can he possibly be a bigot against the Indian Muslims or Christians.

Multiculturalism is for the birds; the Hindu twit. – Vigil OnLine, 13 August, 2011.


» Radha Rajan is the editor of Vigil Online

3 – Multiculturalism is for the birds – Radha Rajan

Radha RajanWhen the Generic Church’s propaganda machinery floated the news that Anders Breivik was inspired by Hindutva and Hindu organizations, in one stroke it not only equated Christian terrorism to Hindu terrorism in international discourse on terrorism but within the country it forced Hindus to go on the defensive to reject the association thereby abdicating their intellectual responsibility to go on the warpath and make the distinction between the political objective of Abrahamic monotheisms and the political objectives of Hindu nationalism.” – Radha Rajan

Gun-CrossWe Will Never Know the Truth

Having successfully sold the lemon that the war against terror was fought by white Christians against Islam, as Jews stood in the shadows, the Christian world had to scramble to find explanations for what could no longer be hidden – that the carnage in Norway on 22nd July was Christian terrorism.

The immediate, and as it turned out incorrect conclusion was that this was the handiwork of Islamic terrorists. When it turned out that the terrorist was a white Christian, the second immediate and again incorrect conclusion was that Breivik did it to protest the immigration policy of his government and his killing spree was a reaction to multiculturalism.

As it turned out, the victims were not Muslims or from any other immigrant community. All those killed in Oslo and in Utoya were Norwegians; in fact the persons Breivik shot in cold blood were teenage boys and girls at a youth camp organized by Norway’s Labour Party. This act of pre-planned, calculated terror was perpetrated by a white Christian against his own countrymen practicing the same religion.

So why did Anders Behring Breivik do what he did?

The truth, no matter how galling, is that the Christian world with all the resources it commands, including the FBI, Scotland Yard and Mossad to investigate, track down and bring terrorists to account, especially when their own have been killed, has not been able to tell us conclusively why Breivik killed 76 people on one day although speculations abound about Breivik being a neo-Nazi who was inspired by Hindutva. Although why when Christianity had already successfully manufactured Hitler, the Ku Klux Clan and Mussolini, Breivik should look for distant inspiration, is conveniently left unanswered.

It has been confirmed that Breivik bought six metric tonnes of fertiliser of which five tonnes have been found on Breivik’s farm; one tonne of fertiliser is missing and unaccounted for till date. We may assume this is nitrogen-based fertiliser and Breivik intended to manufacture Ammonium Nitrate using the fertiliser which when compounded with fuel oil makes for an effective Improvised Explosive Device or IED.

The truth which stares us in the face is that one tonne of missing dung and all the planning and preparation (reports speculate that at least two years went into the planning) killed only seven people in Oslo. The rest were killed by old-fashioned guns and bullets. So, was Breivik learning as he was working, and was he the lone executor of the plan while the forces which created him and funded him remain in the shadows are questions begging an answer

Breivik’s magnum opus Knights Templar 2083 in which he allegedly pours out his white Christian heart, besides anger against immigration and multiculturalism, is also supposed to contain references to Hindu nationalist organizations; and it is in these references that the writer senses the stench of deep-rooted evil.

The Generic Church has used its propaganda machinery to dismiss stubborn efforts by intelligent persons to make sense of momentous (catastrophic) events impacting global economy or politics as being ‘conspiracy theories’; but those theories which stubbornly float around and refuse to go away may be closer to the truth which the Generic Church would like to bury.

The following points need to be kept firmly in mind –

  • Nazism, Ku Klux Clan and Fascism all grew in the fertile soil of Christianity and reflect the nature and purpose of the Church
  • The methods that Nazism, fascism and the Ku Klux Klan adopted in executing their ideology have been the exact same methods the Church adopted in achieving its expansionist missionary politico-religious objectives
  • Christian terrorism is therefore as inherent to the expansionist Church as Islamic terrorism is to expansionist Islam
  • The actions of adherents of the Abrahamic religions faithfully reflect their understanding of their god and reflect too the content and character of their religion deriving from this understanding
  • Abrahamic religionists, irrespective of the name by which they call their god, Allah or Jehovah or Yahweh, is the god of Abraham, Issac, Moses, Jacob, Jesus and Paul
  • Abrahamic religionists, Jews, Christians and Muslims are therefore siblings with the same religious genes, same religious purpose moving towards the same end of time/end of history objective and will partner each other if need be against Hindu India

Breivik’s actions do not follow logically from his written rant; Breivik placed his IED in a truck outside the federal building in Oslo which houses the office of the Prime Minister. Generous immigration policy and support for state multiculturalism were ideological policy issues for the Labour Party. But the Labour Party had been defeated in the elections and the incumbent government was not Labour.

Then why did Breivik target the federal building and why kill children and young people of the Labour Party attending a youth conference? The entire episode smacks of irrationality and pure evil. It is almost as if Breivik had been undergoing some kind of intense brain-washing, training programme intended to make a killing machine out of him.

Olaf PalmeReferences to Hindu nationalist organizations makes the writer suspect that there is more, a lot more to Breivik and the forces behind him than meets the eye. Just as the world will never know who killed the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in February 1986 and therefore will never know why he was killed, the world will never know the truth of who created the Christian monster called Anders Breivik and why.

It is quite possible that the reasons may well be the same or conmnected.

There is an eerie and chilling parallel to events in India beginning October 2008. A young Hindu sanyasin, Sadhvi Pragya is arrested on 10 October, 2008 for her alleged role in the Malegaon blasts of September 29, 2008. Considering the fact that P. Chidambaram’s goons in Maharashtra ATS, CBI and NIA are yet to capture anyone for the Mumbai blasts on 13 July 2011, it is breathtaking that the Maharashtra ATS hounds investigating the blasts, scented Sadhvi Pragya, tracked her down and arrested her – all within 10 days!

Swami Aseemanand of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram Like a well-crafted plot unravelling itself to pre-programmed time, the Sadhvi’s arrest is followed by those of Col. Purohit a serving army officer with Military Intelligence on November 18, followed by the arrests of Pujya Swami Aseemanand and Dayanand Pandey, a previously unheard of Sankaracharya of Sarada Peeth in Jammu.

All four were projected by Sonia Gandhi’s UPA II as being the face of Hindu Terror. Just as we will never know the truth behind Norway’s day of horror on July 22, 2011, we will never know the truth behind this new phenomenon which Sonia Gandhi’s minions in the Congress have labelled Saffron Terror and Hindu Terror.

These points need to be borne in mind –

  • Four persons were arrested but only two – Sadhvi Pragya and Pujya Swami Aseemanand are paraded periodically before the nation
  • The routinely anti-Hindu 24 hour English news channels have not dared to ask what happened to Col. Purohit, the alleged mastermind who stole 60 kgs of RDX from the army depot in J&K and the so-called Sankaracharya of Sarada Peeth
  • Col. Purohit, according to the Maharashtra ATS is alleged to have confessed/admitted that after taking just what was required to blow up the Samjhauta Express, he dumped the remaining 60kgs of RDX into the Jhelum river
  • The army has strongly denied that Col. Purohit was authorised to access RDX from the army depot and also that no RDX in its control was missing
  • According to news reports Sadhvi Pragya certainly and Col. Purohit (open to question) were both subjected to narco and brain mapping tests
  • Performing these tests even once, which intrude into the deepest recesses of a person’s sub-conscious mind, particularly when their reliability is doubtful constitutes a gross violation of human rights but Sadhvi Pragya was subjected to repeated narco analysis and brain mapping exercises
  • Possibly something that Col. Purohit may have said during the first and only narco analysis done on him frightened the daylights off the Maharashtra ATS and the Home Ministry and all of a sudden, nothing more is heard of this man and Dayanand Pandey
  • Soon thereafter Pujya Swami Aseemanand of the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram who like the late Swami Laxmananda Saraswati also of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, was leading the war against religious conversion and Christian missionaries, is arrested and the Maharashtra ATS pegs most terror attacks between 2007-2008 retrospectively on Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Aseemanand
  • Both of them continue to languish in prison without trial, despite the fact that there is not an iota of proof or corroborative evidence presented so far against them

Mocking at conspiracy theories be damned but it cannot be denied that Sonia Gandhi and her merry minions would have continued treading this path except 26/11 blew on their faces in 2008, within days of arresting Col. Purohit and the find-the-Hindu-terrorist expedition was brought to an abrupt end. It cannot be gainsaid that after 26/11 no more Hindu terrorists have been tracked down or arrested and acts of terror pinned retrospectively on them.

When questioned about coining the phrase ‘saffron terror’ and ‘Hindu terror’ India’s new Home Minister in UPA II smirked, “The purpose has been served” and this raised the writer’s antennae and hackles. There was more to Sonia Gandhi’s Hindu terror it became obvious, than P Chidambaram and his goons were prepared to reveal.

The writer has consistently maintained that Hindu nationalism poses the biggest challenge to Abrahamic religions in theory and practice and also poses a serious threat to their movement towards the two-stage Apocalypse-Armageddon.

Pope John Paul II with Rajiv & Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi in 1986.From around 2000 India watchers must have been seriously alarmed at certain trends emerging from within Hindu society which signalled that Hindu nationalists, best embodied by Hindu religious leaders and the RSS parivar, were resisting the spreading cancer of religious conversion undertaken by Christian missionaries as part of Pope John Paul II’s stated objective of planting the cross in Asia in the third millennium.

The Gujarat riots of 2002 following the burning alive of Hindu pilgrims by jihadis at Godhra station must also have alarmed India watchers. India’s Hindus were fiercely resisting the moves of the Generic Church and Global Islam to Christianize and Islamize Hindu India.

The BJP-led NDA lost a winning election in 2004 and the Generic Church has not looked back since. The rise of Sonia Gandhi provided the best opportunity yet to weaken Hindu organizations and render Hindu society defenceless against the Abrahamic agenda. Beside several other things which the Generic Church undertook through Sonia Gandhi, the writer is convinced that the plot to trap Hindu religious leaders and functionaries of Hindu organizations was one of them.

Neither Islam nor the Generic Church can succeed in their mission in India without help from renegade Hindus and without a degree of complicity by highly placed officials in government and administration. Until proved otherwise it is the writer’s theory that entities within the UPA government identified and employed renegade Hindus to penetrate Hindu organizations, identify and select elements which could be trapped in a web of counter-terrorism measures. This included teaching them to make low intensity crude bombs, putting together IEDs with Ammonium Nitrate and fuel oil and choose appropriate targets.

Poojary praying for Sonia-jee's god.It is possible that the plot to entrap Hindus into the web of Hindu Terror was the brainchild of global forces outside the country but was implemented by anti-Hindu renegades within the intelligence community, government and counter-terrorism agencies. The plot to embroil Hindu religious leaders belonging to the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and RSS functionaries was crafted and implemented with great success as seen.

The plot was crafted and implemented before November 2008 and there has been a near total change of guard in all these agencies – new Home Minister, new National Security Adviser and a new chief of the Maharashtra ATS. The nation will never know the truth about the forces which crafted and executed the plot.

The most important outcome of this successful plot (successful because until now Hindus have not acted to neutralise the consequences) has been to equate Hinduism and Hindus with Islam, Christianity and their adherents.

When the Generic Church’s propaganda machinery floated the news that Anders Breivik was inspired by Hindutva and Hindu organizations, in one stroke it not only equated Christian terrorism to Hindu terrorism in international discourse on terrorism but within the country it forced Hindus to go on the defensive to reject the association thereby abdicating their intellectual responsibility to go on the warpath and make the distinction between the political objective of Abrahamic monotheisms and the political objectives of Hindu nationalism.

Hindus proved yet again that the spirit of the kshatriya remains defeated.

The intellectual kshatriya would have seen that Anders Breivik was a bomb which exploded prematurely just as the plot to entrap Hindus in the web of Hindu terror also ended prematurely with 26/11. There is a connection here somewhere; only we have to wait for time to unravel the larger plot to destabilise parts of the world with killing machines wielding guns and IEDs. — Vigil Online, August 2011 


2 – Multiculturalism is for the birds – Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan“Samuel Huntington, like President Kennedy before him described the United States of America as a Nation of Immigrants. For “an anguished, frantic, over-burdened academic producing scholarly works”, the description was a travesty of truth which condemned Native Americans and African Americans to non-existence by leaving them outside the pale of this popular description.” – Radha Rajan

MulticulturalismMonotheism breeds multiculturalism

Immigration to BWB countries came in two forms – slave labour which performed hard, physical manual work as skilled labourers in their factories, and as ‘unskilled labour’ comprising a major segment of their service industry; all for the privilege of being allowed to view from a distance the American Holy Grail Dream.

In the second stage, well-camouflaged slave labour was promoted and elevated to the status of domestic help when bogus Christian egalitarianism allowed them to live inside the home of the master and eat off the kitchen table. This labour came into these countries as doctors, engineers, scientists, educationists, yoga gurus and IT experts.

Multiculturalism in America and Europe was a necessary virtue when it was multi-flavoured Christianity – newly liberated, end-of-segregation African-American, Cuban, Irish, Italian and Latin-American; multiculturalism as immigration from countries which they had colonised and impoverished was suffered as token Christian reparation for war crimes and the crimes of colonization; multiculturalism was also a show-and-tell virtue when it was docile, self-effacing, hardworking Hindus and Sikhs who knew their place, were immensely grateful for being allowed to graze on green pastures, and who, despite more wealth in the bank than their masters, did not threaten hostile take-over of the house, bless their Hindu souls.

Multiculturalism began to lose its sheen and virtuous veneer when it came as Muslims – Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani Muslims, African Muslims and growing numbers of a new wave of Africans fleeing poverty, hunger and Aids. The increasing visibility of migrants from Asia – from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and from Africa was altering the racial demography of the white landscape and multiculturalism was beginning to pinch.

It began to pinch painfully when the new wave of Muslim immigrants, unlike the Hindus refused not only to remain confined to the kitchen and service quarters but insisted on running amok in the garden and the living room. Some of them even declared their intent to subjugate and take over America and Europe by altering the religious demography of the American and European landscape and eventually to do unto Europe and America what they had already done to India in 1947 and what Europe and America had done to Indonesia, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Sudan.

All this was unsettling to the White Christian-ness of public spaces in Europe and America compounded by the imminent danger from multiculturalism to the pre-eminent position of the White Christian, ruling supra-elite.

America and Europe were forced to revisit multiculturalism as a political virtue when Islam’s symbols and way of life began to pervade the two continents. Samuel Huntington had to undertake a massive exercise to probe the content of being ‘American’ while Britain and France, Australia and Canada began to analyse and describe their national culture and ethos. All of them concluded ridiculously that the ability to speak English or French, and not permitting Muslim women to wear the veil constituted the essence of white culture.

Democracy was thrown in as a component of self-description only to juxtapose it against what the Generic Church considered was non-democratic, non-liberal Muslim social and political culture. (Ref: State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron)

The first important step in Europe towards self-description came in 2002 from Pope John Paul II and the then Cardinal Ratzinger, now incumbent Pope; in America, around the same time the process of self-description was marked by Samuel Huntington’s Who are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity (Simon & Schuster, 2004) and a renewed national debate over whether the Pledge of Allegiance (not to be confused with the Oath of Allegiance) was mandatory for all students in American schools.

America’s multiculturalism was heaving and churning, threatening to dislodge the cowboy.

When the fall of the Berlin Wall was engineered by the Generic Church to coincide with neo-colonialism’s globalization, neo-Imperialism smacked its lips as new frontiers beckoned it and new vistas for expansion opened up. Greed for new territories to occupy and control was tempered by the sobering realization that a significant part of Eastern Europe was Muslim and even if one did not factor globalization-immigration into Europe, parts of the continent were as distinctly Muslim as other parts were Christian.

As the European Union was emerging from its chrysalis, the Pope had to speak up, as others had, to emphasize Europe’s Christian-ness before Multiculturalism was made Europe’s defining virtue.

Q: There is a debate over the inclusion of the word ‘God’ and references to Europe’s Christian past in the preambles of the future [European] Constitution. Do you think there can be a united Europe that has turned its back on its Christian past?

A: I am convinced that Europe must not just be something economic [or] political; rather, it is in need of spiritual foundations.

It is a historical fact that Europe is Christian, and that it has grown on the foundation of the Christian faith, which continues to be the foundation of the values for this continent, which in turn has influenced other continents.

It is imperative to have a foundation of values and, if we ask ourselves what that foundation is, we realize that, beyond the confessions, there are no others outside the great values of the Christian faith. And this is why it is imperative that in the future Constitution of Europe mention is made of the Christian foundations of Europe. (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from an interview given on 1 December 2002 to a group of journalists at the Catholic University of St. Anthony, Murcia, Spain)

Europe is a cultural and not a geographical continent. It is united by its culture which gives it a common identity. The roots which formed … this continent are those of Christianity. (Josef Ratzinger prior to his election as Pope Benedict XIV, in an Interview in Le Figaro, August 2004, putting the case for the exclusion of Turkey on religious grounds)

Turkey [is] an Asiatic nation, its capital is not in Europe, 95% of its population is outside Europe. Turkey has a different culture, a different approach, a different way of life. Letting it in would be the end of the European Union. (Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, French President 1974-1981, President of Commission for drafting the EU Constitution set up in 2002. Widely taken to mean he doesn’t want Turkey to join because it is a majority Muslim country)

Europe’s founders, like Adenauer, De Gaspari and Schuman, put their Christian [Catholic] faith at the centre of their political lives. How can we underestimate, for example, the fact that in 1951, before beginning the delicate negotiations which would lead to the adoption of the Treaty of Paris, they wished to meet in a Benedictine monastery on the Rhine for meditation and prayer? (Pope John Paul II, 7 November 2003, Audience with members of European Christian Democrat Foundation, appealing to have Christianity mentioned in the EU Constitution)

We will be joined to a Europe in which the Catholic religion will be the dominant faith, and in which the application of the Catholic Social Doctrine will be the major factor in everyday political and economic life. (Shirley Williams, British Labour Minister and later co-founder of Social Democrats)

Besides turning the Genesis on its head by attributing human Founders for Europe and besides giving short shrift to geography, the following ideas emerge unambiguously from these statements –

  • The then Pope, the incumbent Pope and important political leaders in Europe declare firmly that Europe is Christian
  • The bare-faced lie that Europe grew on the foundations of Christianity
  • That Europe is not a geographic but a cultural entity and Europe’s Founders put their Christian faith at the centre of their political lives
  • The Generic Church will not acknowledge, much less legitimise any pre-Christian past or roots for Europe
  • The incumbent Pope and a former President of France (the spectre of Algeria was haunting France) do not want Muslim Turkey within the     Christian European Union which would effectively make Turkey a European country

This is not the only instance when the Church has rejected multiculturalism on its turf. The Church closed ranks and rejected the Muslim demand to build a mosque adjacent to the Basilica of Annunciation in Nazareth. The Basilica of Annunciation is built on the site where the Church claims Angel Gabriel told Mary she would give birth to Jesus.

Muslims claim that the site is important to them too historically because it is the final resting place of Shahib-al-Din, nephew of Saladin who commanded the Jihadi army which defeated the Crusaders in 1187. The Israeli government at first permitted the Muslims to build the mosque and the marble cornerstone was unveiled with much fanfare on November 23, 1999.

The Christian world reacted with anger over the Muslim demand and over the Israeli government’s decision to allow the mosque to come up next to the Basilica. This notwithstanding the fact that Nazareth is important to both Christians and Muslims; that the site in question is historically important to both communities; most significantly, notwithstanding the fact that Muslims today constitute two-thirds of Nazareth’s population.

Considering the lectures on pluralism, freedom of religion and rights of minorities which the U.S and the Vatican have given to India’s Hindus, this makes interesting reading –

A special Israeli government committee is debating whether Nazareth officials should allow Muslims to continue building a mosque alongside the famous Basilica of the Annunciation.

Israeli officials created the committee in response to a new wave of international appeals. Israel decided in 1998 to allow the mosque’s construction, despite protests from Nazareth’s Christians. The Vatican, the White House, and an international coalition of Catholic and Protestant Christian church groups have opposed construction.

Critics have said that the new mosque could physically overwhelm the adjacent church site and threaten the delicate status quo between Nazareth’s Muslim Arab majority and Christian Arab minority.

The mosque might contain multiple spires that would tower over the black-coned dome of the basilica, says Dave Parsons, a spokesman for the International Christian Embassy, one of the groups protesting the construction.

“It will demean the basilica and force Christians to run a gantlet from the main street to the church,” Parsons said. “We want the city authorities to restore the public plaza and establish a buffer zone against any future encroachment attempts.” (Ref: Israel: Government Rethinks Nazareth Mosque)

Native American IndianAmerica fares no better than Europe at self-description and dealing with multiculturalism. Samuel Huntington, like President Kennedy before him described the United States of America as a Nation of Immigrants. For “an anguished, frantic, over-burdened academic producing scholarly works”, the description was a travesty of truth which condemned Native Americans and African Americans to non-existence by leaving them outside the pale of this popular description.

Native Americans were native or indigenous to the continent and Bering Strait theory notwithstanding cannot be termed immigrants; and the forcible transportation of Africans to the American continent can hardly be termed immigration. If we discount from Huntington’s description the blatant falsehood of calling European Christian genociders, invaders, freebooters, settlers-by-force, slave holders and slave traders as immigrants, what remains of the American populace – Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, Latin Americans and Asians – fits the description. America is a nation of immigrants.

America could not be described in terms of race, ethnicity or religion. Except for Native Americans who belonged to the soil, the rest of the populace was not bound to the nation by primordial, umbilical ties. Huntington and the White House had to confront the truth that there were powerful “sub-national, dual-national and transnational” identities which were always simmering at the top of the people’s consciousness.

That people feel a permanent sense of belonging to each other only when they share a common sense of belonging to the soil is a truth that is always fudged, swept under the carpet and rejected outright; but the truth keeps coming back as is the way of truth.

Faced by the sobering truth that there was nothing that could hold the artificial entity called United States of America together, the ruling elite was compelled to invent the onion called American Creed. When Huntington peeled the onion he was forced, like the Pope to conclude that America was white Christian!

The ‘American Creed’ as initially formulated by Thomas Jefferson and elaborated by many others, is widely viewed as the crucial defining element of American identity. The Creed, however, was the product of the distinct Anglo-Protestant culture of the founding settlers of America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Key elements of that culture include the English language; Christianity; religious commitment; English concepts of the rule of law, the responsibility of rulers, and the rights of individuals; and dissenting Protestant values of individualism, the work ethic, and the belief that humans have the ability and the duty to try to create a heaven on earth, a “city on a hill.” Historically, millions of immigrants were attracted to America because of this culture and the economic opportunities it helped to make possible. (Samuel Huntington, Who are We, pp xv-xvi)

Huntington admits –

American Creed is the essence of American nationalism

  • Nationalism is culture
  • Culture derives from religion
  • American Nationalism is a mixture of Anglo-Protestant cultural and political values like individualism and the religious commitment of the individual
  • This cultural nationalism, if it finds no favour with non-Christians as it doesn’t, is made attractive with ‘economic opportunities’ seasoning
  • America, like any other Christian country or society is only a sum total of individuals

US FlagWhite Christian America, after inventing the binding glue called American Creed realized that the glue did not always work and its populace kept looking back wistfully for the nation they had left behind for the American Dream. The American state needed something more than the voluntary code of the American Creed to survive; it crafted the Oath of Allegiance, which immigrants had to take when they opted for American citizenship; and the Pledge of Allegiance which adults and school children took every morning around the American flag.

The Oath of Allegiance is intended to make a new-convert-to-the-faith of the immigrant – reject all previous fidelity to previous gods, reject totally your previous gods and worship none but this one true god.

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform non-combatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

So help me God! Which God?

The Pledge of Allegiance, which is an oath of loyalty to the American flag and the American Republic, composed by Francis Bellamy in 1892 and formally accepted by the American Congress in 1942, reads as follows –

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The American state is one state under god and indivisible! Considering the numbers of dictators America has supported, the violence it has triggered and sustained around the world, the separatist and secessionist movements and groups it has funded and encouraged, the nations it has torn apart and divided, the Oath and Pledge of Allegiance is a telling commentary on the Abrahamic monotheisms.

The words of the Oath of Allegiance and the Pledge of Allegiance are perfect examples of monotheist intolerance which is the very antithesis of multiculturalism or pluralism. They also testify as nothing else can, that monotheist religions, ideologies and countries want for themselves what they deny to others.

Monotheist religions and political ideologies have brought the following conflicting dichotomies into political discourse –

  • Nation – State
  • Nationality – Citizenship
  • Nationalism – Patriotism
  • Multiculturalism/Pluralism – Diversity

These conflicting, warring dichotomies arose from the political objectives which lie at the core of all three Abrahamic religions; the Abrahamic religious objective to destroy all other ways of life, all other worldviews, all other religions and faiths, all other gods, all other objects of loyalty and reverence.

It is the Abrahamic politico-religious culture which has made possible what Hindu dharma rejects strongly –

  • That the state does not derive from the nation
  • That a person’s nationality can be different from one’s citizenship
  • That nationalism and patriotism can be two entirely different things and
  • That multiculturalism is the complete opposite of diversity. — Vigil Online, August 2011


Ramlila Maidan: Sonia Gandhi’s night of shame – Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan“Sonia Gandhi is the most detested person in the country today. Our religious leaders, the RSS, and the BJP, must ensure she does not rise again. The time to remove her forcibly from the political arena, like she removed Pujya Kanchi Periava and Baba Ramdev, is now. It’s payback time for the Congress and its imported usurper. Dr. Manmohan Singh may yet be called to account by the Akal Takht. He should now do what he can to make the Akal Takht look more kindly upon him.” – Radha Rajan

Sonia Gandhi What happened in the night of June 4 at Ramlila Maidan resembled a scene straight out of Macbeth. No Hindu king or ruler, not even Kamsa and Ravana, has gone so far as to use force of arms against defenseless, sleeping women and children. This is a familiar demoniac Abrahamic characteristic which the non-Christian and non-Muslim world has seen and experienced both in historical and contemporary times.

The UPA government, like Shakespeare’s infamous agents of evil and disorder, used the cover of darkness to arrest Baba Ramdev, physically molest women and children, brutally manhandle the men, and destroy the pandal and its fixtures in an orgy of violence and lawlessness. It is not difficult to guess who played Lady Macbeth.

Baba Ramdev fleeing the Ramlila Maidan.It may perhaps come as a shock to Sonia Gandhi and her minions in the party and government, but IB sources had already informed a small group of people that Baba Ramdev would almost certainly be arrested; what was unexpected, however, was the insane midnight police assault on sleeping men, women and children. This was surely a plot scripted by a deranged mind; or was it? Judging by the end result – Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and P. Chidambaram are the most detested persons in the country today – the writer is veering towards the conclusion that there was sure-footed method in the midnight madness. Evil raged on Ramlila Maidan that night.

Police attack Ramlila Maidan.If Digvijay Singh’s opening statement to the media soon after Sonia Gandhi pushed the button on his back were to be carried to its logical conclusion, then from the fact that Baba Ramdev was arrested in the thick of the night, proves that the Congress is not simply afraid but terrified of what Sonia Gandhi thinks Baba Ramdev represents and symbolizes. The midnight assault on Ramlila Maidan has stripped naked Sonia Gandhi’s ill-concealed and demoniac ambition to rule a country not her own at any cost; it also revealed that someone close to her in government was determined that she will not be allowed to succeed, and in the process exposed to the discerning eye the deep divide between the Prime Minister and his imported boss lady.

While it is imperative for the nation’s collective conscience to be merciless towards Sonia Gandhi and her repeated Italian Mafioso methods to deal with a citizenry not impressed by and even affronted by the colour of her skin, it is just as important to question the rationale which catapulted an ill-equipped Baba Ramdev to political center-stage, and the motives driving the individuals who used the yoga Guru for the purpose.

The issue of ‘black’ money or money taken out of the country to be stashed in banks and garbage bins in safe and secretive tax-haven countries of the world is, of course, a matter of paramount national concern. This is but a manifestation of decades-long endemic greed and systemic corruption in the country’s polity and judiciary; it is ultimately, the country’s purchasable polity and judiciary which allowed the rot to set in and then spread.

L.K. AdvaniThe BJP, to its credit, did speak first about this lost national financial asset, and even made it the sole electoral issue during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. One of the first to write about the estimated volume of illegal money in tax-havens abroad and in Swiss Banks was a professor of finance from IIM Bangalore, Prof. R Vaidyanathan. The Bangalore professor was assiduously cultivated by a Chennai-based chartered accountant who is also a celebrated, if somewhat selective, investigative journalist, and is considered close to Advani. The BJP was compelled to embrace the issue of bringing back illegal money stashed abroad during the 2009 general elections because the party refused to take up any other nationalist cause, and the ideologue used this gaping hole in the BJP’s campaign to prevail upon Advani to make it an election issue.

Advani having distanced the BJP from Hindutva and all other ideology, jumped at the idea because this was in consonance with his own agenda for the BJP – to transform it into a de-Hinduised, governance-over-ideology political party. The writer’s blunt warning to Narendra Modi that the BJP’s election campaign with only the issue of black money abroad as talking point was not setting the nation on fire fell on deaf ears.

While this was undoubtedly a political issue calling for political action, in 2009 it was not an electoral issue because the voting populace had neither been informed nor educated about it then as they are now clued-up. The writer was therefore not surprised when the idea failed to capture the imagination of the ordinary voting populace and BJP suffered thumping defeat in the elections.

The Prime Minister probably as salve to the bruised BJP psyche in 2009, promised to take up the issue seriously within the first 100 days after coming to power. Considering the names of those who had stashed the money abroad, amid suspicions that the Congress leadership may well be topping the list, there was no way he would have been allowed by the Pompadour to pursue the matter even half-heartedly; and the issue which was both real and big died a natural death for want of a delivery mechanism – in this case, state power which alone could have made it possible.

Baba RamdevBaba Ramdev’s entirely unexpected foray into the realm of domestic politics through this issue should be seen in this context, and can be attributed to the Chennai ideologue and his penchant to launch innumerable movements and forums as extensions of his own sense of grandiloquent self-importance. Seeing great potential for self-perpetuation in the idea of bringing back money kept abroad, and when the BJP’s campaign failed to get off the ground, this gentleman needed another vehicle, ideally a large vehicle to propel the idea to national center-stage, and who better than the articulate, activist Baba Ramdev with his vast following at home and abroad.

Baba Ramdev was also one of the Founders-Patron of Global Foundation for Civilizational Harmony, a forum created inter alia for Track II international politics of religion. While Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Sri Sri Ravishankar were articulate in English and could be used effectively in inter-faith dialogue in America, Vatican, Europe and UN, Baba Ramdev’s utility and USP were different. Baba Ramdev did not speak Queen’s English, but his spontaneity, his robust and rustic simplicity, his willingness to inform and educate his bhaktas on important national and Hindu issues, besides yoga, and his unmatched ability to mobilise hundreds of thousands of people ready to do their Guru’s bidding without question, made him the natural choice to launch a nation-wide movement. The question begs itself – when individuals seek to use Hindu sanyasis to launch nation-wide movements, should it not have been a Hindu movement around a Hindu issue?

Baba Ramdev was persuaded to spearhead the movement against money taken out of the country, and for as long as the movement was led by Baba Ramdev, it gathered phenomenal momentum as the yoga Guru travelled across the country rousing people’s opinion against corruption and demanding the government take immediate steps to bring back the money.

In Hindu-majority India, when people step out of their homes to participate in a public cause, the ‘people’ are Hindus; and Hindus respond spontaneously and with a sense of their responsibility to the nation when the movement is led from the front by Hindu religious leaders or by leaders who exert moral authority and whose call Hindus obey unquestioningly. This is the Hindu way, and when individuals like Gandhi and the ideologue use ordinary people to power their movements, the Hindu nation has the right to demand that the end objective of the movement serves the cause of Hindu rashtra.

Eclipse of the Hindu Nation by Radha RajanGandhi used his multi-religious, pluralist prayer meetings where the majority was Hindu to lead the country towards vivisection in 1947; this movement where individuals used Baba Ramdev ended in unmitigated disaster not only for Baba Ramdev himself, but for all those who were deceived into believing that something momentous was happening finally to serve the Hindu cause. The issue of black money abroad, which has now become a part of the national movement against corruption, is in very real danger of losing steam because the duo which used Baba Ramdev to breathe new life into the dead issue had obviously not planned even the mammoth gathering at Ramlila Maidan to the last detail, much less thought beyond the Delhi satyagraha. Such was their touching faith in Sonia Gandhi that they did not think anything could go wrong.

Had there been wider consultations, had the duo consulted thinkers, retired intelligence officers, retired army personnel, and not just adoring sycophants and loyalists, the campaign would not have come to the tragic, abrupt and ignominious end that Sonia Gandhi and her spittle-licking government inflicted upon it.

The issue of black money abroad, while important, is nevertheless not something for which people will lay down their lives, and no matter how earth-shaking the response to Baba Ramdev’s call, it had less to do with the issue and more to do with personal bhakti for their Guru; most important though, the campaign was certain to lose steam because once Baba Ramdev was removed from the venue and his bhaktas dispersed, the government was sure to allow it to die a natural death, all the while making polite and soothing noises about corruption.

NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-National IndustryThe Vigil book on NGOs was a well-researched expose of foreign-funded NGOs and political activists. Subsequent to publishing the book, the website opened a webpage for news updates on these and other NGOs, and the notorious band of activists who are unambiguously anti-Hindu in speech, writing and action, and who can be seen preening before media cameras in Sonia Gandhi’s NAC, including in team Anna Hazare and the Lokpal Bill.

The webpage NGO Watch carries detailed analysis of foreign money coming into the country from governments, churches and funding agencies in America and Europe to fund subversive NGOs and anti-Hindu political activists. Prof. Vaidyanathan and Sanjeev Nayyar (of Mumbai) have analysed the dangerous inflow of money into the country from available government data – from the website of Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs and FCRA.

If the chartered accountant-cum-investigative journalist and his partner in Delhi were planning to use Baba Ramdev to mount a national campaign, surely it should have been presented to the ordinary people as an issue which poses a great threat to Hindus, Hindu religion and the Hindu Nation. This could have been done only by-

- Making the connection between illegal money hidden abroad and foreign money coming into the country

- Making removal of Sonia Gandhi from the political arena as the explicit end objective of the campaign

- Bringing down the anti-Hindu UPA government

This duo wanted to wage what was in actual fact a war against Sonia Gandhi by hiding behind Baba Ramdev. Let there be no doubt that while the issue may be about bringing back money taken out of the country, Sonia Gandhi rightly perceived herself to be the end objective; and the chowki which she usurped from under poor Sitaram Kesri in 1998 and which had seemed invincible, was beginning to rock.

Our enemies have always had a vastly superior understanding of the war against Hindu India than Hindus have had about war or about Hinduism’s enemies.

Cross-ed out IndiaThe small group working from behind Baba Ramdev ought to have known that arraigned on the other side was not Sonia Gandhi the individual, but the Generic Church. The formidable Generic Church (American and European governments, American and European churches, the Vatican and World Council of Churches) stands behind Sonia Gandhi, equipped with all instruments of state, including weapons of war, and creatures of their making – pan-national and international structures and organizations (United Nations; International Court of Justice, The Hague; The International Criminal Court; Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International; Red Cross; American think-tanks) making Sonia Gandhi almost invincible.

But the group behind Baba Ramdev, in choosing not to seek organizational or any other back up support, thought they could get Baba Ramdev to mobilize people to Delhi in tens of thousands by hiding from public view and directing the movement insultingly from the shadows and over the cellular phone.

Sonia Gandhi’s handlers can front her in the war to conquer India without soiling their coattails and without entering the battlefield because Sonia Gandhi has the entire spittle-licking Congress as slave labour to do her bidding; and since 2004, every VVIP sitting in every single high democratic institution Rashtrapati Bhavan downwards, is personally beholden to Sonia Gandhi for his or her current high profile and privileged status. These individuals as price for their undeserved elevation have allowed Sonia Gandhi to tie strings to their fingers and toes, while they themselves are not allowed even an involuntary twitch of muscle or nerve.

Baba Ramdev taken to hospital in Dehra Dun.Baba Ramdev, in contrast, had no one. Such is the total isolation of Baba Ramdev today that he was carrying on the ill-considered fast alone in his ashram in Haridwar [and had to be removed to hospital on Friday, June 10th]. But Haridwar is not Delhi and Baba Ramdev is not a politician; he is a Hindu sanyasi. The government is no longer under pressure to placate or punish Baba Ramdev for daring to challenge Sonia Gandhi’s tentacles in Delhi; the government only has to ignore him. Simply put, the government no longer cares if Baba Ramdev fasts or feasts.

This battle was won by Sonia Gandhi only because the individuals who masterminded the movement assumed leadership roles which they did not deserve, and for which they had no competence. Round 1 to Sonia Gandhi, but the war is still far from over.

Every intelligent and politically conscious Hindu must question those individuals who dragged Baba Ramdev to do politics, for publicly and humiliatingly letting down Baba Ramdev, and all those Hindus who had gathered faithfully at Ramlila Maidan on 3rd and 4th June, and all those Hindus who thought (wrongly) that this was some great Hindu awakening.

Prof. R. VaidyanathanThe writer sat up and took note when all of a sudden Baba Ramdev began to speak publicly, not about corruption in general terms, but specifically about foreign money stashed abroad, and came to the immediate and correct conclusion that the good professor from Bangalore had probably been taken to meet Baba Ramdev to brief the yogi about the need to mount a national campaign against illegal money in Swiss Banks and tax-havens.

This was unquestionably a brilliant move – to get Baba Ramdev to re-launch the campaign which failed in 2009 because the BJP saw it only as an election campaign talking point and not as a war tactic. But, like all other ideas which this duo dreamed up in years past, this too crash-landed because, one, the duo lacks staying ability and two, they have always failed to practice the first rule taught to students of chess who plan to play the game competitively – crawl into the mind of your opponent, work out all possible moves he can make, and work out the next twenty steps for each of these moves. In short, know thy enemy.

A war is not fought and won by flitting from cause to cause every week – cleaning Ganga one week, plight of farmers the second, bringing home illegal money the third and sinking Dayanidhi Maran in the fourth. The war to protect the Hindu Nation from Sonia Gandhi’s Christian colonial rule cannot be fought, much less won, without a battle plan, and certainly not by standing script in hand in the wings of the dais. War is not theatre. But was this group really waging war against Sonia Gandhi and for the Hindu Nation? It would seem not, considering that they are nowhere to be seen or heard since the 4th of June.

Pope JP-II with Sonia & Rajiv Gandhi.The writer has been troubled by the question – did the issue of black money in Swiss Banks and tax havens merit the kind of gathering at Ramlila Maidan, and did this issue merit a fast unto death? Sonia Gandhi’s decision to take forcible charge of the Congress Party and her subsequent rise in national politics, the corresponding weakening of the BJP, compounded by BJP’s floundering sense of self-identity, has had a catastrophic effect on Hindus and Hindu religion. Add to this was her determination to plant loyalists in every constitutional and administrative position in the country; witness -

- The rise of Christian Chief Ministers

- The rise of Christian aspirants for 7, Race Course Road

- The growing visibility of Christians in all important positions within the Congress party

- The craven and cowardly submission of all English print and electronic media to the Pompadour’s will

- The relentless mission of all denominations of the Church to end Hindu religion in its own bhumi

- UPA Government-driven empowerment of Abrahamic minorities in all spheres of public life

- The unending infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into the country

Sonia Gandhi has resorted to force!Every one of these issues is linked directly either to the rise of Sonia Gandhi in India’s polity, or to foreign money coming into the country. In short, the rise of Sonia Gandhi in India’s polity can be traced to the Generic Church’s politico-religious agenda for Asia. China, South Korea, Japan and India are the prime targets in the Generic Church’s quest for world domination. South Korea is already Christian-majority, Japan has been irreversibly Christianised in its collective mind; China and India alone remain the last bastions against the Abrahamic onslaught.

These issues, including the sudden and steep increase in the volume of foreign money being pumped here ostensibly for social charity, which must be laid squarely at Sonia Gandhi’s door, demanded the kind of national awareness and response that Baba Ramdev created in the country.

On the midnight of June 4, when the Delhi Police crashed into the Ramlila Maidan, nearly 50,000 of Baba Ramdev’s bhaktas had gathered at the venue and another 30-40,000 people were expected on Sunday, 5th June. By any account these are mind-numbing numbers and the anti-Hindu UPA government was put on notice. That the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi are no longer on the same side of the Hindu / anti-Hindu divide within the UPA government was until now just suspected in some quarters; it came to the fore as Baba Ramdev and his bhaktas began moving towards Delhi.

On the first day, the Prime Minister sent four Cabinet Ministers, including Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, to receive Baba Ramdev at the airport. This was civilisationally the correct thing to do and the country heaved a sigh of relief. The Prime Minister is a Sikh and after he is done with being Prime Minister, he has to go back to being a disciplined soldier of the Sikh faith and answer to the Akal Takht. The Prime Minister is certain to have remembered the chastening experience of the incumbent Governor of Tamil Nadu and former Chief Minister of Punjab, Shri S.S. Barnala, who was made to sit in the Golden Temple for ten days and as an act of penitence, clean the shoes of bhaktas entering the precincts.

The writer is deeply grateful to the SGPC for asking a highly respected Sikh lawyer in the Supreme Court to withdraw from the case against Pujya Kanchi Mathathipathi. This lawyer was engaged by the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa; and bhaktas of the Kanchi matham owe an eternal debt of gratitude to this lawyer who abided by the diktat of Sikhism’s highest religious body and refused to proceed with the case. This single act by the Sikh lawyer of refusing to be a part of this asuric act in total obedience to his religious leaders dramatically altered the then prevalent mood in the Madras High Court and in the Supreme Court, and public opinion changed decisively against the Tamil Nadu government.

Has Manmohan Singh forgotten his dharma?This country is driven by the tapasya of our dharmic gurus and sanyasis; Dr. Manmohan Singh knew this and therefore sent four ministers to meet with Baba Ramdev; Sonia Gandhi and her spittle-lickers knew it too; that is why an emergency meeting was convened the next day at the Prime Minister’s residence and this time Sonia Gandhi presided with P. Chidambaram and A.K. Anthony in tow.

After this meeting at Number 7, Race Course Road, everything changed. Four ministers became two ministers, and on the second day no ministers at all, only government representatives. The Generic Church stepped in with full might. What was at stake was Hindu India with all its magnificent natural resources; at stake was the vast potential harvest of Hindu souls for Christ, and oil and diamonds, gold and other minerals, the vastly promising perennial rivers and abundant sunshine – all up for grabs.

The Generic Church could not have a Hindu sanyasi threatening Sonia Gandhi and in the process unravelling their plot to eventually control and rule India. And so the resistance had to be broken and broken both insultingly and brutally. This was not Jallianwala Bagh; this was 1909 – the year the British government ruthlessly removed three towering Hindu nationalists, Aurobindo, Tilak and Savarkar, from the polity to facilitate Gandhi taking over the Congress after his rather hasty departure from South Africa. It speaks volumes for the knowledge that Hindus have of their own history that while people compared what happened on June 4 to the Emergency and Jallianwala Bagh, no one saw it as a replay of 1909.

The year 1909 saw the full might of state breaking the backbone of Hindu nationalism; Sonia Gandhi was made to do the same by her handlers. They knew 1909 only too well and therefore knew exactly how to deal with it. It is frightening to know that even intelligent and political Hindus still do not know 1909; those who knew did not prepare themselves or the Hindu community to meet a similar eventuality and once again, ordinary Hindus were let down by their leaders.

The country will never know what transpired between Kapil Sibal and Baba Ramdev; will never know why the activist-ideologue duo did not accompany Baba Ramdev to the Claridges Hotel, and why they were not present in Ramlila Maidan when Sonia Gandhi sent the Delhi Police to arrest Baba Ramdev. There is still no answer why they have not surfaced till now even as this is being written; surely they owe Hindus an explanation about why they dragged a sanyasi to Delhi with his bhaktas and left them all high and dry to fend for themselves after Sonia Gandhi and her thugs were done with them.

This was in sharp contrast to the manner in which Anna Hazare addressed press conferences or when he undertook the fast-unto-death at Jantar Mantar. He was always flanked on both sides by Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan. The entire team was always seen together and there was a transparent distribution of responsibility among them. The circle expanded to include Swami Agnivesh, Mallika Sarabhai, Medha Patkar and Sandeep Pandey – all Sonia Gandhi’s men and women.

Baba Ramdev did not fail; the people who used him failed the Guru and all of us. But while there is reason for despondency and gloom, there are several lessons to be learnt and also several reasons to hope.

The RSS, preoccupied with its annual shibirs which are conducted across the country, obviously was never part of Baba Ramdev’s Delhi Satyagraha. Those familiar with the RSS’ shiksha varga know that all RSS karyalayas throughout the country empty themselves during the months of April, May and June and all swayamsevaks and pracharaks are deputed to the various camps for different tasks and duties.

Police attack on Ramlila Maidan.The same would have been true of Delhi. When tragedy struck Ramlila Maidan on the night of June 4, there would have been no swayamsevak or pracharak in Delhi that night. The BJP had already planned its National Executive meeting in Lucknow on that day. Which brings us back to the question raised earlier – why was there no careful planning of the Delhi satyagraha considering that both the RSS and BJP would not be present in Delhi that night?

As pointed out earlier, our enemies have a far better understanding of Hindus than we have of them. Sonia Gandhi’s handlers would have known that the RSS and BJP top brass would not be in Delhi that night and that is why Sonia Gandhi sent the Delhi Police to Ramlila Maidan even as the Prime Minister’s emissaries were still negotiating with Baba Ramdev. The Prime Minister may not be in a position to tell the nation just yet if Kapil Sibal and Subodh Kant Sahay were reporting to him or to Sonia Gandhi and her minions.

The Prime Minister may also not be in a position to tell us why, if he was engaging Baba Ramdev by day, Sonia Gandhi had to arrest him at night. The Prime Minister is also not in a position to tell us why, if on the one hand he conducts himself with correctness and accords Hindu sanyasis the high respect due to them, Rahul Gandhi’s spittle-licking Digvijay Singh is allowed to run amok enraging Hindus and offending Hindu sensibilities.

This brutal mission of arresting Baba Ramdev and forcibly throwing him out of Delhi and evicting hapless men, women and children, could not have been undertaken during daytime without a violent backlash from the people; that is why in true Gestapo style, in a style befitting Italian Mafioso and Stalinist Russia, 50,000 Hindus gathered at Ramlila Maidan could be brutalised and dispersed only in the dead of the night.

The fact that Hindus will step out of their homes at the call of their religious leaders or to the call of a Hindu cause, is the biggest reason to hope that this war is not over yet. The RSS, the BJP, and our religious leaders must sit down and first acknowledge collectively that Sonia Gandhi and the Generic Church pose the biggest threat to this nation, and the quantum of foreign money which the Generic Church is pouring into the country and Sonia Gandhi’s politics of minority-ism have to be fought with the full might of Hindu power.

Can Hindus unite against a common enemy?The Hindu Nation is losing its people and its territory to the Church and Islam. All three forces have to come together to combat the Generic Church. This cannot be done by our religious leaders without the RSS’ organizing capacity; this cannot be done by the RSS alone without the BJP’s political delivery mechanism and the sanctity and mobilising capacity of our religious leaders, and this cannot be done by the BJP alone without the moral authority of the RSS and the spiritual and religious authority of our sanyasis, Gurus and Acharyas.

We cannot allow individuals to launch nation-wide movements without preparation and without nationalism. It is not enough for the RSS to merely extend ‘support’ to our religious leaders when they step forward to take up a national cause. This is akin to outside support extended by irresponsible political parties and politicians to a government. The RSS must openly take the lead and forge a proactive and invincible partnership with the BJP and our religious leaders if Hindu India is to be saved from going the way of South Korea now, and East Timor and The Philippines before that. The synergy of Hindu religious leaders, RSS and BJP must –

- Demand stopping all foreign money from coming into India. Hindu religious leaders and Hindu organizations receiving foreign money must be prepared to do without it, because money coming to Christian and Muslim groups is the single most destructive power threatening Hindu religion

- Bring down the UPA government at the earliest

- Remove Sonia Gandhi permanently from the political arena, and if possible mount a campaign that any member of this family poses the same threat

Sonia Gandhi is the most detested person in the country today. Our religious leaders, the RSS, and the BJP, must ensure she does not rise again. The time to remove her forcibly from the political arena, like she removed Pujya Kanchi Periava and Baba Ramdev, is now. It’s payback time for the Congress and its imported usurper. Dr. Manmohan Singh may yet be called to account by the Akal Takht. He should now do what he can to make the Akal Takht look more kindly upon him.

If Ramlila Maidan showed us our weaknesses, it also showed us what is possible, and that should bring the Hindu nation together to combat the Generic Church.

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